Impact Report, 12/16/21

Dec 16, 2021 - by Scott Porter

D’Lo Brown and Matt Stryker are on the call from Louisville, Kentucky.

Match 1.  Rohit Raju (with Raj Singh) VS Josh Alexander

The Walking Weapon heads to the ring with anger in his eyes.  Rohit senses it and plays cat and mouse to start the match.  He gets in one cheap shot, but Josh takes over quickly and hits some back elbows and punches.  Rohit bails to the floor and Josh follows and takes out Raj.  Rohit uses the time to knee Josh in the back.  He throws him back in the ring and starts a nice move set of kicks, backhands and finally a leg sweep. Rohit then connects with a Russian Leg Sweep and a two count.  Josh then takes a neck breaker and a front suplex on the top rope.

Jose has had enough and floors Rohit.  He then hits a big boot.  Josh then goes for a move that his injured ribs couldn’t handle.  Rohit then starts targeting the injured ribs.  Josh reverses a hold into an Ankle lock.  Raj interferes.  Rohit misses a pump kick, but connects with a few forearms and a cannonball in the corner.   Rohit then double stomps the ribs and gets a two count.  The two exchange blows in the center of the ring.  Both hit some huge punches.  Josh knee drops Rohit’s knee.

C4 and Josh gets the pin.

Winner.  Josh Alexander 

Josh will face Jonah at Hard to Kill.

The Good Brother and Violent by Design cut a promo backstage.  Karl Anderson says they don’t trust VBD.  Doc Gallows says keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Eric Young says this is an alliance that helps both teams.

Chelsea Green is interviewed backstage about her match at Hard to Kill.  Moose enters and starts running down her fiancé, Matt Cardona.  Chelsea says you came to me because you are afraid.  Moose starts mocking her upcoming wedding.   Chelsea is furious.

Match 2.   Doc Gallows and Joe Doering (with VBD and Karl Anderson) VS Rich Swann and Willie Mack (with Heath and Rhino)

Mack and Swann make a few early tags and tandem moves to get an early advantage on Doc.  We go to a quick break

The Big LG is in control after a big kick to the side of Swann’s head.  Doering tags in and locks on a crab.  Mack gets to the ropes, but he is in pain.  Gallows tags back in and works over Swann in their corner.  Doc downs Swann with a running back elbow.  Doering tags back in and hits a big boot to the ring.  This man is an All-Japan Triple Crown Champion twice over.  Mack tags in as does Gallows.  Swann enters and they hi-low Doering.  Doering takes a few shots and Gallows makes the save.  They double choke slam Mack, and Gallows gets the pin.

Winners.  Doc Gallows and Joe Doering

VBD and Karl Anderson join the winners and attack Swann, Mack, Heath and Rhino.  Eddie Edwards enters and evens the odds.  The faces clear the ring next.

Ziggy Dice and VSK are shown arguing backstage about if they should talk to Brian Myers about their loss last week.  Ziggy convinces VSK to give them one more tag match before they make the call.  VSK warns Ziggy not to drink any more before the match and walks off.  Ziggy giggles to himself and says he won’t drink any less either.

Jonah has a vignette backstage.   He tells the story of how his father earned respect while in prison.  He then points out Josh Alexander could have shown respect to him.  He didn’t.  Now he will pay for it.

Match 3.  John Sklyer VS X-Division Champion, Trey Miguel

The two feel each other out with arm twists to start the match.  Skyler hits a full arm, drag and twist.  Trey leapfrogs and hits a dropkick.  The action spills outside and Trey gets the best of it.  Once back in the ring, Skyler spears Trey as he re-enters the ring.  Skyler slows the match a bit with punches and forearms.  Skyler is scrappy, like Buzz Sawyer.  Skyler gets a two count off a ground and pound move set.  Trey catches Skyler on the top rope.  He pulls Skyler to the mat and then gets a pin off a Meteora.

Winner and still X-Division Champion, Trey Miguel.

Steve Maclin attacks Trey on the ramp post-match.  He picks up the belt and levels Trey with it.  He then drags Trey to the back as we go to break.

Match 4.  Chris Bey (with Hikuleo) VS Laredo Kid

This match was an instant classic.  Computer issues unfortunately deleted this detail, but Bey won by pinfall.  Bey was the heal in the match, but he had the crowd firmly behind him.

Winner.  Chris Bey

A clip is shown from ROH, Final Battle is shown recapping the events between Deonna Purrazzo and Knockouts Champion, Mickey James.   Their feud will continue.

Match 5.  Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K and Madison Rayne) VS Jessie McKay (with Cassie Lee) 

The Inspiration show off their Knockouts Tag Team belts to start the match.

Jessie and Tenille start the match arguing.  They both go for a double kick.  Tenille then connects with a right cross.  Jessie takes Dashwood down with a shoulder block.  She poses and we go to break.

Jessie is on top as we return, but Tenille kicks Jessie’s midsection and then gives her a neck breaker.  Tenille really has slowed down the match.  She basement crossbody’s Jessie in the corner.  Dashwood then locks on the full nelson.  Jessie stands up and backs Tenille into the corner.  She hits a clothesline next, then suplexes Dashwood.  Tenille gets a two count off a small package.  Jessie hits a big boot for a two count.  Cassie and Madison start going at it on the outside.  Dashwood hits a spotlight after Kaleb distracts Jessie and gets the pin.

Winner.  Tenille Dashwood

Contract Signing for Hard To Kill.

Scott D’Amore is in the ring discussing the Triple Threat Match at Hard to Kill.  He says all these men can be the face of Impact.

He announces W. Morrissey first.  He heads to the ring in street clothes.   Matt Cardona is announced next.  He enters with Chelsea Green.  Both take a seat at the table.  Moose is announced last, and he does the full Moose entrace.  The arena goes black.  He is in a suit and looks every bit the champion.

Scott brings up Cardona’s debut in Impact at last year’s Hard to Kill last year.  Scott tells Matt to sign first.  W grabs the clipboard and takes the mic.  He says HE came here to be World Champion.  He stares down everyone and signs the contract.  He then walks off.  Matt then takes the mic and says W isn’t wrong.  There is too much trash talking.  He says nobody has been counted out more than him in the history of wrestling.  He is now more ready than he will ever be.  He then signs.  Moose asks Matt if he really wants to do this.  He calls himself the greatest World Champion in wrestling.  Matt says quit stalling.  Matt says sign the contract.  Moose signs.  He tells Matt he has a tough challenge.  He then tells Chelsea she has a tough challenge too staying with someone average like Matt.  He then asks Chelsea after he beats Matt, will she stay with him.  He then calls Chelsea a whore.  Matt flips out, but Moose slams him threw the table and holds the belt high.  Moose grabs a chair, but Chelsea slows him down.  Matt goes to hit Moose with a chair and hits Chelsea with it clean on the top of her head.  Moose laughs and walks off as Matt is in a panic.


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