Notes on Charlotte Flair and John Cena

Nov 21, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Randy Orton is set to break the record for most WWE PPV matches at Survivor Series, and John Cena gave him a shout-out on Sunday. As noted, Orton will move into the sole #1 spot tonight with his 177th match at a PPV, and Cena took to Twitter to comment on the milestone.

Cena wrote:

“Tonight’s #SurvivorSeries achievement by @RandyOrton is nothing short of mythical. I hope @WWE superstars and @WWEUniverse understand just how incredible it is. A milestone I’ll never reach and ALWAYS admire. So proud of you Randy. Thank you for the inspiration! #Respect”

– In an interview with The Masked Man Show (via Fightful), Charlotte Flair addressed complaints that the women’s division in WWE doesn’t get enough time on television.

She said:

“It’s a hard answer. When I was on Raw, I was the first main event back from COVID. If you count how many times I’ve main evented, whether it was with Nikki ASH or Rhea or Bianca or any other segment, I was in three segment matches. I had a lot of time. I feel like…the storylines I’ve been in on Raw, I can’t say (I haven’t had time). They give us time. If you look on Raw, every female; Eva Marie, Doudrop, Shayna, Nia, Alexa, myself, Nikki, Rhea, everyone was on TV so I don’t think it’s fair for people to say. It’s there. Is it hard to stay there? Absolutely, but it’s there. Look it up. The stats are there, the time is there. The opportunities are there. It’s easier to be negative than positive. If they don’t like a certain storyline or if the wrong girl is in the wrong match, that’s what it’s really about, but this is entertainment. It’s there.”

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  1. What? says:

    So she still has three-segment matches, so the women’s division as a whole isn’t getting shortchanged? Does she realize who she is? That’s like rich people saying inflation isn’t real because they aren’t affected by it.

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