Impact Report 12/2/21

Dec 2, 2021 - by Scott Porter

We open tonight’s show with Matt Cardona who comes out to the ring and addresses Moose before challenging him for the Impact World title at Hard to Kill.  Moose belittles him for never having a championship for his 18 years in the business. Matt takes down Moose with a double leg dive.   W.Morrissey comes out to make the save.  Moose attacks Carmona as well and the beat down is on.   Eddie Edwards makes the save and Moose and W bail.

Backstage Scott D’Amore sets up a tag match for the for competitors.

Match 1.  Matthew Renwoldt VS Chris Sabin

Deonna Purrazzo is on commentary with D’Lo Brown and Matt Stryker.  Chris starts the match with a series of arm drags and eventually locks on an armbar.  Matthew backs to the ropes for the break.   He then cheap shots Chris and then headbutts him.  Chris hits an arm drag into a diving cross body for two before Matthew sends Chris out of the ring and poses in the ring as we go to commercial.

Matt is on the attack as we return.  Deonna is questioned about Mickey James.    Deonna admits she underestimated her in the their title match.  Matt connects with a pendulum elbow and locks on a rear chin lock.  Sabin gets to his feet and backdrops Matt to the apron.  They battle their and both go off their feet.  Sabin hits a few clotheslines, and a punt kick.  He then hits a jumping DDT off the second rope.

Matt recovers and kicks out at a count of two.  Deonna goes to the ring to interfere.   Sabin and Matt start trading forearms.  Mickey hits the ring area and attacks Deonna.  Sabin hits a craddle shock and gets the 3 count.

Winner.  Chris Sabin

Chelsea Green is backstage with Scott D’Amore.  She wants in the 6 Women Ultimate X Match.  Jai Videl then shows up and begs Scott for an opportunity before Scott makes a match between him and the debuting Jonah as we go to commercial.

Match 2.  Jonah VS Jai Videl

Jonah is making his debut, fresh off attacking Josh Alexander at Turning Point.  Jonah is all over Jai to start the match.  He hits a high vertical suplex.  He chops Jai and then hits a top rope splash to seal the win.

Winner.  Jonah

A highlight package from Trey Miguel, Laredo Kid and Steve Maclin airs from Turning Point.  Trey is then interviewed backstage.  He says he feels good about retaining.  His only regret is he didn’t get the pin on Steve Maclin.  Just then Maclin attacks Trey from behind, punishing him against a file cabinet.  Trey recovers and mounts Maclin and lays in punches.  Security tries to separate Trey, giving Maclin time to lay in another cheap shot and then start choking him with an electric cord.  Trey breaks free, but everyone ends up on the floor as the segment ends.

Brian Myers has a video promo.  Ziggy Dice is still trying to make up with Brian, who hangs up on him.  VSK tries to call him next.  VSK pleads with Brian to make up for his loss at Turning Point.  The two will face Fin Juice.  They plan to win that and prove that they are worthy to be with Myers.

Moose and W. Morrissey have a pow wow backstage about Matt Cardona.  Moose says he will give him the first crack at his championship if he helps take out Matt.  W agrees.

Match 3.  Savanah Evans (with Tasha Steelz) VS Rachel Ellering (with Jordynne Grace)

Evans opens the match driving her shoulder repeatedly into the midsection of Ellering, after backing her into the corner.  Rachel drops the matt and gets stomped.  Ellering hits a body press off the ropes after getting to her feet.  Evans hits a bridge suplex.  She then goes to the ground and pound.  Evans spears Rachel into the corner and hits a butterfly suplex for a two count.  Ellering back elbows Evans in desperation.  Evans goes right back on the offensive and drops Ellering and stomps her some more.  Evans gets a two count off a DDT.  Evans starts pancaking Ellering.  This fires Rachel up.  They begin trading strong style blows with Rachel eventually hitting a back elbow that knocks Evans off her feet.  Ellering hits a basement spinning neckbreaker.  Cool move.  She then hits a senton and then another.  Steelz barks at Rachel from the outside.  Tasha distracts the referee and Rachel before Rachel runs her over when Jordynne chases her into the ring. Rachel then hits Savannah with a TKO for the pin and the win.

Winner by pinfall.  Rachel Ellering

Tenile Dashwood, Kaleb and Madison Rayne have a backstage promo.  They want the Inspiration.  All four ladies and Kaleb meet up.  Just then Kaleb and Tenille start yelling for joy at the sight of each other.  Madison doesn’t understand the admiration.  Then they all walk off together now in harmony.  This was confusing.

Match 4.  Rich Swann and Willie Mack VS Violent by Design, Deaner and Joe Doering (with Eric Young)

Swann and Doering start off.  Doering manhandles him into his corner and makes a tag.  Swann recovers and makes a tag to Mack.  They double team Deaner with splashes in the corner.  They eventually hit a leg drop splash combo.  Willie and Swann make a few quick tags.  Doering has seen enough and enters and takes everyone out as we go to break.

Back from break, Doering and Deaner are on the offensive, but once Deaner was left on his own, Mack hit the pop up punch.   Mack makes a tag.  Swann hits a few clotheslines and a cutter.  Doering interferes on the outside, then EY.  This gives Deaner a chance to get back on the offensive, but Mack levels him from behind and Swann hits a 450 for the win.

Winners.  Mack and Swann

Post match, EY and company attack the winners.  Rhino and Heath hit the arena and they attack VBD.  They clear Doering and belly to belly EY.  Swann and Mack get to their feet and they taunt VBD to get back in the ring.

Hernandez and Johnny Swinger are backstage celebrating Turning Point.  Rohit and The Lord of the Manner (Larry D) enter the promo.  Manor Rohit to challenges Rohit to a match next week.

Match 5.  Moose and W. Morrissey VS Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards

Moose and Matt start in the ring.  Moose immediately tags to W.  W backs Matt into the corner and punches him silly.  Matt then pushes W into his corner and Eddie tags in.  Eddie and Matt double team W and then knock Moose off the apron as we go to break.

Moose is on the offensive on Matt as we return.  He and W were on top the entire break, says D’Lo.  The match has really slowed down.  Matt slips a powerbomb and tags in Eddie.  Eddie comes in hot.  He slaps W and Moose from the apron.  He climbs the ropes, but W gets up and carelessly throws him to the arena floor.  Moose tags in and whips Eddie into the turnbuckle a few times.  W re-enters and they both whip him into another corner.  W gets a two count.  He then locks on the rear chin lock.  Eddie gets to his feet, but Moose tags back in and they double team Eddie.  Eddie gets whipped and trips Moose, He can’t make the tag.  Moose recovers and makes the tag.  W drops a few elbows.  Moose gets back in, Eddie kicks him from the floor.  He then hits a chin breaker.  Eddie makes the tag.  Matt missile dropkicks Moose and then hits the boot in the corner for a two count.  W jumps Matt.  Eddie is on the floor in pain, but saves Matt from a double suplex.  Eddie hits a big kick on W.  Moose and Matt both kick each other to the floor.  Everyone is down.  They get to their feet and Moose and Matt trade blows.  Matt takes a pump kick.  Eddie breaks it up and leaps on W on the outside.  They are both down.  Moose hits a sidewalk slam on Matt.  Moose sets up the spear, but Matt rolls threw for a school boy for two.  Matt then pins Moose with a sunset flip.

Winners.  Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards.

Matt is cheered by everyone for pinning the champ.  Eddie gives the praise to Matt as they walk the ramp.  Out of nowhere, W. Morrissey then pump kicks Moose and leaves him lying in the ring.  He wants to be champion too.  The show ends.



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