Tony Khan comments on not wanting to script AEW promos

Dec 2, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Tony Khan talks about not wanting to script promos via Wrestling Inc.:

“I really try to let people cut loose on the promos and build a personal issue. You’re not going to hear somebody reading a script on AEW, the wrestlers go out there. Really, when I was a kid, and so many of us who grew up on wrestling, you want to hear pro wrestlers shooting from the hip. You want to hear them showing off their personalities and what makes them so unique. The last thing I want to do is handcuff these great men and women. That is why I think people enjoy the interviews and the promos on AEW so much.”

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  1. Kenny Koolaid says:

    They don’t need direct scripts but c’mon Tony over half your roster has zero charisma. They’re boring. Their gimmicks are watered down. Some don’t even have gimmicks their just guys in tights doing moves. Their storylines are barebones. That’s enough for these people? Why?

    If you ever want a audience bigger than just internet wrestling nerds, you need characters people actually want to see more of. Don’t listen exclusively to people who have never been interesting a day in their lives.

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