Scarlett Bordeaux and Killer Kross not interested in returning to Impact

Dec 12, 2021 - by James Walsh

During a recent virtual signing hosted by K & S WrestleFest Scarlett Bordeaux spoke about all things pro-wrestling, including how she has no desire to return to IMPACT and what her biggest fear was during her time in WWE. Highlights are below.

Says she and Kross have no desire to return to IMPACT:

We’re not going back there. We’re not going back there. No [Scarlett laughed]. No [there’s no reason to share why I wouldn’t go back to IMPACT]. Thanks for asking though.

Says her biggest fear is that WWE was going to try and trademark her name:

That was my biggest fear at WWE was that they were gonna buy my name and then once I left, I was gonna have to change it because I am very — love my name and other people had their names purchased. Karrion [Kross], ‘Karrion’ is not his but he got to keep Killer Kross which he’s very, very happy about. If I would have been official main roster, I know they would’ve bought [it] and they were talking about adding back the ‘Bordeaux’ and I’m like, ‘They’re already talking about it. They’re gonna buy my name and that means later on I can’t have it’ so I’m actually really happy that didn’t happen. I built it, you know?

How she and Kross are getting a lot of movie offers:

[Killer] Kross is getting a lot of movie offers. I got one. They were talking about filming [in possibly] March but I’m not sure I wanna get as deep into the filming as Kross is but yeah, a lot of movie offers are coming in his direction for sure.

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