Artist formerly known as Nia Jax ready to “spill gossip”

Nov 30, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

The artist formerly known as Nia Jax has tweeted that it’s “highly unlikely” that she’ll step back in the ring again to wrestle.

Jax, real name Lina Fanene, was addressing a “news report” that she has changed her wrestling name to Lina Fanene, saying that the name is her birth name and told the trolls online to “calm TF down.” She joked that if she decides to come back, “Opponent Crippler” would be a solid front runner, considering her reputation of injuring fellow wrestlers.

Meanwhile, the former Raw Women’s champion also said that she’ll soon be chatting, or as she put it, spilling gossip, with Renee Paquette on her podcast and that she has “hot tea on everyone.”

Fanene was surprisingly cut from WWE this month while taking some personal time off to address her mental health.

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  1. Mackdeezy says:

    People who pull these stunts should be blacklisted by the industry. Smh. She should be thankful ANYONE in the industry kept her as long as they did, given her track record for hurting people.

  2. john schleehauf says:

    At least her uncoordinated fat ass isn’t in there hurting real women athletes anymore

  3. Michael V says:

    @Mackdeezy I guess according to her statements, she isn’t planning on returning to wrestling, so being blacklisted isn’t top of her fears at this point. She could possibly make some money by writing a tell-all. Guess we wait and see what happens. Paquette just has to be professional enough to keep her own mouth shut during the interview and allow Jax to dig her own grave without Renee contributing to the gossip and badmouthing herself.

  4. TrollBuster says:

    So why is Seth Tollins still around who also hurt enough people?
    You all just hate Nia Jax because she is fat. Body Shaming is uncool and people who do it would also blow off Hitler.

  5. Romanreignshadcancer2getover says:

    People who slam her weight or looks think Nyla Rose is hot and a real woman.

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