Notes on Xavier Woods, Cesaro, Mandy Leon, and the Bella Twins

Nov 21, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Xavier Wood eyeing a match with Cesaro at Wrestlemania:

So, I haven’t put this one into existence yet, but it’s something that I really want, and I want it really bad. I want a WrestleMania match with Cesaro. Like, I want us to fight, not to the death, but tooth and nail, something nasty and gritty at a WrestleMania. That, to me, is my; I’d poop my pants if that happened. Hopefully not during the match, at least. Well, I don’t want to poop my pants at all. Backtrack that! I would love that. That, to me, would be my next thing to get.

– On this week’s ROH TV, Mandy Leon scored the win over fellow Allure member Angelina Love, Marti Belle, and Allysin Kay to qualify to challenge for the ROH Women’s Title at Final Battle.

Mandy was in the original Women of Honor tournament and was defeated by Kelly Klein who lost to Sumi Sakai in the finals. Klein would later win the gold and face Leon in Europe. Leon would score the pin and be announced as the new champion only to have the match restarted and lose. Though she is the longest running continued member of the ROH Women’s Division, she has never held the gold. The current champion is 19 year old sensation Rok-C.

– Happy birthday to the Bella Twins – Nikki and Brie

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