Notes on Shawn Michaels and Tough Enough

Dec 5, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Shawn Michaels puts over NXT 2.0:

One of the really cool buzzwords…is ‘producing new, young, fresh superstars,’ and they are actually people who have been around for ten or 15 years and are just now making it onto television. We are the only brand in the entire world that is bringing real, true to life, young, fresh men and women that are going to be the stars of RAW and SmackDown in the next five to ten years. It’s just that simple. It starts all here. Bron Breakker, Tony D’Angelo, Grayson Waller, numerous other people where you are watching their first, second, third, tenth matches. Breakker, Tony D’Angelo, they are going to go out there at WarGames, one of our biggest shows of the year, and it’s their tenth to fifteenth matches. Nobody has been thrown into the deep end like these young men and women have. They’ve done a fantastic job and it’s awesome to see.

– WWE formally submitted a bid to trademark the “Tough Enough” name on 30 November.

Fightful has reported that the promotion logged the trademark registration quietly, but it could suggest that the old reality-based wrestling show is on the comeback trail – WWE last produced Tough Enough’s sixth season back in 2015. This would be the seventh season then, and would also mean a seven-year gap (assuming the return will be shelved until 2022) between series.

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