Turning Point

Nov 20, 2021 - by Atlee Greene

Impact Wrestling: Turning Point 11/20/21

Sam’s Town – Las Vegas

Commentators: Matt Striker & D Lo Brown


1.) Chris Sabin vs. Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton

Some quick chain wrestling between the two until Sabin delivers a body slam and clotheslines Austin over the top rope to the floor. Fulton pushes Austin out of the way to avoid a dive from Sabin, who catches himself just in time.

Sabin delivers a missile dropkick off the top and hits Cradle Shock for a near fall. Austin blocks another cradle shock and rolls up Sabin in a la maestra cradle for a two count. Both drill each other with an enziguri at the same time.

Austin delivers a belly-to-back suplex in the corner and hits a helicopter fameasser for two. Austin climbs to the top, Sabin cuts him off and delivers a superplex for two. Fulton distracts Sabin up top, Austin takes advantage and looks for his own superplex, but Sabin blocks it, knocks him down, and delivers a hesitation dropkick.

Sabin takes out Fulton with a dive but gets up right away as Austin distracts the referee. Fulton drops Sabin behind the referee’s back. Austin puts on his “I BEAT CHRIS SABIN” shirt, charges in but gets caught with cradle shock for the pin.

Winner: Chris Sabin


2.) Heath and Rhino vs. Violent By Design (Eric Young and Joe Doering)

Rhino and Doering trade punches to open things up. Heath tags in, and Cody Deaner hits him and gets ejected from ringside. VBD work over Heath while cutting off the ring. Heath finally creates some separation and tags Rhino.

Rhino hesitates to touch Young before he clotheslines him, delivers a back body drop and a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Rhino goes in for a spear, Doering moves Young out of the way. Young hits Rhino with his mask to get the three count.

Winners: Violent By Design


-Eddie Edwards Interview with Gia Miller:

Edwards says he and Moose have years of long history that ends tonight. Edwards says this is Moose’s first world title defense, and he has the advantage in Full Metal Mayhem because anything goes.

Edwards says tonight is Moose’s Turning Point and will pay for his sins at the hands of the new world champion, Eddie Edwards.


3.) Rich Swann w/ Willie Mack vs. VSK w/ Zicky Dice

Swann takes advantage early and sends VSK to the outside. VSK avoids a senton off the apron and gets his head slammed into the apron. VSK works over Swann’s back, whips him hard into the corner, and delivers a belly-to-back suplex. Swann counters another belly-to-back suplex for a nearfall but walks into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two.

VSK with another hard whip into the corner and works over the back some more. Swann comes back with some punches and hits a rolling thunder splash for two. Dice pulls on Swann’s leg but gets dropped by Mack for his troubles.

Coming back into the ring, VSK hits Swann with a modified x-factor coming off the top rope for two. Swann comes back with shots to the midsection, and a spinning back kick to the head. Swann gets caught off the back handspring elbow with a backstabber.

Swann ducks a clothesline and hits a back handspring cutter and a  frog splash for two. Swann hits a phoenix splash from the top to close it out.

Winner: Rich Swann


-Matt Cardona/W. Morrissey video package


4.) W. Morrissey vs. “Always Ready” Matt Cardona 

Morrissey backs up Cardona in the corner and quickly tosses him across the ring. Rinse and repeat for Morrissey but gets caught with a dropkick that staggers him into the corner. Cardona drops Morrissey to a knee but gets caught charging in. Cardona sends Morrissey to the floor and follows up with a basement dropkick.

Cardona follows up with a neackbreaker on the floor. Morrissey gets back in the ring and rolls out on the other side. Cardona goes for another basement dropkick, but Morrissey catches Cardona by his legs and hurls him into the steel steps twice. Morrissey ties up Cardona in the ropes, hits some clubbing forearms to the back, and drills him with a big boot that sends Cardona to the floor.

Cardona barely beats the 10-count back in the ring, and Morrissey wrenches on the neck to wear him down. Cardona gets to his feet, but Morrissey knocks him back down. Cardona punches Morrissey, goes to the middle rope, but Morrissey hits him with a big shot. Morrissey asks Cardona if he’s ready for this ass whipping.

Cardona replies with a slap to the face to create separation and follows up with a dropkick to knock Morrissey down. They trade big swinging punches until Morrissey gets the upper hand. Cardona hits a codebreaker for two and hammers away with shots in the corner.

Morrissey catches Cardona coming in with a flapjack. Cardona stumbles into the corner and moves out of the way to avoid a splash from Morrissey. Cardona hits the running reboot kick and hits a second one that sends Morrissey to the floor. Morrissey cuts off Cardona outside, sends him into the apron, steel post, and chokeslams him on the apron for a nearfall.

Cardona slips out of a powerbomb attempt and gets up the double knee as Morrissey charges into the corner. Cardona goes for Radio Silence, but Morrissey powers him over his head and shoves him into the referee. Cardona hits Radio Silence, but the referee is down.

Cardona tries to help the referee, but Moose runs in, drills him with a spear, and walks back up the ramp as Morrissey drapes one arm over Cardona for the 1-2-3.


-IInspiration/Decay video package


5.) Knockouts Tag Team Championship: The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) (c) vs. Decay (Havok & Rosemary)

Rosemary charges in the corner to send the IInspiration to the floor. Both teams are fighting outside the ring. Decay is having their way with the champions on the floor. In the ring, Rosemary beats on Lee, tags in Havok, and delivers a double ripcord.

Lee capitalizes on a distraction from McKay and hits a codebreaker on Havok’s arm. McKay tags in and works over Havok’s left arm. Lee hits a double stomp off the top onto Havok’s arm. Lee wrenches Havok’s arm with a top wristlock in the center of the ring.

Havok gets to her feet with Lee on her back and backs up into the corner. McKay tags in and cuts off Havok from making the tag. Lee runs in to cause a distraction, Havok makes the tag, but the referee doesn’t see it. Havok fires back with some shots and makes the tag.

Rosemary comes in and cleans house clotheslines and sling blades. Rosemary hits a splash in the corner on both Lee and McKay and follows up with a t-bone suplex on Lee. Lee rolls out of the ring as McKay gets locked up in the Muta lock from Rosemary. McKay pulls Rosemary’s hair to get out of the hold.

Lee tags in and receives a release German suplex. Havok tags in, but she’s still shaking her arm. Havok dops Lee, goes for the pin, but Lee grabs the bottom rope. Things start to break down as all four and fighting all over ringside. Rosemary goes to suplex McKay off the apron to the floor. Lee breaks it up and hits Rosemary with a big boot that allows McKay to powerbomb her to the floor.

The IInspiration admire their handiwork in the ring until they backup into Havok. Lee goes to the top while Havok lifts McKay for a fireman’s carry. Havok whips McKay’s legs into Lee, knocking her off the top, and drills McKay with a Samoan drop for a nearfall.

McKay catches Havok stalling, kicks the injured arm, whips her into post between the buckles, and rolls her up as Lee holds her legs for the pin. IInspiration retain.

Winners: The IInspiration 


– Chris Sabin interview with Gia Miller

Sabin yells, “I BEAT ACE AUSTIN,” and says it felt good to rip off Austin’s ” I beat Chris Sabin” shirt. Sabin said he was going to rip his up and wipe his ass with it. However, the shirt is well made, so he adjusted it, and now it says ‘I AM CHRIS SABIN” with AM covering wear it once said BEAT.


-X-Division video package


6.) X Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Laredo Kid vs. Steve Maclin

Maclin’s domination is the story of this match-up. Laredo and Miguel can’t maintain control for long as Maclin uses his power advantage to wear both men down.

Maclin hits Miguel with an elbow drop off the apron to the floor. Maclin pounds on Laredo against the guardrail but gets caught with a dive from Miguel off the top. Maclin catches Laredo off the dive and powerbombs him into the apron.

Laredo and Miguel take Maclin out of the equation and begin to trade big moves with one another. Laredo hit a Spanish fly off the top rope, went for the cover, but Maclin broke it up.

Laredo went for a 450 splash, but Maclin blocked it with his knees. Maclin hit Laredo with a powerslam for two. Miguel broke up the pin with a Meteora. The finish came when Miguel was able to pin both men at the same time. However, Maclin got his shoulder up, Laredo did not, meaning Miguel won.

Miguel was disappointed because he wanted to pin Maclin, not Laredo Kid. Maclin laughed as Miguel walked off dejected. It was an odd finish for sure.

Winner: Trey Miguel retains


7.) Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez

Some chain wrestling on the mat to begin things. James controlled the mat exchanges my maintaining wrist control. Martinez dropped James with a forearm to the back of the head. Martinez hit James with a buckle bomb and followed up with a fisherman buster.

Martinez used her power to control the match. James countered some of Martinez’s offense but couldn’t keep control for long. Martinez delivered a DVD but couldn’t cover her right away, allowing James to kick out eventually. Martinez went for Razor’s Edge, James slipped out and got hit with a half-and-half suplex for her troubles.

Martinez set James up on the top rope and hit a German suplex (called a spider german on commentary). Martinez applies a surfboard, turns it into a dragon sleeper, but James escapes. The separation allowed James to deliver a jumping DDT to get the win.

Deonna Purrazzo hit the ring immediately after the match, attacked James, and challenged James for a title match at Hard to Kill.

Winner: Mickie James retains

– Scott Demore with Gia Miller backstage confirms Deonna Purrazzo activated her rematch clause, and it’s official for Hard to Kill. He also announced that the first-ever Women’s Ultimate X match would occur at Hard to Kill, and the winner becomes the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship.

8.) World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (c) vs. Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo)

Andreson and Bey open things. Bey used his speed to keep Anderson off his game. Hikuleo tagged in, delivered a couple of forearms, and quickly tagged out. The Good Brothers gain control as Gallows drilled Bey into the mat.

Gallows threw Bey out of the ring and tossed him back into the ring by his hair. Anderson tags in works over Bey, gets snatched up by Hikuleo, and thrown back first into the post. Back in the ring, Hikuleo hits Anderson with a running powerslam for two.

Bey tags back in and works over Anderson’s arm. Anderson comes back with an Anderson spinebuster for the double down, which leads to a double tag ad the big men enter the ring. Hikuleo and Gallows trade big moves.

Hikuleo yells, “We are the real Bullet Club,” and gets caught with a superkick from Gallows. Bey and Anderson get back in the ring, where Bey gets the upper hand as Gallows and Hikuleo brawl outside the ring.

Bey was going for the finish, but Gallows cut him off from outside the ring. Anderson took advantage and folded up Bey, and held the tights for the win.

Winners: The Good Brothers retain


– Josh Alexander walked out to the ring for an unannounced promo. Alexander said he was angry about many things but mostly angry that he was not in the main event against Moose. Alexander said he was going to pull up a seat and watch the Impact Title match.

The lights flicker, music plays, and the name JONAH is shown on the big screen. Jonah (FKA Bronson Reed) owned Alexander here. Jonah hit four senton splashes, and a frog splash off the top rope. Security came in, and Jonah beat them down. Alexander was left lying, blood coming out of his mouth.

Jonah walked up the ramp, starred at Alexander, ran back in the ring, and his an already bloody Alexander with another frog splash. Jonah left as the referee corps checked on Alexander.


-Moose/Edwards video package


9.) Impact World Championship – Full Metal Mayhem: Moose (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Both men trade forearms at length until Edwards gets rocked. Moose initiates a chop fest back and forth until Edwards gets the better of it. They trade forearms again until both men get rocked. Edwards hits a snap german, but Moose gets up right away.

Moose charges in and gets back body dropped over the top rope through a table to the floor. Edwards hits Moose in the back with a trash can. Edwards goes for a running dive, and Moose catches him coming in with a cookie tray. Edwards shook it off and went for another running dive, taking out Moose.

Moose catches Edwards coming in and launches him on the ramp with a powerbomb. Edwards avoids a powerbomb off the apron through a table and delivers a DVD on the apron. Edwards takes his time to set up a ladder, and Moose powerbombs Edwards on the apron and another through a table.

Moose sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring with another ladder attached from the corner. Moose places a chair over Edwards’ head and throws him into the ring post. Moose puts Edwards across the attached ladder from the corner and misses a chair shot. Edwards comes back with several shots to the head with a trash can lid.

Edwards places Moose on the adjacent part of the ladder, climbs up the ladder in the center of the ring. Moose quickly climbs up the ladder, but Edwards delivers a sunset powerbomb from the top of the ladder into the extended ladder. Edwards sets the ladder up in the corner and grabs a thick chain from underneath the ring.

Edwards wraps the chain around his knee and tapes it to stay in place, looking for a chain-assisted Boston Knee Party. Moose catches Edwards running in and hits a uranage. Moose goes for the spear, but Edwards sprawls, grabs the head, and drills knees to Moose’s head.

Edwards goes for the Boston Knee Party; Moose catches him and powerbombs him into the ladder. Edwards no-sells it and hits the Boston Knee Party for a nearfall. Both men stagger to the floor, grab kendo sticks under the ring and drop each other with overhead shots to the head.

W. Morrissey runs in, drills Edwards with a big boot, and holds him and a Moose spear. Matt Cardona runs in and pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count three. Cardona and Morrissey brawl back to the locker room as Edwards hits Moose with a Kobashi DDT for a super close nearfall.

Edwards grabs a pair of scissors from under the ring, cuts the cables holding the canvas taut, and removes the padding to expose the wooden planks. Edwards brings Moose over exposed wood and attempts a tiger driver; Moose blocks it, goes for a uranage. Edwards blocks it, but Moose kicks him below the belt and hits a uranage on the exposed wood. Moose finishes off Edwards with a spear to retain the title.

Winner: Moose retains.





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