All charges dropped against Alberto El Patron

Dec 11, 2021 - by James Walsh

Alberto El Patron has avoided trial over allegations of sexual assault, as the charges were dropped on Friday. PWInsider reports that court records were updated on Friday afternoon to note that following a hearing, the charges against the WWE alumnus have been dropped and the case is closed.

The site reports that the court records noted a witness was missing and El Patron is clear of all criminal liability in regard to the allegations. Patron was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one of aggravated kidnapping on allegations that he assaulted a woman after accusing her of infidelity, forced her to “wear a dress and dance for him,” and eventually violently sexually assaulted her over a period of 16 hours. He potentially faced life in prison on the charges.

It was reported in November of 2020 that a woman who is alleged to have made the accusations apologized on social media, which Patron’s brother shared and used to claim that it was an admission that the charges were false.

The trial was delayed multiple times and was set to commence on Monday.

2 Responses

  1. Kyle Christie says:

    I’m calling BS on this. I imagine the woman has been paid off or worse. Here’s hoping nobody will hire this scumbag anymore.

  2. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    @Kyle can call BS all ya want, the party that was accusing him dropped the charges. To wish that no one hires him after he wasn’t found guilty of something is low.

    I can accuse you of anything right now. Could also then drop those charges if I so wish.

    Remember when you diddled me?

    I think the dude is a POS for sure just based on past behavior, but in this instance, we have nothing to hold him to. More than likely the defense had enough of a case and a threat of a civil suit in retaliation.

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