Lash Legend match reportedly needed significant editing

Dec 24, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Lash Legend’s second WWE match reportedly did not go so well.

The December 17 edition of WWE 205 Live featured Legend going up against Sarray, who won the bout. This was Legend’s second match as she defeated Amari Miller the week before in her debut.

The Legend vs. Sarray match received significant criticism for being one of the worst WWE TV matches in some time, but now the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the match had to be heavily edited before it made it to TV.

It was noted that this was one of WWE’s most-edited matches. The bout was cut down to 3 minutes of “highlights” and still in that form it was described as the worst WWE TV match this year. Legend is being blamed for the match.

Legend, who has hosted the “Lashing Out with Lash Legend” segments on WWE NXT TV, played college basketball and then briefly played with the WNBA before getting into pro wrestling, and would be one of the most accomplished female athletes on the roster. WWE likely put Legend with Sarray because she is one of the best pro wrestlers in the NXT women’s division.

You can see the Legend vs. Sarray match below, along with footage from Legend’s debut against Miller from the week before:

5 Responses

  1. Kyle Christie says:

    NXT needs to go back touring round Florida so these talent get the time to get better. That or they need to be having a lot of practice matches at the Performance Centre.

  2. mth says:

    I liked what I saw of her in the bout with Miller but it was clear she still needs a lot of polish. The advantage of this being taped was that they could edit it. At least it wasn’t live TV so they could try to make it presentable but they’ve gotta throw folks in the pool and see how well they swim. They don’t have the house show circuit right now and practice matches at the PC aren’t the same as working a live crowd so it seems 205 Live has become where they run the rookies and see what they can do. Legend seems like she’s got a boatload of potential if she can put it all together.

  3. Alan Maynor says:

    If that was the best they could edit together I dont know if I would wanna see what they had to cut out

  4. What? says:

    So hard to believe she’d have a garbage match after all those garbage “Lashing Out” segments.

  5. stezton says:

    Ooof. Why the heck would they think she’s ready to be on TV? My best word to describe her would be clunky.

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