Impact Wrestling Report, 12/9/21

Dec 9, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Matt Stryker and D’Lo Brown are once again on the call.

The show starts with a highlight package from last week’s show.  The developing story of Matt Cardona, W. Morrissey, and World Champion Moose is the story.   The triple threat match is coming.  What will happen next?

Match 1.  Chris Sabin and Mickey James (Knockouts Champion) VS Matthew Rehwoldt and Deonna Purrazzo

Rehwoldt begs Purrazzo to let him start the match.  He says he wants Mickey James.  James slips behind and locks on a headlock.  Rehwoldt takes her down with a shoulder off the ropes.  James makes a tag to Sabin and they double team Matthew.  Sabin only maintains control for a minute, and Matthew lands a stiff kick to the solar plex and then he drops several knees to Chris on the mat.  Purrazzo tags in and short clotheslines Sabin.  Deonna knocks James from the apron and drags Sabin to her corner.  She tags Matthew back in and he goes on the ground and pound.  He ends up locking on a chin lock.  Sabin gets to his feet, but Matthew pulls the hair.  Sabin gets to his feet, and gets power bombed by Rehwoldt.  Matthew goes to the top rope but takes too long and Sabin hits a drop kick as Matthew jumped off the top.  James tags in as does Deonna.  Mickey and Deonna go at it.  Mickey hits a neck breaker, then a kick to the head.  Matthew interferes and Sabin re-enters to even the odds.  Everyone takes a risk diving to the outside, only Mickey ends up on her feet.  She throws Deonna back in the ring, but Rehwoldt pushes her from behind.  Mickey goes for a Thesz Press off the top, Deonna catches her and rolls her up with some leverage help from Matthew.

Winners.  Matthew Rehwoldt and Deonna Purrazzo

Matt Cardona is interviewed backstage about his Triple Threat World Title Match.  He says he has been waiting for 18 years.  W. Morrissey enters and makes fun of Matt for not taking what he deserves.  He tells Matt he should be in a one-on-one match without Cardona.  Matt says we should have a match tonight and if W. wins, he will back out of the triple threat match at Hard To Kill.

Violent By Design have a promo backstage.  Eric Young does the talking and he talks about the Street Fight he will have with Rhino tonight.

Match 2.   Rohit Raju (with Raj Singh) VS Lawrence D

Rohit is acting cocky pre match.  D starts with a shoulder block and atomic drop.  He then splashes Rohit, but Rohit hits a superkick.  Josh Alexander hits the arena.  He tosses Raj aside.  He then powerbombs Rohit.  He then grabs the mic and calls out Jonah.  We go to break with Josh alone in the ring.

No Contest

Scott D’Amore enters the arena and tries to calm Josh down.  Scott admits he told Jonah to stay home, but he makes a match at Hard to Kill.  Josh wants him now though.  He tells Scott he is losing his patience.  Scott tells him he needs to calm down.  Josh grabs Raj and C4’s him to the floor.  Josh says this is him keeping his emotions in check.

Chris Bey is shown abusing the merch guy backstage.

Match 3.  Ziggy Dice and VSK VS Fin Juice, David Finley and Juice Robinson

Juice starts the match with Dice.  Dice locks on a Dragon Sleeper and VSK tags and jumps on Juice from the top.  Dice and VSK then lay in the boots.  They make a few quick tags.  Juice is worked over repeatedly in the corner.  Juice makes the tag.  David clears the ring and then hits a backhand elbow on VSK off the top.  Juice tags in and they double Flap Jack VSK.  VSK takes a backbreaker/elbow from the top and Fin Juice gets the pin.

Winners.  Fin Juice

Match 4.  Eric Young VS Rhino.  Street Fight

An assortment of chairs, garbage cans and sheet pans are scattered around the ring.  Rhino starts off strong, but eventually goes headfirst, into a garbage can.  EY swings wildly and connects with some chair shots.  He then drapes objects all over Rhino and heads to the top rope.  Rhino recovers and greets him on the ropes.  Rhino superplexes EY off the top.  He hits several clotheslines, and a shoulder tackle.  Rhino wants to gore him, but Deaner comes from the back and jumps Rhino.  Joe Doering enters and then Heath comes out to make the save.  EY then clubs Rhino with a cast, but only gets a long two count.  EY goes for a piledriver, but Rich Swann and Willie Mac hit the ring.  EY is then set up for a spikc piledriver.  Just then, The Good Brothers attack Swann, Mack and Rhino from behind.  EY hits a piledriver and get the pin.

Winner.   Eric Young

The Good Brothers and VBD stand tall post-match.  There was some arguing between the teams, but no physicality.

The Inspiration, Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne (with Kaleb) all have a group interview about their 8-person tag match tonight.  They try unsuccessfully to make a name for themselves.  The alliance seems shaky.

Match 5.  Cassidy and Jessie (The Inspiration, Knockouts Tag Team Champions) with Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) VS (Decay) Rosemary, Havok, Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve

Madison and Taurus appear to start off, but Madison freaks out and they all bail to the floor to regroup and strategize with Kaleb.  We go to break.

As we return, Tenille is dropping Rosemary from the apron with a neck breaker.  The Inspiration double team Rosemary, but she has had enough and back them into their corner.  They scream in horror.  Steve tags in as does Madison.  Steve bits Madison’s forehead.  Taurus tags in as does Tenille.  Taurus presses her and tosses her on Kaleb on the floor.  Madison starts arguing with the Inspiration.  Havok feeds Tenille to Rosemary, who Spears Dashwood and gets the pin.

Winners.  Decay

Rayne, Tenille and Kaleb argue with the champs on the outside post match.  This friendship seems to be over.

Lady Frost is interviewed backstage.  She says it is about time she is here.  Scott D’Amore walks up and welcomes her to Impact.  She asks if she can be in the Ultimate X Match.  Scott tells her to talk to Gail Kim, who is now officially in management.  Gail puts her in the match and congratulates her.

Match 6.  W. Morrissey VS Matt Cardona (If Matt loses, he is out of the Triple Threat Title Match at Hard To Kill)

The fight starts on the floor.  Cardona takes a faceplant onto the steps.  Then W. throws him back first into the apron.  The match hasn’t started yet.  W. then throws Matt into the corner post.  Finally, they get in the ring and the match starts.

Cardona loses it and mounts a comeback, but W. hits a back elbow to the chin and Matt is down.  Morrissey then drapes him over the ropes and clubs him.  Moose is shown in the Crowe’s nest.  We go to break with W. Morrissey in complete control.

Back from break, W. is laying the boots to Cardona, but Matt hits a back elbow and double knee to Morrissey’s jaw.  W. shakes it off and throws Matt from the top rope to the arena floor.  He methodically stalks Matt next.  He makes him a human javelin and throw Matt into the corner post.  Matt is busted open and he is bleeding everywhere.  Morrissey doesn’t seem to care and continues to pound on the open wound.  Morrissey tosses Matt back in the ring.  W. goes for splash, but Matt sidesteps it and W. hits his head on the post.  Matt starts a comeback and wins a punch contest.  He then faceplants W. and works him over in the corner.  Matt hits a missile dropkick and the big boot.  He gets a long two count on W.  Matt takes a shot to the chin by W.  Matt is shaken again.  Matt hits a leg lariat out of nowhere.  He gets another long two.

Matt and Morrissey get to their feet, but Morrissey lands a big boot as Matt charges.  W. then works over Matt’s head in the corner.  Morrissey loses it and throws the ref and gets DQ’d.  He then boots Hebner in the face.

Winner by DQ.  Matt Cardona

Morrissey powerbombs Matt.  Chelsea Green runs in to protect her man.  Moose comes in and wants to help W. out.  Morrissey will have none of that and boots Moose from the ring.  W. warns Chelsea to get out of the way.  He throws her aside and Cardona loses it and pummels Morrissey from the ring.  Moose dropped the belt, Cardona picks it up and stands tall in the ring as the show ends.


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