Buff Bagwell talks about Steve Austin and WCW

Dec 19, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

“Steve was hurt for us a lot. He really was. He tore his bicep. And when you’re hurt with pro wrestling, the deal is, we’re live TV. This is live. So if you got hurt, it’s kind of hard to put you in the thing and keep you going, because you’re doing us no good. The main thing that made me successful and a lot of guys’ success was, besides my broken neck, I wasn’t hurt for 11 years. I never missed a match in 11 years. But still, that was his thing. Injuries, they happen. But Eric felt like that was a problem. Here’s the thing, McMahon loved taking guys like Steve Austin and showing WCW, ‘look, I took one of your guys and look what I’ve f–king done with him.’ ‘He’s a f–king star. You let him go, I turned him into Stone Cold. You let Vinnie Vegas go, Kevin Nash, and now he’s Diesel, making millions.’ He got off on taking talent we’d give up and turn them into big talent, to show us what we had f–ked up on. He loved doing that, he loved it. So if you ever came from us, you went to him and he became the man to push you through the roof.”

source: Wrestling Inc.

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