WWE NXT Report – 11/23/2021

Nov 23, 2021 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE NXT 2.0 episode opens up with the usual WWE intro video package but we hear Grayson Waller ranting inside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, going on about how no one wants to see those has-been Superstars. Waller then talks about how NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa is also not in that video package. Waller goes on ranting about John Cena, The Rock, and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, comparing himself but the music interrupts and out comes Ciampa to a pop. Vic Joseph welcomes us to NXT. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa vs. Grayson Waller

This non-title match starts with Grayson Waller leaning into the ropes to stall as NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa stares him down. Fans chant about how Ciampa is going to kill Waller. Waller stalls some more and Ciampa smirks. Waller with a cheap shot but Ciampa beats him into the corner and unloads. Ciampa beats Waller down in the corner and stomps away as the referee warns him.

Ciampa with a running boot into the face. Ciampa charges in with another big knee strike to the face as fans cheer him on. Waller rolls to the floor but Ciampa follows, sending him to the barrier and then back into the ring. Ciampa with a big chop in the corner. Ciampa mounts Waller in the corner with right hands. Waller slides out, yanks Ciampa’s leg out, then drops Ciampa with a neckbreaker as fans boo. Waller mounts Ciampa with right hands.

Ciampa turns it back around and controls the match until Waller rocks him and beats him around the ring to keep him down. Fans rally for Ciampa but Waller works him over in the corner now. Fans chant “you suck!” as Waller keeps control. Ciampa ducks some shots and nails a big Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Waller mocks The Rock’s People Elbow but misses his own elbow drop as Ciampa moves. Ciampa mounts more offense and nails a clothesline in the corner, then a clothesline over the top rope to the floor as fans pop.

Ciampa follows and drops Waller in front of the announcers again. Ciampa grabs Waller and launches him over the announce table. Ciampa stands tall and plays to the crowd as they cheer him on. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Back from the break and Ciampa goes down after colliding with a Waller shoulder in the corner. Waller comes off the second rope but Ciampa levels him on the way down and they both hit the mat. More back and forth now. Ciampa gets the upperhand and drops Waller with a DDT. Waller counters a move and Jackknifes Ciampa for 2. They trade more counters and pin attempts. Ciampa with a big knee to the face. Waller with more offense as he fights back, then a big sit-down Spinebuster in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count.

Ciampa comes back and takes Waller to the top for a superplex but Waller sends him to the mat. Ciampa runs back up and nails the super Air Raid Crash for another close 2 count. Ciampa with more big strikes while Waller is on his knees. More back and forth now. Waller blocks the Fairy Tale Ending. Waller with more strikes. Waller with the rolling senton from his shoulders. Waller stumbles around but goes to the top for a flying elbow drop. Ciampa kicks out at 2.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Waller runs the ropes and leaps out with a big dive to the floor. They bring it back in the ring and trade holds. Ciampa follows up with the Fairy Tale Ending for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

– After the match, Ciampa stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Ciampa hits the corners to pose as fans cheer him on.

– We see LA Knight watching backstage as Tommaso Ciampa celebrates. McKenzie Mitchell approaches and Knight talks about Grayson Waller, saying he does suck and that’s just a fact of life. Joe Gacy approaches and says we should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. They have a few words and Gacy says no fear, our safe space is out in the ring and it will always be there. Knight says another fact of life is Gacy getting his ass stomped. Knight storms off and Gacy just stares at him, saying to leave the hostility in the locker room. Gacy smiles to end the segment.

– We see how last week’s in-ring Poker Showdown ended with Duke Hudson attacking Cameron Grimes and cutting his hair. Grimes will be here next. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Toxic Attraction is backstage, talking and walking as they insult Cora Jade. Dakota Kai walks up and awkwardly walks with them. Mandy Rose says she won’t need them out there with her tonight. There’s a bunch of debris laying on the ground. They acknowledge it but keep walking. Kay Lee Ray appears and knocks some more stuff to the ground with a baseball bat.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Cameron Grimes with shorter hair. Grimes talks about being bullied as he grew up in a small North Carolina town. He’s shown them that he was good enough, that if he scratched and crawled, it didn’t matter how many nights he slept on a concrete floor or scraped up change for good, he showed all those people that he holds it down. Fans chant “to the moon!” now. Grimes says he made it in this industry, even struck it rich, but through all that he kept his hair and his beard to remind himself of his humble beginnings, to remind him when he had nothing. Grimes says Duke Hudson took all that away from him, humiliated him, but also made him angry and that’s where Duke messed up. Grimes says he’s done talking as he calls Duke to the ring.

Duke appears on the big screen. We see him seated in a barber’s chair as fans boo. Duke says he almost didn’t recognize Grimes, but why is Grimes upset? Duke says Grimes took a lot of money from him last week, and got a free haircut. Duke tried to transform Grimes from a troll under the bridge to a decent human being. Grimes calls Duke to come settle this like a man but Duke doesn’t see that happening, sorry not sorry. Grimes says Duke proved to everyone that he’s gutless and nutless. Grimes says let’s put all the stakes there, let’s go all in. Grimes proposes a Hair vs. Hair match at WarGames. Duke says he wouldn’t mind taking a little more off the top. Duke stands up, accepts the challenge and says he’s going to take the rest of Grimes’ hair. He pulls out a bag of Grimes’ hair from last week as fans boo and Grimes looks on from the ring.

– The announcers hype tonight’s main event. Pete Dunne is backstage with a promo on Johnny Gargano and NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes, promising to win the title tonight.

– McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta now. We se how Trick Williams and NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes attacked Dexter Lumis last week. Indi says Dexter suffered a fractured hand with a few broken metacarpals, and will be out for over a month. Indi says Hayes and Trick took away Dexter’s ability to draw, so tonight Johnny Gargano will take the NXT North American Title from Hayes. Persia offers to work this match alone but Indi says she’s fine. Persia heads to the ring and Indi sends a shout-out to Dexter, saying this match is for him and she loves him. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a “coming soon” vignette for Tiffany Stratton. She talks about how she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth because silver is tacky, and how her father has been paying for her tennis lessons, so she has the best serve out of everyone at the country club. Her dad believes she’s ready for NXT and he’s never wrong. Stratton says it’s time to take over NXT.

Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell vs. Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro

We go back to the ring and Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell are out, as are Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro.

The bell rings and Persia starts off with Kayden. Persia levels her with a big shove. Persia goes to tag but Indi is distracted on the apron. Indi comes in as does Kacy. Indi fights off both opponents after some back & forth now. Kayden drops Indie and poses over her in the middle of the ring. Indie works on Kayden but runs into boots.

Kacy and Kayden double team Indi now for a 2 count as Persia makes the save. Persia and Kacy have words before Persia leaves the ring. Indi blocks a whip from Kacy and sends her to the corner for a kick to the gut. Persia tags in and goes to work on Kacy. Persia scoops Kacy and lawn darts her into the top turnbuckle. Indi tags back in and goes to work on Kacy for another 2 count. Persia tags in and rams Kacy into the turnbuckles. Persia charges but Kacy moves and Persia crashes into the corner.

Indi and Kayden tag in. Indi misses a big boot but hits a big side-slam. Indi gets distracted by looking at her ring. We get a close 2 count before Kayden takes Indi to the corner but Indi climbs up, not seeing Kacy tag in. They hit a big double team on Indi from the corner and cover for the pin to win.

Winners: Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro

– After the match, Kacy and Kayden celebrate at ringside as Persia sells her hurt shoulder with Indi in the ring.

– We get a video package on Santos Escobar, who is all about class and sophistication.

Santos Escobar vs. Malik Blade

We go back to the ring and out comes Legado del Fantasma – Santos Escobar with Elektra Lopez, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Andre Chase is showing his students the WWE Performance Center facilities. Cameron Grimes walks up and Chase disrespects him to the students. Grimes tells Chase to go to hell, then keeps walking. Chase tells his students to never listen to an idiot like Grimes. We go back to the ring and Escobar waits, as does Malik Blade. The bell rings and Escobar locks up, taking Blade to the corner and slapping him in the back of the head.

Escobar talks some trash and grabs Blade from behind, taking him down to the mat. Escobar keeps control and plays some mind games. Blade looks to mount some offense now, countering Escobar and nailing a dropkick. Escobar takes it to the corner with big kicks and an elbow. Escobar takes Blade back down and kicks him in the back. Escobar with more trash talking and stomping as the referee warns him.

More back and forth now. Blade with a close 2 count. Escobar takes it back to the corner and delivers knees to the gut. Escobar with a big Exploder suplex into the turnbuckles, forcing Blade to land hard. Escobar readies for Blade to get back up now as fans cheer and some boo. Escobar with the running knees into the corner, then the Phantom Driver in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Santos Escobar

– After the match, Legado del Fantasma stands tall in the middle of the ring as the music hits. Lopez says no one says no to Legado del Fantasma. They offered Xyon Quinn the opportunity of a lifetime but he said no, and well now look at him. She says they never needed Quinn anymore, and now that their leader Escobar is back, Legado del Fantasma is better than ever. Wilde takes the mic and says now that they are back at full strength… the music interrupts and out comes Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner. Kyle says they are here for the same reason – they want the NXT Tag Team Titles. Legado says that’s too bad. Wagner says they have unfinished business because his foot was on the bottom rope in last week’s loss. The music interrupts and out comes NXT Tag Team Champions Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner of Imperium. The champs speak from the platform above the crowd and Barthel says these people are idiotic and much less intelligent. He rips them for not speaking a second language, and says the other teams should be ashamed of themselves for fighting like little children. Barthel insults Wagner, calling him Lurch, and asks if they really think they can challenge for the titles. Barthel asks Legado if they really think they can go toe-to-toe with Imperium. Barthel says none of these teams can stop the absolute bearers of this division. Aichner also speaks and tells these chumps to figure out who gets the title shot at WarGames. Imperium’s music hits as they look on from the platform.

– Io Shirai and Zoey Stark are backstage with Cora Jade. Raquel Gonzalez walks up and has some words with Shirai over their past. Jade talks them down and says the whole thing of trying to get along is played out. Jade goes on about how they need a fourth partner for WarGames, and tells them to figure it out while she goes and kicks some Toxic Attraction ass. Jade walks off while Shirai, Gonzalez and Stark agree that she was right. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Tony D’Angelo is with McKenzie in the back. He talks about tonight’s NXT North American Title main event, and how D’Angelo says Petey Poppins (Pete Dunne) doesn’t stand a chance. Tony says people are betting on Carmelo Hayes and Johnny Gargano, but Dunne doesn’t stand a chance. He goes on and tells McKenzie to put her bet in. McKenzie sends it back to the announcers but D’Angelo interrupts and says let’s send it back to the three stooges at the announce table.

NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose vs. Cora Jade

We go back to the ring and out first comes NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose for this non-title match. Out next comes Cora Jade with her skateboard.

The bell rings and they go at it as fans do dueling chants. Jade rocks Rose in the mouth and beats her into the corner. They trade takedowns and Jade covers for a 1 count. Jade with more offense now. She goes for a leaping knee in the corner but Rose catches it and slams her for a 2 count. Rose unloads with kicks in the corner now. Rose with a suplex for another 2 count.

Rose grounds Jade as the dueling chants continue. Jade fights up and out but Rose takes her down again, grounding her with a body scissors. More back and forth as Jade gets free and delivers some snots. Jade misses a big flying senton from the second rope as Rose moves. Kay Lee Ray comes down with her baseball bat now, distracting Rose.

Rose goes back to Jade and rocks her with a knee. Ray swings the bat at the ring post, and the announce table. KLR distracts Rose again by tossing the bat to the referee, which allows Jade to take advantage and roll Rose up for the pin to win.

Winner: Cora Jade

– After the bell, Jade celebrates and makes her exit as the music plays. A furious Rose looks on from the ring.

– We get a promo from NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes, who is with Trick Williams. He issues harsh words for Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano, and goes on about being the A Champion and shooting but never missing.

– Joe Gacy is backstage now. Gacy says there’s no fear of community because a connection needs two people. He is the provider, and we will bring forth a new sense of belonging. Gacy is here to open the eyes of the blind. We see a hand reach over on Gacy’s shoulder, apparently Harland’s. Gacy grabs the hand and consoles it as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Kay Lee Ray approaches Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez, Cora Jade and the injured Zoey Stark backstage. She says she will be their fourth partner, and she will participate in the advantage Ladder Match next week. KLR walks off before they can really say anything to her.

Joe Gacy vs. Grayson Waller

We go back to the ring and Joe Gacy waits. Grayson Waller and LA Knight suddenly start brawling to the ringside area. Officials rush out to break it up but they keep fighting and brawling as Knight leaps at Waller. The brawl goes to the backstage area. Gacy takes the mic in the ring and apologizes for what just happened as he wishes he could’ve shown Knight how to handle his anger issues properly. Instead Gacy will take this time to show us all how we can fix… the music hits and the lights briefly go down as The Diamond Mine comes out – Malcolm Bivens, The Creed Brothers, Hachiman, Ivy Nile, and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong.

Bivens says since Gacy tried to steal the spotlight from The Diamond Mine last week, he figured they’d do the same thing this week. Bivens hypes Ivy up for a match and tells Gacy to get out of their ring. Gacy respects Nile has a match and says the show must go on, but respect is not something he has for Strong. Gacy says Strong’s name alone is an example of toxic masculinity, and his title is an example of exclusivity and weight-shaming. Gacy says the title triggers those of a certain body type that finds… fans drown Gacy out with heat chants. Gacy says the cruiserweight division is meant to divide. Strong says whatever Gacy says. Strong says he fears no one, and he doesn’t care about any damn weight limit, but he does know his next money match is standing right here.

Strong tells Bivens to make the match happen so he can embarrass Gacy. Bivens goes on about making the match happen at WarGames, says he’s going to beat Gacy like a Lil’ Jon track. Gacy thanks Bivens and says he looks forward to handling this issue as one. Bivens orders The Creed Brothers to take out the garbage, which is Gacy, but Harland enters the ring and stands behind Gacy. Bivens calls The Creed Brothers off and says not today because Nile has a match. Gacy’s music hits as he looks back and smiles at Harland, who is staring The Diamond Mine down. We go to commercial as Bivens hypes Ivy up.

– Back from the break and the announcers send us to a new vignette with MSK, who are driving a car on their journey to meet this shaman they’ve been looking for as of late. They’re suddenly stopped by police for not speeding, but only going 7 miles per hour. The officer has them step out of the car, then asks them to open up a bag they have. They hesitate but are then saved as a speeder comes flying by and the officer has to go deal with that person. The cop says this is their lucky day but they need to go the speed limit from here on out.

Ivy Nile vs. Yulisa Leon

We go back to the ring and The Diamond Mine is waiting – Ivy Nile with Malcolm Bivens, The Creed Brothers, Hachiman and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong. Yulisa Leon waits across the ring and stares Nile down.

The bell rings and Nile charges but Leon dodges her. Nile with a takedown. Nile wrestles Leon to the mat now and works her over, grounding her as The Diamond Mine looks on. Ivy uses Leon’s back to do push-ups for a pop. Leon tries to fight out but Nile takes her back down and keeps control.

Leon fights up and out but Nile levels her with a big lariat. Nile keeps control and grounds Leon with a head scissors. Nile does sit-ups while the scissors are applied now, then flexes her muscles while in the hold. Nile turns it into a 2 count but keeps the scissors locked in. Leon gets to her feet and breaks the hold. Leon takes it to the corner but they roll through and trade pin attempts. Nile rolls right into a stiff modified Dragon Sleeper for the quick submission win.

Winner: Ivy Nile

– After the match, Ivy stands tall with The Diamond Mine as the music hits. We go to replays.

– We get a vignette with Solo Sikoa. NXT reminds him of the streets he grew up on. He says he used to walk with the people who were with him from day one, but now he walks alone and is down to fight anyone. Solo doesn’t matter if it’s the old guard or the new guard, everyone will bow down.

– The Grizzled Young Veterans are walking backstage when they run into a staffer. Zack Gibson apparently lifts the man’s wallet and they keep walking. LA Knight and Grayson Waller are still brawling as they come crashing into a stack of production cases. Officials try to keep them apart as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a vignette from Boa. He says Mei Ying passed on her strength and spirit but he has no control over it because it comes and goes. Boa says once it is controlled, you will fear him. We see Boa in his face paint again as he blows the smoke at the camera to end the vignette.

The Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs

We go back to the ring and The Grizzled Young Veterans are out – James Drake and Zack Gibson. Out next are Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen as Alicia Taylor does the ring introductions.

Jensen starts off with Drake now. Drake with a forearm but Jensen blocks a shot into the turnbuckles. Jensen works over Drake in the corner and hits a bulldog. Briggs tags in and they double team Drake. Briggs is legal now, working on Drake. He tags in Jensen for another double team. Jensen works on Drake with big right hands now. Jensen dances around and drops Drake with a punch. Gibson helps Drake in the corner as the referee orders him back to the apron. Jensen ends up chasing Drake around the ring and Drake kicks him in the mouth.

Jensen didn’t see Gibson tag in, and Gibson knees him from behind now. Gibson grounds Jensen and man-handles him some, talking trash in his face. Gibson rocks Jensen and grounds him with a headlock again. The camera cuts backstage to LA Knight and Grayson Waller still brawling around. Gibson sends Jensen into the corner but gets rocked with a left hand. Jensen with a back suplex to Gibson and they’re both down now. Drake tags in and stops Jensen from tagging out. Drake grounds Jensen but Jensen gets to his feet and tries for the tag.

Briggs tags in and unloads on both opponents. Briggs knocks Gibson back off the apron and nails a side-slam on Drake. Briggs gets hyped up for the crowd and goes back to work on Drake. Drake counters a suplex but goes down on his knee.

Drake sells a hurt knee as the referee checks on him. Briggs turns and knocks Gibson off the apron. Drake kicks but Briggs catches it and suddenly Drake’s knee is fine. Briggs with a big backbreaker to Drake. Briggs and Jensen follow-up with the double Team Hi-Lo to Drake for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winners: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen

– After the match, Briggs and Jensen stand tall as the music hits.

Triple Threat for the NXT North American Title: Johnny Gargano vs. Pete Dunne vs. Carmelo Hayes

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Johnny Gargano makes his way out. Gargano hits the ring and poses in the corner as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Pete Dunne is out for the main event, as is NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes with Trick Williams. We get formal ring introductions from Taylor. The bell rings and Gargano charges but Hayes drops him. Dunne attacks Hayes but Hayes sends him to the floor. Hayes and Gargano go at it now. Gargano with a big hurricanrana takedown and more offense for a pop.

Hayes drops Gargano and kicks him in the head. Dunne runs back in and drops Hayes after they run the ropes. Dunne and Gargano tangle now, trading holds. Dunne blocks the GargaNo Escape with a 2 count. Dunne and Gargano run the ropes now and show each other up as fans cheer them on. Hayes drops Gargano from behind and clotheslines Dunne to boos. Hayes then shows off in the middle of the ring. Hayes stomps on Gargano and chops Dunne, then stomps on Gargano in the corner, and also smacks Gargano in the face.

Dunne ends up with a single-leg Crab on Hayes and Gargano at the same time. Trick helps pull Hayes to the floor to get free. Gargano fights free and goes at it with Dunne. Hayes runs in and leaps off the second rope to take both challengers down. Hayes with a 1 count on Gargano. Hayes stalks Gargano but Dunne comes over and rocks the champ. Hayes sends Dunne to the mat. Gargano blocks a shot from Hayes. Gargano delivers a Bulldog to Hayes, into Dunne to take them both down at once.

Gargano sends Dunne to the floor and nails a suicide dive into the announce table. Gargano runs back in and leaps out the other side of the ring for a suicide dive to Hayes on the floor. Gargano runs around the ring and spikes Dunne into the floor with a hurricanrana takedown in front of the announce table. Gargano returns to the ring and stands tall as fans chant his name. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Back from the break and all three Superstars are down as fans rally. We see how Hayes hit the big springboard leg drop to Gargano during the break. They trade strikes from their knees now. They keep fighting to their feet now. Gargano and Dunne rock each other. Gargano misses and gets kicked by Dunne. Dunne then kicks Hayes and takes him down into a Triangle. Gargano ends up hitting the slingshot Spear to Hayes. More back and forth. Gargano counters the Bitter End with a big tornado DDT for a 2 count. They continue trading offense. Dunne drops Gargano with the enziguri.

Hayes drops Dunne with a DDT. Hayes with a Cutter to Dunne on top of Gargano. Gargano kicks out just in time and Hayes can’t believe it. Fans chant “NXT!” as Hayes shows some frustration now. Hayes misses Dunne in the corner and Dunne drops him, then stomps his elbow. Dunne and Gargano trade big offense. Gargano with a big hurricanrana. Hayes and Gargano trade offense now with Gargano leveling Hayes. Gargano lawn darts Hayes into the middle turnbuckle. Gargano knocks Trick off the apron.

Gargano slingshots in from the apron but Dunne plants him. Dunne with the Bitter End to Gargano for the pin but Tony D’Angelo pulls Dunne to the floor, sending him into the steel ring steps. Hayes goes to the top rope to take advantage, nailing the flying leg drop to Gargano for the pin to retain.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

– After the match, Hayes stands tall and takes his title as the music hits. Tony D’Angelo goes out and greets Trick at ringside. LA Knight and Grayson Waller come out brawling still, bumping into D’Angelo and Trick. D’Angelo attacks Knight but Dunne comes out and attacks D’Angelo. A big brawl with everyone breaks out in the ring now. Trick puts Gargano’s arm into a steel chair as Hayes goes to leap off the top rope to injure him, but the music interrupts and out comes NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa to make the save. Trick rushes Ciampa but gets hit with a steel chair at ringside. Ciampa decks D’Angelo with a steel chair, then Dunne stomps Tony’s arm. Ciampa with another chair shot to D’Angelo. Knight also helps clear the ring. Dunne, Ciampa and Knight stand tall while Gargano is down in the middle of the ring with them, trying to recover. Hayes, Trick, Waller and D’Angelo look on from ringside as fans chant “WarGames!” now. Hayes raises his title in the air. The sirens go off and out comes Bron Breakker. Fans bark for him. Bron stands with Hayes, Waller and D’Angelo, then yells out “WarGames!” into the mic. Bron, Hayes, D’Angelo and Waller rush the ring and start brawling with Ciampa, Knight, Gargano and Dunne. The sirens go off as the brawl continues and NXT goes off the air.

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