Referee stabbed by wrestler ‘Hannibal’ was paid $75 to bleed, cops say

Dec 15, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

The referee who was violently stabbed by a wrestler in the ring on Saturday actually agreed to take $75 to bleed during the match … this according to cops.

A spokesperson for the Irving Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports … officers spoke with the ref, Lando Deltoro, shortly after Devon Nicholson — aka “Hannibal” — repeatedly jammed an iron stake into his head at an independent wrestling event in Texas over the weekend.

The spokesperson says Deltoro told them he cut a deal with Nicholson prior to the match — agreeing to dress up like a referee and then take hits to the head and gush blood in the squared circle.

The spokesperson says Deltoro told police, however, that the bit went too far … and Nicholson actually ended up hurting him badly with the stake.

But, according to cops, Deltoro told them he did not want to press charges.

We also spoke to Deltoro on Wednesday, and he confirmed with us he was paid for the match, though he did not specify the amount. Deltoro also told us he did not agree to Nicholson’s “extra” spiking.

As we previously reported, Deltoro suffered major head injuries as a result of the match, requiring sutures to close the open wounds in his head.

For his part, Nicholson says Deltoro gave him no indication during the match that he was being injured.

World Class Pro Wrestling, meanwhile, has said it’s banning Nicholson from all of its future events following the incident.

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  1. john schleehauf says:

    This special needs lummox has been pulling this on guys for years. Usually, it’s retired, 80 year old guys who had tough guy reputations when they wrestled, and this idiot thinks he’s a bada$$ by beating on a 75 year old. Now it’s a little referee? Lol! This guy likes beating on older wrwstlers? Why doesn’t this obviously lobotomized dork try this crap on guys like Ken Shamrock or Dan Severn? They were wrestlers, right? They’re older guys, right? How about it then? Oh no…you won’t see that. They would tie that tard in knots and he knows it.

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