AEW Dynamite Live Coverage 12/22/2021

Dec 22, 2021 - by Chris Smith

Adam Cole.Vs Orange Cassidy.

Adam Cole is out first to a very loud crowd reaction as this crowd is very hype. Orange cassidy is out next to a loud reaction as well and this Greensboro crowd is ready to get this show started. Both men lock up and jockey for postition early on and are both trying to feel each other out.Cole and Cassidy both have their typical fun spots. The Young Bucks come out after a back and forth by both men and as they do Orange Cassidy dives onto the outside and the Best Friends come out to try to get rid of The Young Bucks and they run them off to the back.Boby Fish distracts the refferee while Cole is down and Kyle O’Reilly comes out from the crowd to ttake down Orange Cassidy and then Adam cole hits The Boom for the win. THe Young Buckss come out after the match and ask Adam Cole iif this is the suprise or not and he says yes and they look a bit disapointed in this development and seem to be quite taken aback at the fact that he brought him into the company and got his group back togtoher or so it would seem.The commentators make comments about how Adam Cole seems stuck in the middle of things and that he may have a hard time choosing sides.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schvione is in the ring and is there for a promo with Hangman Adam Page. Bryan Danielson is out during the promo to ttalk about how Hangman Page cant beat him and they talk about having a stipulation for the match and they decide to have judges at ringside to score it.

MJF and Pinnacle backstage promo.

Wardlow in action next.

Commercial Break.

Wardlow v.s ‘The Captain” Shawn Dean.

Wardlow powerbombs Shawn Dean four time sbefore he pins him and thats it. The crowd isreally into Wardlow destrying people.

Promo for TNT Championship match on Rampage on Saturday night between Cody Rhodes and Sammy Guevara.

Dan Lambert promo.Talks about how Cody Rhodes gets yet another title match while Scorpio Sky gets nothing. Mentions he was told to try to get the crowd to cheer for Codty Rhodes but says tahts impossible because he says Cody Rhodes is an even bigger dick than he is.He says they will earn it one way or another basically and that they will do it without having management help themm to do it.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D backstage promo and she talks about how she ahs had an excellet year and that you cant talk about the year 2012 without mentioning her name as a pillar of the company.

Owen Hart Tournament promo and promo for Nyla Rose v.s Ruby Soho.

Commercial Break.

Owen Hart Tournament poromo that features sevral AEW talent they knew Owen but also others and ones that were influeced by him.

Nyla Rose v.s Ruby Soho.

Nyla rose is in control early on and the commentators mention that Nyla Rose is on a five amtch winning streak.Ruby Soho starts to fight back and get some omomentum going in this match.Nyla rose get sRuby Soho to the outside and starts to really gain the upper hand in the match on the outsdie of the ring.Nyla Rose sendds Ruby into the stell steps aas we head to a commercial break

Commercial Break.

We come back from commercial break and Nyla Rose is still in control of the mtach.Both women exchange blows beforre Nyla rose hits the BeastBomb for the near fall. Ruby Soho get s aquickpin on Nyla rose for the win.

Up next is Malakai Black v.s Griff Garrison

Commercial break.

We come back ffrom commercial break to a promo from Serene Deeb about how Hikaru Shida has never beaten he decisvley and by the time she gets done with her she will be begging Tony Kahn to keep Deeb aaway from her.

Malakai Black is out next to the ring.Griff Garrison is out next and he is very eager to get the mtach going and as soon as the bell rings he rushes Black but he gets dropped right away. The commentators mention that Griff Garrison went to high school no too far from here.MalakaiBlack is fimly in control of the match early on and iis basically trying to send a message to Griff Garriosson and the rest of the AEW locker room with this match.Griff Garriosn gets a rolling elbow on Malaki Black for a two count but it dosnt matter.Black teases the kick before just locking in a submisiion hold to make Garrison tap out. Brian Pillamn J.r rrushes the ring but he ends up getting taken out his efforts by Black.

Commerical Break

Isiah Cassidy promo with Jungle Boy for their match on Rampage this Saturday night.

MJF and FTR v.s CM Punk, Darby Allin and Sting..

MJF is out first folowed by FTR.They are playing to the crowd.Next out is Sting to a pretty good crowd reaction and he is also wearing a CM Punk shirt.He also has different face paint on as well too.Darby Allin is out next and he is also wearing different face paint. CM Punk is out next and hes dressed like Sting and the crowd is really hot for him and they are letting him hear it with loud CM Punk chants.Both groups are trying to choose and decide which order to start in. The match begins with CM Punk and Dax Harwood..CM Punk tags in Allin. Harwood tags in MJF which gets the crowd to start sending chants of ‘piece of shit’ at MJF.MJf tags in Cash Wheeler and then Darby Allin tags in Sting to a loud reaction from the crowd.Cash Wheeler tags in MJf and Stingand MJF go back and forth.Punk,Allin and Sting get the upper hand as we head to commercial break.

Commercial Break.

Back from commercial break and the amtch breask down to mitiple spots and playing to the crowd and Stiing was reallyegetting out there and taking charge in the match and really taking control and showing why hes on this roster and why he  can stil go well into his 60’s despite previous injuries  and being retired for the last serveral years prior to returning last year and he looks great.

Commercial Break.

back from break and MJF is controlling the match with Sting in the corner and is getting shots in on him.Sting with a body slam.Sting tags in CM Punk and Punk is on fire.Punk with an outside dive and theen hes back in the ring calling for the GTS on Cash Wheeler.Punk fighting off both members of FTR and then a near fall on Harwood.CM Punk tried to go for the elbow drop but is stopped.FFTR withthe power plex for a near fall.MJF is nowhere to be found.FTR tries to get a quick roll up but its of no use. something happened at the timekeepers table.Both Cm Punk and Dax Harwood are down and Darby Allin is trying to rally CM Punk to get him tagged in. MJF is hiding behind the timekeepers table.Punk goes for the GTS but is stopped and then FTR hit The Big Rig on CM Punk.MJF tried to DDT Sting but it has little to no effect on him and then Sting gets a hold of MJF and sends him outside to the ringside area to where FTR is and then Sting goes up top to the top rope and dives to the outside onto FTR aand MJF.Punk is calling for the GTS on MJF and then Dax Harwood gets him outta the way and then CM Punk hits it on Dax Harwood instead and then Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop followed by a Coffin Drop by Darby Allin for the win.

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