Chris Jericho honors Baron Von Raschke

Nov 15, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Chris Jericho posted on Facebook:

It was an honor and a pleasure to see #baronvonraschke tonight for the first time in 32 years!! My first job in wrestling was setting up the ring for a tour of Manitoba promoted by #BobHolliday back in 1989. I was only 18 years old at the time but The Baron (who was the big name on the tour) was super cool to me. He was 100% Kay fabe when it came to discussing the wrestling business at all times (as he was today), but he taught me a lot about how to treat your fellow wrestlers and how to treat your fans. He was the first guy I thought about getting involved when we put together the Minneapolis Street Fight at Full Gear tonight…and it was a blast hearing the reaction he got when he put THE CLAW on @official_ego! Thanks Baron for being nice to an 18 year old kid then…and a 51 year old kid tonight! AND THAT IS ALL THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!!

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  1. DB says:

    It is reports like this that put a smile on my face. Thank you.

  2. dooman says:

    awesome Baron is one of the greats

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