Kevin Owens on his rough landing during Raw move last night

Dec 14, 2021 - by Staff

Kevin Owens took to Twitter today and revealed which spot was a rough one for him during last night’s WWE RAW.

As noted, RAW saw Bobby Lashley pick up singles wins over Owens, Seth Rollins and WWE Champion Big E to earn a spot in the WWE Title match at the inaugural Day 1 pay-per-view, to make it a Fatal 4 Way. Lashley’s first opponent was Owens, and that match included a spot where Owens went for a cannonball from the apron to Lashley on the floor. Owens missed and hit the floor as Lashley stepped out of the way.

That was the spot. Owens re-posted a GIF of the move and commented.

“I often get asked what hurt me the most throughout my career and there’s 2 specific things that always come to mind but as of last night, there’s a new answer to add to that list because for some reason, this absolutely destroyed me,” he wrote.

You can see Owens’ full tweet with GIF below:

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