Gabby Gilbert remembers Jimmy Rave: “I am so honored to say he loved me”

Dec 14, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

It was announced yesterday that former ROH/TNA wrestler Jimmy Rave had died at the age 39. His long time girlfriend Gabby Gilbert reflected:

RIP Jimmy Rave. I was n always will be Jimmy Rave biggest fan. I lost the love of my life, my best friend, my mentor, my everything. I tried my hardest to always made sure he knew he was loved. Smothering him with kisses. He is my favorite person in and out of the ring. I always found a reason to bring him up in convos n believe that isn’t going to stop. I never loved anyone the way I loved James. He is someone I always looked up to. Someone I strived to be like. He had the biggest heart. He had passion n pride for wrestling. Never “half-assed” it even how tired he was. He put his all in every match. I seen him wrestle 30mins then jump in the car n drive to another show to wrestle 30-45min match in the same night. He went all out for both. He was a natural in the ring. A genius for wrestling. My heart is broken. I cherish every moment I had with him. Even the ones when we were fighting over what to eat. Ha. Saying I miss him is an understatement. I would miss him when he was in front of me n I had to blink. He loved wrestling, he loved helping people. And I am so honored to say he loved me. #ripjimmyrave #jimmyrave #thankyoujimmyrave #wrestlinglegend #myeverything I hope I was #jimmyraveapproved I want to hear all the Jimmy Rave stories please. In ring, road trips, all of them!

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  1. fairfax says:

    It’s a sad deal that Jimmy Rave has passed away and at such a young age. I knew he’d lost his arm but I only found out in the TMZ article reporting his death that he’d lost BOTH his legs from the knees down as well….just a horrible deal all around. Not to say he wouldn’t still want to be here but to be 39 and so completely handicapped had to be incredibly hard to live with as well…I suppose he could have “coached” from the sidelines or worked as a manager or authority figure or something but in all likelihood, outside of a Good Friends/Better Enemies Mad Dog Maurice Vachon angle, he was done with the business for good….hopefully wherever Jimmy Rave is now he’s whole and he’s back to rocking and raving and approving and doing what he did best. RIP Jimmy Rave

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