Britt Baker reveals her favorite match of 2021

Dec 22, 2021 - by James Walsh

AEW women’s champion Britt Baker was the latest guest on Busted Open Radio to hype up this evening’s edition of Dynamite in Greensboro, and discuss all things pro-wrestling, including naming her favorite match of 2021. Highlights from the interview are below.

How Pittsburgh fans get a bad rep:

“And it’s not mine so just hold up before you say I’m like too arrogant but when we were in Pittsburgh everybody there was saying, ‘Oh my gosh, this city is so brutal, we hate coming to Pittsburgh, the fans suck. And I took that as a personal attack. I’m like, ‘What? No, Pittsburgh shows up.’ The Kenny Omega–Christian match that happened, it was a great match but the fans were absolutely rabid.”

Names Christian vs. Kenny Omega from the AEW Rampage debut as her favorite 2021 match:

“They were insane for this match and it made me so excited to just tell everybody, ‘See, the fans will come when you give them what they want.’ That match proved that because it wasn’t me. It wasn’t the hometown chick getting the great reaction. The place came unglued when Christian won the Impact Title. So, for me, that was a really cool moment cause that’s my city.”

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