Notes on Taya Valkyrie and a Sherri Martel Classic

Nov 17, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Taya Valkyrie posted…


Booker T announced his plan to hold a Sherri Martel Classic in her honor via Reality of Wrestling:

“Sherri was definitely well before her time as far as females in professional wrestling, being able to go out there and doing it the way she did. One that would throw caution to the wind. She was really great at psychology as well. She was a real worker. For myself, I always put her on a pedestal just because she was Harlem Heat’s ‘legitimizer.’ I don’t think we would have been what we were and who we were without Sister Sherri Being right there in the front. So many times, we tore it up and left it in chaos, people just wanted to kill us. So many great times. She would definitely be proud of the groundwork she put down as far as what we’re seeing right now with the ladies going out there with the way they are. I’m definitely going to create a Sherri Martel Classic with Reality of Wrestling sometime very soon.”


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