Johnny Gargano comments on his future

Dec 15, 2021 - by Staff

Former WWE NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano says he could show up in the ring for any of your favorite pro wrestling promotions.

Gargano launched his new Twitch channel on Tuesday night and at one point discussed his wrestling future, and the “Johnny Wrestling” chants. Gargano confirmed that he is now a free agent from WWE, and able to work for anyone he wants.

“The ‘Johnny Wrestling’ chants, they mean the world to me, and if you chant ‘Johnny Wrestling’ somewhere loud enough, you never know what could happen,” Gargano said. “I could show up anywhere at this point. That’s real, like, I’m free to do whatever I want. So, if someone wants to see me bad enough, those ‘Johnny Wrestling’ chants come in, I’ll hear them. I watch everything. So, you never know.”

Gargano tweeted this morning to give thanks for the fans that turned in for his first Twitch broadcast, writing, “The response to my first stream last night was freaking wild! You all sure know how to make a kid feel special! THANK YOU guys! Hopefully it was good..”

The tweet included a brief clip of wife Candice LeRae, who is pregnant and expecting their first child, a baby boy, in February.

There’s still no word on what Gargano has planned for his pro wrestling future, or if he’s had talks with AEW. There’s been some unconfirmed speculation that Gargano will make various appearances over the next few months, and take some time to be with his family after the baby arrives in February, but then return to WWE to work with his wife. LeRae is under contract to WWE until the spring of 2022, but it’s believed that WWE will add time to her deal to make up for time off, which would keep her with the company into 2023.

Stay tuned for more on Gargano. Below is a clip from last night’s Twitch stream:

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