Estimated AEW Full Gear PPV buys

Nov 17, 2021 - by Staff

Saturday’s AEW Full Gear pay-per-view from the Target Center in Minneapolis reportedly drew an estimated 145,000 pay-per-view buys, according to Wrestlenomics.

The 145,000 estimated pay-per-view buys for Full Gear was down 29.3% from the 205,000 estimated buys that All Out generated in September. However, Full Gear still drew the second-most pay-per-view buys in AEW history, topping the 135,000 buys that AEW Revolution drew this past March by 7.4% so far. Double Or Nothing in May drew an estimated 115,000 buys on all platforms worldwide.

This early estimate of 145,000 pay-per-view buys reflects all buys worldwide, traditional and digital, live and late. Traditional cable and satellite distributions take longer to report, so the actual number of sales will vary accordingly. Late purchases, which usually count for around 10% of sales, exceeding or under-performing expectations would also impact the final number.

Bleacher Report was the sole domestic digital pay-per-view distributor for the live Full Gear broadcast, which apparently mildly hurt buys in the United States. FITE was added as a distributor on Sunday, the day after the live broadcast, as a digital distributor for fans in the United States that wanted to order the replay. This was a change from All Out in September, which was offered live in the United States by FITE and BR. FITE offered the event live and later on internationally.

Full Gear was also offered internationally via Facebook. It was noted that buys for Facebook were minor.

The estimated 145,000 pay-per-view buys for Full Gear translates to around $7 million in pay-per-view revenue before AEW’s split with distributors. If the average split is around 45%, then AEW would bring in approximately $3 million in pay-per-view revenue from Saturday’s pay-per-view.

Full Gear likely generated around $4 million between pay-per-view buys, tickets and merchandise. Only All Out in September drew more gross revenue for AEW. It’s estimated that All Out generated more than $5 million, mainly due to an estimated 205,000 pay-per-view buys for CM Punk’s return to the ring.

The final number of tickets distributed for Full Gear at the Target Center was 10,442, according to WrestleTix. Wrestlenomics notes that assuming 96% of that count represents paid tickets and with the standard average ticket price for an AEW pay-per-view being $65, that translates to an estimated gate of approximately $650,000. AEW would have brought in around an additional $150,000 in merchandise, assuming merchandise sold at the venue was around $15 per ticket sold.

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