WWE RAW Report – 12/6/2021

Dec 6, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up on the USA Network with a look back at last week and how Kevin Owens was added to the WWE Title match at WWE Day 1 with Seth Rollins and champion Big E. Rollins is backstage now. He laughs and says tonight Owens will find himself going one-on-one with Big E inside a Steel Cage. We see the cage being lowered around the ring as Rollins goes on, saying he will enjoy every second as they destroy each other. He says at WWE Day 1 we will usher in a new year with a new champion, as he claims his rightful place as WWE Champion. Rollins laughs again and tells everyone to enjoy the show. We cut backstage to a fired up WWE Champion Big E. He says tonight in the cage there is no easy way out and not only will he beat Owens, he will punish him. We’re live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee as Jimmy Smith welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

Steel Cage Match: WWE Champion Big E vs. Kevin Owens

We go right to the ring and out comes WWE Champion Big E to the Steel Cage for this non-title match. The camera cuts backstage to Kevin Owens now. Owens says Big E has been calling him a liar for months, but Big E is the real liar. He goes on about how he is the real WWE Champion and Big E is just holding onto the title until Day 1. Owens says everyone will finally rejoice when he wins the WWE Title, and tonight he will be the one to punish Big E, and that is no lie. Out next comes Owens to the ring as Mike Rome goes over the rules and the introductions.

The bell rings and Owens goes right to escape but Big E attacks and stops him. Big E blocks an early Stunner attempt. Owens has the referee open the cage door again but Big E stops him. Big E runs into boots in the corner. Owens looks to climb but Big E crotches him on the top rope. Big E traps Owens between the ropes and the steel, working him over. Big E gets jabbed and Owens climbs up to the top. Big E climbs up as Owens gets close to the top. Big E grinds Owens’ head into the steel.

They both come down and Big E smashes Owens. Big E launches Owens into the steel. Big E with more offense now. Big E ends up going for the Spear between the ropes but he hits the steel head-on and goes down. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Owens has Big E trapped. Owens climbs the cage but Big E grabs for him. Owens with a huge moonsault for a 2 count. Owens drops Big E again and pounds on him. Big E counters and launches Owens face-first into the steel for a 2 count. Big E calls for the door to be opened now. Owens stops him and then sends him into the steel to prevent the escape. Owens brings Big E back to the middle of the ring and keeps control. Owens climbs again but Big E meets him on the top rope and they trade strikes.

Owens slams Big E face-first into the steel, sending him to the mat. Owens keeps climbing now. Big E grabs his leg and yanks at it. Big E has Owens on his shoulders now. Big E goes to fall back to the mat from the top but Owens turns that into a big Sunset Bomb. Big E kicks out at 2 and Owens can’t believe it.

Owens kicks Big E around and talks some trash. Big E starts to hulk up as some fans rally. Big E catches Owens with a belly-to-belly suplex, and another, and a third big throw. Fans pop for Big E as he stands over Owens and dances in the middle of the ring. He charges for the splash but Owens crawls for the cage door. He is stopped. Owens turns it around with a big kick, then hits the corner cannonball for a close 2 count. Owens crawls out the door again but Big E unloads on him with strikes. Owens fights back and they trade strikes in the middle of the ring now.

Owens with a single-leg Boston Crab now. Big E goes for the ropes but that won’t work here. The door is opened again but Seth Rollins appears out of nowhere and slams the door on both competitors, smashing them in the face. Rollins dances around at ringside and laughs as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins watches at ringside as Big E and Owens trade offense on the top rope. Big E goes for a super Big Ending but Owens rakes his eyes, then kicks him in the face to send the champ back to the mat. Owens leaps out with a big Frogsplash for a close 2 count. We see how Big E dominated during the break. Big E blocks Owens in the corner now, then slams him with the Uranage for a close 2 count. Rollins is yelling at ringside now to the announcers. Fans rally for Big E. The Stunner is blocked but Owens comes right back with a Pop-Up sitdown Powerbomb for a close 2 count.

Owens starts climbing the cage again. Rollins encourages Big E to get up and stop him. Big E grabs Owens’ legs and they trade more strikes on the top rope. Big E goes for another super Big Ending from the top and this time he nails it for a big pop. A dazed Big E crawls for the door but Owens grabs his leg. Big E kicks him away and crawls for the door again, this time making it out and landing on his feet.

Winner: Big E

– After the match, Big E stands tall at ringside and celebrates until Rollins attacks from behind. Rollins man-handles Big E at ringside as the cage is raised above the ring. Rollins rushes the ring and unloads on Owens now. Rollins looks to hit a Stomp on Owens but Big E rushes him and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E then delivers another Big Ending to Owens. Big E celebrates and raises the WWE Title belt in the air as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Seth Rollins is at ringside trying to recover. Kevin Owens is laid out in the ring, also trying to recover. We go to replays of what just happened in the Steel Cage match. We also see how Bobby Lashley came to the ring during the commercial break, destroying WWE Champion Big E, Rollins and Owens. Lashley posed in the middle of the ring to some boos. Smith says tonight has been crazy but it’s just getting started.

– Still to come, Liv Morgan challenges Becky Lynch for the strap. Also, Edge on MizTV. There will also be the first-ever R-K-Bro-Nament with four teams competing to become the new #1 contenders to RAW Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle. The four tournament teams are The Street Profits, AJ Styles and Omos, The Mysterios, and Alpha Academy.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina Vega vs. Nikki A.S.H.

We go back to the ring and out come WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega. Vega hushes the fans and starts insulting Nikki A.S.H., saying she feels sorry for her but not as sorry as she will feel when Vega wins their match tonight. The champs hit the ring as Nikki makes her way out with Rhea Ripley.

The bell rings and they lock up. Vega takes it to the corner but backs off as the referee counts. Nikki goes up to the second turnbuckle but gets yanked to the mat. Vega uses the middle rope on Nikki and rag-dolls her right in Ripley’s face, taunting Ripley as well. Vega keeps control for a 2 count. Nikki counters with a quick pin attempt of her own. Nikki with another roll-up for 2.

They run the ropes and Nikki nails a clothesline, then screams up for another clothesline in the corner, and a bulldog. Nikki has a suplex countered but Vega takes her down and this time the referee catches her. More back and forth now. Nikki drops Vega and goes to the top but Vega dodges the crossbody. Vega immediately follows up with Code Red for the pin to win.

Winners: Queen Zelina

– After the match, Vega and Carmella celebrate at ringside as the music hits. Ripley enters the ring to tend to Nikki as the champs taunt them from the ramp.

– RAW Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle are backstage now. Riddle rants some until Kevin Patrick interrupts, asking about tonight’s tournament. Riddle does some of his usual promo stuff and it’s annoying, as usual. It’s hard to believe Orton isn’t really annoyed. Riddle mentions how they will handle everything for the tournament, including backstage interviews. Riddle wore a blazer to the segment and he ends up bringing out a blazer for Orton to wear. Orton refuses at first but fans in the arena apparently want him to wear the blazer as well. Orton puts it on and Riddle is happy as they walk out of the backstage arena. The champs head to the ring now and Orton isn’t thrilled with the blazer, but fans cheer them on as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Rhea Ripley is trying to cheer up Nikki A.S.H. in the back. A fan appears and wants her autograph, saying she’s your biggest fan ever. Nikki perks up but the fan says she meant him… we see WWE Hall of Famer and hometown star Jerry “The King” Lawler standing there. The King signs the autograph and Nikki is sad once again.

#1 Contenders R-K-Bro-Nament Match: The Street Profits vs. AJ Styles and Omos

We go back to the ring for a first round R-K-Bro-Nament match as AJ Styles and Omos come out. RAW Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle watch from ringside on commentary. We see what happened last week between Alpha Academy and The Street Profits. The music hits now and out come The Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. The red Solo cups fall as they head to the ring. We see footage from earlier today with The Profits hyping up the tournament in their locker rooms, promising to kick AJ and Omos out of here, because they are up and they want the smoke.

The bell rings and AJ unloads on Ford with chops. Ford comes right back with a big dropkick. Ford launches AJ into the corner for Dawkins to tag in. They double team AJ and take turns with splashes in the middle of the ring. AJ kicks out at 2. AJ ends up ramming Dawkins back into the corner for shoulder thrusts. Dawkins with a big right hand and the twisting splash in the corner.

Omos with a cheap shot to send Dawkins to the floor. AJ with a big forearm to send Ford to the floor. AJ launches himself over the top rope to take Dawkins back down at ringside. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Omos is beating Dawkins around the ring. Omos with a big scoop slam in the middle of the ring. Omos keeps control until Dawkins catches him with a jawbreaker. This apparently chipped Omos’ tooth, which angers the big man. Omos levels Dawkins again and tags in AJ for more offense in the corner. Dawkins finally dodges AJ and in comes Ford off the hot tag. Ford unloads on AJ and rolls him for a 2 count. Ford with a superkick to the gut and a big enziguri in the middle of the ring. Ford runs into a big boot in the corner. AJ charges but misses. Ford with a big flying clothesline.

Ford tosses the glove and goes over to slap Omos in the face. Omos seethes but Ford slaps him again. Ford and Dawkins double dropkick Omos off the apron but he’s still standing at ringside. Ford and AJ tangle some more now. AJ counters and drops Ford with an enziguri. AJ follows up with a pele kick. AJ with the Brainbuster in the middle of the ring. AJ goes back to the apron for the Phenomenal Forearm.

AJ springboards up but Omos tags himself in. AJ isn’t happy. Dawkins tags in and drops AJ at ringside. Omos runs over Dawkins. Ford leaps out but Omos catches him in mid-air, then slams him over the edge of the apron. Omos has to level Dawkins again as the referee counts. AJ looks to plead with Omos to get back in the ring, or perhaps keep the attack going on Dawkins, but the referee keeps counting and Omos is counted out.

Winners by Count Out: The Street Profits

– After the match, AJ and Omos return to the ring. AJ talks about how Omos has to listen because that’s how this team works. Omos isn’t interested as he turns and walks away from AJ. Fans boo and AJ looks on as Omos walks straight to the back. AJ calls for Omos to come back but the big man yells and keeps walking. Riddle enters the ring and does some comedy while trying to interview AJ on “these crazy events.” AJ isn’t interested but Riddle keeps on. AJ asks Riddle if he should be interviewing the winners. Riddle’s journalistic integrity told him to follow the biggest story, plus The Profits are too fast. Riddle says things are getting juicy between AJ and Omos, so can AJ explain? AJ asks if this is Dateline. AJ says this was just a disagreement, miscommunication between a great tag team, something Riddle would know nothing about. AJ says he’s going to shove the mic down Riddle’s throat if he doesn’t get it out of his face. AJ walks off as Riddle hypes up the rest of the tournament, and takes one final shot at AJ and Omos. Riddle asks Orton if he’d like to add anything. Fans chant for Orton, who is still sitting next to the announcers. Orton simply says “no” and Reporter Riddle signs off from the ring as Orton’s music starts up.

– Sarah Schreiber is backstage with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Becky talks about how this is a big night, and how Liv has never been hotter because of what she’s done in recent weeks. Fans are behind her, there’s a new bandwagon to jump on as the Liv Morgan Train keeps on. Becky says the real battle will not be in the ring tonight, it will be in Liv’s head and heart, and with the fans. She says as Liv does better, the fans will eventually turn on her. Becky goes on and says she’s the biggest star there is, and that’s why this is just another Monday for Big Time Becks. She walks off.

Open Challenge for the WWE United States Title: Robert Roode vs. Damian Priest

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Damian Priest. He hits the ring and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Riddle is ranting to Randy Orton as usual. Orton takes the blazer off and says his broadcasting career is over for now, at least for the moment. He hangs the blazer on Riddle’s shoulders and tells him to have fun. Riddle thanks Orton and Orton walks off. We go back to the ring and The Dirty Dawgs are waiting – Robert Roode with Dolph Ziggler. Roode has accepted the Open Challenge.

The bell rings and they lock up. Roode takes it to the corner and unloads with a kick to the gut and stomps. Priest turns it around with big lefts and rights to Roode. Roode kicks Priest but Priest comes right back with a jumping headbutt. Priest sends Roode back to the corner and keeps the offense going for another pin attempt. Priest sends Roode face-first into the turnbuckles, then nails knee strikes to the gut.

Priest with a takedown and a big kick. Priest misses a high knee in the corner as Roode moves, but he comes right back with a big boot. Ziggler provides a distraction from ringside. Priest follows and Roode attacks from behind, sending Priest into the steel ring steps. Roode tosses Priest over the barrier into the crowd, and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Roode nails a big Blockbuster for a close 2 count. Roode yells out in frustration. Roode and Priest trade big right hands in the middle again. Priest mounts offense after more back and forth. Roode escapes a hold but Priest clotheslines him. Priest kicks Roode and nails a Broken Arrow for another close 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Roode ducks a kick and shoves Priest, then goes behind. Roode with a Backstabber in the middle of the ring for another close 2 count. Roode with more frustration now as Ziggler cheers him on, yelling at him to finish the bout. Roode and Priest trade big kicks, punches and chops now. Priest nails a few kicks to the face. Priest leaps off the second rope but Roode catches him in mid-air with a big Spinebuster. Priest kicks out at 2.

Roode stalks Priest now, then kicks him in the gut and goes for the Glorious DDT but it’s blocked. Priest turns that into The Reckoning but Roode slides out. They tangle and Roode rolls priest for a 2 count. They tangle once again but Priest levels Roode with The Reckoning for the pin to retain.

Winner: Damian Priest

– After the match, Priest stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Ziggler comes in and drops Priest with a superkick. Ziggler regroups with Roode at ringside as The Dirty Dawgs taunt Priest, who looks on from the mat.

– We see how Doudrop has attacked Bianca Belair at various times over the past month or so.

Bianca Belair vs. Doudrop

We go back to the ring and out comes Bianca Belair for a pop. Belair is swinging her hair and making her entrance but Doudrop runs down and decks her from behind. Doudrop lays Belair out at ringside as fans boo. Doudrop hits the ring and gets ready for the match as Belair slowly recovers at ringside. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a look back at the RAW main event between WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Lita 17 years ago. Liv Morgan and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will headline later tonight. We go back to the ring and the match is underway as Doudrop and Belair go at it. Doudrop misses a splash in the corner as Belair moves. Belair fights in from the apron and unloads with kicks in the corner. Belair jumps on the second turnbuckle and taunts Doudrop. Belair keeps taunting Doudrop but has a dropkick swatted out of mid-air.

Doudrop with a big senton for a 2 count. Doudrop rocks Belair in the corner, and punches her with another right. Doudrop controls the match and works Belair around the ring. Belair looks to make a comeback but Doudrop levels her with a short-arm clothesline. Doudrop works on the elbow in the corner as the referee counts now. Belair keeps fighting from the corner but Doudrop levels her for another pin attempt. Doudrop shows some frustration now. Doudrop grounds Belair with a headlock now. Belair fights up and out, unloading in the corner as fans cheer her on.

More back and forth from the apron now. Belair knocks Doudrop to the floor from the apron, using the top rope to the chin. Doudrop yanks Belair to the floor. Doudrop runs and leaps to the floor, flattening Belair at ringside with a splash. We go back to commercial with Belair down at ringside.

Back from the break and they are trading shots in the middle of the ring. Belair with a dropkick. Doudrop blocks a suplex and goes for one of her own but Belair slides out, then shoves Doudrop and catches her with a big Spinebuster. Doudrop kicks out at 2. Belair taunts Doudrop now, telling her to bring it. Belair unloads in the corner but Doudrop retreats. Belair with a crossbody from the second rope for another close 2 count. Doudrop is down now as Belair looks to capitalize. Doudrop runs into a corner elbow. Doudrop ends up leveling Belair in the corner. Doudrop climbs up for her own Vader Bomb from the second rope. Belair kicks out somehow and Doudrop can’t believe it.

Doudrop crawls over and talks trash while Belair is down. Doudrop man-handles Belair by her hair some but Belair keeps swinging. Doudrop scoops Belair on her shoulder but Belair slides out, and still gets dropped into the corner. Doudrop charges for the corner cannonball but Belair moves just in time. Belair scoops Belair for the corner KOD, barely slamming her into the turnbuckles. Doudrop has had enough as she makes her exit up the ramp while the referee counts. Doudrop is counted out as fans boo.

Winner by Count Out: Bianca Belair

– After the match, Belair stands tall in the ring and taunts Doudrop as she looks on. Doudrop stops and turns around as Belair has her arm raised in the ring, staring her down.

– We see how WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon had Austin Theory in his office last week, ending their night with a slap to the face. We see Vince in his office now, and Theory walks in and takes a seat. Vince asks Theory how he’s doing, and Theory says he’s a bit sore in the jaw. Vince says he hopes Theory learns something this week as well. Vince is thinking about putting Theory in a match tonight, but asks him if he expected Vince to actually put him in a match. Theory says no. Vince thinks it over to end the segment.

– We go back to the ring as The Miz makes his way out for another must see edition of MizTV. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get the SmackDown Rebound video replay from last Friday. We go back to the ring and The Miz welcomes us to MizTV. He says Maryse is not coming here because of the people in Memphis. Miz recalls last week’s segment with WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and can’t get over the fact that Edge paid him a compliment, a heart-felt compliment. Miz knows Edge and this isn’t like him, and he can’t help but wonder if Edge is just a shell of his former self. Or is he? Let’s find out. Miz brings his guest out and here comes Edge to a big pop. Edge stops on the entrance-way as the pyro goes off and fans cheer him on.

Fans chant Edge’s name as he takes a seat. Edge says he meant those compliments last week, and he still means them this week. Miz says that is so sweet but he thinks The Rated R Superstar has lost his… edge. Edge says that’s a clever pun. Miz says the old Ultimate Opportunist would’ve Speared him out of his $9,000 shoes last week. Miz knows Edge can get around the ring just fine, but he thinks he sounds mentally weak. Edge tells him to not mistake his kindness for weakness. Edge doesn’t know what is going on here, but clearly Miz has bigger issues. Edge asks what the deal is here?

Miz says he needed Edge’s kindness when he first got into WWE, when he was walking around on egg shells, when he was kicked out of the locker room for being an outcast and ostracized, for having the It Factor. Miz says everyone was busy protecting Edge, and treating Miz like a peasant when he was better than 90% of the locker room. Miz says he doesn’t want or need Edge’s kindness. Edge recalls a talk he had with Miz years ago where he told Miz he’d be just fine, and Miz brushed him off. Edge talks about how he went through the same issues 7 years before Miz, and the biggest difference is Edge didn’t walk into the locker room thinking he was better than everyone else. Edge goes on about how he doesn’t hold people down.

Edge tells Miz to look into the mirror tonight and it will tell him the same thing as back in 2006 – you’re an ass. Miz stands up, as does Edge. Miz says Edge is a hypocrite and he’s vulnerable. Miz says he’s surpassed Edge in every way, and 2022 will be his year, and he can’t think of a better way to kick it off than beating Edge at January 1. Miz forgot the name of WWE Day 1. Edge says that is then, but he’s standing here in Memphis right now with nothing between them but air and opportunity. Fans chant as they face off. Miz simply says “no” but continues about how he’s not afraid or scared… Edge drops him with a punch to the mouth. We get a replay and come back to Edge looking on from the stage as Miz throws a fit in the ring.

– Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Liv Morgan. Liv says Becky Lynch wasn’t entirely wrong earlier, people are watching her, but because they do want to see her take the title. Liv says Becky is used to getting what she wants, but tonight Liv will do what’s in her power to get what she wants, and that’s the RAW Women’s Title. Liv walks off.

#1 Contenders R-K-Bro-Nament Match: The Mysterios vs. Alpha Academy

We go back to the ring for the final first round match in the #1 Contenders R-K-Bro-Nament. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio are out first. We get pre-recorded video with Dominik talking about how he’s always been taught to uphold the Mysterio name, and to never back down from any challenge. Rey says that’s right, it’s always about the size of the fight in them, not the size of their opponents. Rey says this journey begins tonight with Alpha Academy and ends with going for the RAW Tag Team Titles. The Mysterios stand tall in the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get another “coming soon” vignette for Veer Mahaan. We go back to the ring and RAW Tag Team Champion Riddle is out for commentary, no sign of Randy Orton. Out next comes Alpha Academy – Otis and Chad Gable. The winners of this bout will face The Street Profits. Gable starts off with Dominik and they go at it. Dominik with offense coming out of the corner, grounding Gable by the arm. Gable talks some trash now, and connects with a slap to the jaw.

Dominik charges but Gable ducks and nails a Butterfly suplex into a bridge. Dominik slaps Gable now. Dominik talks some trash but Gable charges hum. Gable gets sent to the floor but he runs back in and gets slammed. Dominik goes to tag in Rey but Gable nails a big belly-to-belly suplex. Otis barks to be tagged in but Dominik grabs Chad’s leg to stop him. Gable keeps Dominik down and taunts Rey. Gable and Dominik trade strikes now. Gable stops a tag attempt and applies a single-leg Crab in the middle of the ring.

Rey encourages his son an he rolls Gable up for 2. Otis reaches for the tag but Dominik drops Gable. Gable and Dominik trade more offense. Gable with a big Dragon-screw leg whip in the corner. Gable goes to the top for the moonsault but he has to land on his feet, and Dominik rolls him up out of nowhere for the pin without ever tagging.

Winners: The Mysterios

– After the match, Rey and Dominik quickly regroup at ringside to celebrate as the music hits. Otis enters the ring and seethes along with Gable. We go to replays. Riddle enters the ring to interview Alpha Academy now. Otis interrupts and levels Riddle with a big powerslam in the middle of the ring. Fans boo and Gable yells at Riddle to shut up. Otis and Gable stand tall over Riddle now. Graves confirms The Mysterios vs. The Street Profits for next week with the winners challenging R-K-Bro at WWE Day 1.

– Vince McMahon is on the phone in his office and Austin Theory is doing jumping jacks. Vince hangs up and tells Theory to have a seat. Vince says unfortunately because Theory wasn’t ready the first time Vince saw him, there will be no match tonight. Vince says he was impressed with Theory’s match against WWE Champion Big E, but there will be no match tonight and Theory needs to find another way to impress Vince. Theory unzips his jacket and shows off his abs, and goes back to doing jumping jacks. Vince yells at him to stop because that is not what he was thinking. Vince tells him to use his brains and find another way to impress him. Theory smiles and walks off. Vince wonders what Theory is going to come up with.

Finn Balor vs. T-BAR

We go back to the ring and out comes Finn Balor to a pop. Balor hits the ring and poses in the corner as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and T-BAR is wrapping his entrance. They lock up and T-BAR clubs Balor from behind. They tangle and Balor applies a headlock. T-BAR misses a clothesline but catches a crossbody, then delivers a rib breaker and tosses Balor across the ring for a 2 count. T-BAR mounts Balor with right hands now. T-BAR with more strikes as the referee warns him.

T-BAR with a big backbreaker in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. T-BAR grounds Balor in the middle of the ring now. Balor fights back but T-BAR cuts him off. Balor still drops T-BAR for a 2 count. Balor keeps going and hits a double stomp. They go on and T-BAR levels Balor with a stiff shot for another close 2 count. Balor mounts more offense and hits the Slingblade for a pop.

Balor goes to the top but T-BAR jumps up and grabs him by the throat. T-BAR climbs to the second rope but Balor fights him off with elbows and a chop, sending him to the mat. Balor follows-up with Coup de Grace for the pin to win.

Winner: Finn Balor

– After the match, Balor stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Balor celebrates and poses until Austin Theory suddenly attacks from behind. Theory unloads on Balor as fans boo. Theory lays Balor out with the ATL in the middle of the ring. Theory pulls out his phone and takes a few selfies with Balor as the boos continue. Theory makes his exit, yells about expecting the unexpected, and is apparently sending the selfies to Vince McMahon.

– WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke is surprised by R-Truth and Akira Tozawa backstage but Truth wonders if that is PG, and they let her go. Reggie comes flying out of nowhere and tells her don’t be alarmed, he’s here to finish their conversation. Reggie gives Brooke props for her title win and says the title looks good on her. Tamina Snuka suddenly runs up on Brooke but Reggie gives her the heads up, allowing the champ to escape as Reggie gets in Tamina’s way.

RAW Women’s Title Match: Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. The champ hits the ring and poses for pyro as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see how Bobby Lashley destroyed WWE Champion Big E, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens earlier tonight. MVP and Lashley are walking backstage when Kevin Patrick asks Lashley why he attacked the others tonight. MVP says we live in an era where people are too comfortable disrespecting others because there are no consequences. He goes on and says Lashley was upset at the audacity of having a WWE Title match without even mentioning his name. MVP says that was disrespectful, and what happened was the consequences. Lashley says when you disrespect him, that’s what happens. They walk off with MVP taunting Patrick some. We go back to the announcers and get a video package on Liv Morgan, with comments from Morgan and her mother, about how she grew up obsessed with WWE and is now fighting for her dream. Liv won’t be denied, and knows who she is, and who she is is the next RAW Women’s Champion. Becky is wrapping her entrance up in the ring now. The music hits and out comes Liv to a pop. Morgan and Lynch stare each other down as Liv enters the ring. Liv poses on the apron and comes back in to talk trash with Becky as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome. They meet in the middle of the ring and go to lock up but Becky goes behind and slams Liv into the mat. Becky talks some trash now. They go to lock up again but Beck applies a headlock. Becky runs over Liv and taunts her some more, smacking her head around. Liv with a takedown. Liv misses a dropkick to the ropes as Becky goes to the floor, but Liv poses on the middle rope and smiles at Becky. Lynch comes back in but Liv rocks her with a punch. Liv drops Becky with a shoulder, then talks some trash.

Liv tries to leap frog but Becky takes her down from mid-air. They trade holds and counters again, including a Dis-Arm-Her attempt, and Becky shows Liv up some. More back and forth and pin attempts between the two. Becky rocks Liv with a right hand and takes control, working her around. Becky runs into a back elbow in the corner. Liv with a dropkick. Becky scrambles into the corner but counters the follow-up by Liv, and kicks Liv to the floor. Becky runs with a baseball slide under the bottom rope to the floor, but Liv counters that and drops Becky at ringside with double knees to the face.

Liv returns to the ring as the referee counts. Liv runs the ropes and nails the suicide dive. Liv keeps control and brings Becky back in for a 2 count. Liv rolls to the apron but sits up and thinks it over. Graves wonders if she suffered a leg or ankle injury on the dive. Liv goes to the top but Becky cuts her off. Becky climbs up and they trade strikes. Becky hits the superplex and they’re both down as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Becky is dominating Liv. Becky with the leg drop over the back of the beck using the ropes but Liv kicks out. Becky stomps on Liv and applies a submission from behind, taunting her as the referee checks on the submission. Fans rally for Liv and she tosses Becky with an arm drag. Becky walks into a big right hand, and another. Liv keeps fighting but Becky drops her with an inverted DDT for a close 2 count.

Becky seethes now and misses an attack in the corner. Liv knocks her back. Liv goes to the second turnbuckle but Becky pulls her legs out, sending Liv to the mat. Becky goes to the top and flies but has to roll through as Liv moves. Liv with a big step-up enziguri. Liv and Lynch are both down now as the referee checks on them. Becky grabs Liv but Liv rocks her, and again. Liv mounts more strikes, then hits a Thesz Press with more strikes. Liv rocks Becky in the corner, then hits the high knee in the corner. Liv misses Ob-Livion and Becky kicks her. Liv keeps fighting and drops Becky face-first into her knees using the ropes. Becky kicks out just in time.

Fans rally for Liv but Becky kicks her in the gut, then uppercuts her. Liv counters a move and sends Becky to the apron. Liv launches herself over the ropes to the apron with a stomp. Liv unloads on Becky as the referee warns her. Liv goes on and nails a big missile dropkick for a close 2 count. Liv goes right into the Rings of Saturn submission. They tangle and Becky counters for 2. Becky goes into the Dis-Arm-Her but Liv gets her foot on the bottom rope to break it. Becky drags Liv away from the corner but Liv rolls her for a 2 count. Liv blocks the Man-Handle Slam and rolls her up for a 2 count. Becky immediately turns that into a roll-up and uses the rope for leverage to get the pin to retain.

Winner: Becky Lynch

– After the match, Becky goes right to the floor and stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Lynch raises the RAW Women’s Title belt on the ramp and brags about her title reign as an emotional Liv sits up on her knees in the ring. RAW goes off the air with Liv shaking her head in the ring while staring out at Lynch.

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