Toni Storm on Meiko Satomura: “I’m obsessed with her”

Dec 2, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

In a recent interview, Toni Storm talks about Meiko Satomura….

“I’m obsessed with her. I’ve been obsessed with her for years. She’s just a dream, she’s just the best. She’s not afraid as well to just go hard and I love that about her. That’s what would bring me out. She would do something to me in matches to bring out this inner-rage, inner-fire this inner-fight. Because I feel like she made me stronger and I mean that. That’s not fake. Being in the ring with her made me tougher, stronger. Now I feel like there’s nothing you can do to me. Try and knock me down. She really helped me a lot.”

source: Wrestling Inc.

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