Sonya Deville hopes WWE introduces more LGBTQ personas

Dec 18, 2021 - by James Walsh

WWE star Sonya Deville recently spoke with TalkSport about all things pro-wrestling, most notably how Deville believes WWE should start incorporating LGBTQ characters into their programming. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says WWE should begin including LGBTQ characters naturally:

“LGBTQ inclusion is something I’ve talked about for years. To incorporate that into WWE TV organically should happen because it’s just part of life. It’s like every TV show usually has a gay character because, statistically, there would be a gay character!”

Says she would want it to be subtle, but also make sense:

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  1. DB says:

    Sonya Deville gets it. Character development should not be forced, but be allowed to develop with story lines and adjusting the character to audience response.

  2. srbart says:

    Why ? Since when the sexuality of people is what they are ? It add nothing to a character, to a gimmick. “I’m gay, love me, make me world champion!!!”… Stupid

  3. art123guy says:

    @DB–Everybody EXCEPT Vince and WWE creative get that character development should not be forced.

  4. Romanreignshadcancer2getover says:

    Here we go again… before you know it they will have their own man who wrestles as a woman like Nyla Rose. The WWE is still focus for kids, they don’t need to become Disney and all this other woke garbage that confuses kids

  5. Pete Haines says:

    How about a M.A.P character?

  6. Nolo King says:

    No, lets only focus on a persons merit.

  7. Chris says:

    This is some of the stuff that people are talking about doing in WWE and the reason AEW is more popular than WWE is now

  8. TrollBuster says:

    Gerweck community once again shows they are transphobic and homophobic.
    -CJ mode on- Aw sh-t, here we go again…

  9. Squirt Angle says:

    I will not be happy until they have more albino people who are hearing impaired

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