Remember Brodie Lee #BrodieLeeForever

Dec 26, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

One year since we lost Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), but he surely isn’t forgotten….

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  1. john schleehauf says:

    Ahhh yes…the late Brodie Lee. The one that everybody felt was treated badly by Vince before he left WWE, signs with AEW, then “mysteriously” dies of lung cancer less than a year later after a handful of matches there. “Vince is a tyrant, keeping him off t.v. for months before releasing him from his contract”. Dummies; he told Vince he was sick and didn’t have much time left and knew Tony Kahn was a brainless mark with money to burn and would offer him a lot of money thinking he was “stealing” one of WWE’s guys. VINCE is the reason Lee’s kids have some financial security by hiding his cancer diagnosis until the ink was dry on that AEW contract.

  2. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Who the hell thought John’s post was in any way acceptable? How does that sh!t get posted here?

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