Punk on ROH: “I think it sucks that the place is going to go out of business”

Nov 14, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

CM Punk Post PPV Media Scrum notes…

CM Punk says he doesn’t believe casual wrestling fans exist anymore. He believes AEW appeals to wrestling fans.

Says Eddie Kingston is real. What you see is what you get. His intensity brings the most out of him, and that’s why we saw the edge tonight. Says fans helped with the direction too & Says “For me, it’s fun just to fuck with people.”

Says he looks far ahead in terms of his opponent & sometimes he wants to put his foot on the gas, and wants to prove he’s still that dude.
Says he has “one boss when he’s in the ring: the people.” And despite being gone for 7 years, he knows what he’s doing in wrestling.

Mentions losing Eddie Guerrero 16 years ago today and gave Vicki a Huge Hug

Punk on what is happening with ROH: “I think it sucks that the place is going to go out of business because people are going to lose their jobs & he would love to see Brody King in AEW & Didn’t Know about Jay Lethal Til he appeared.”

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  1. peter allen says:

    typical no one knows if roh is out of business for good or not maybe maybe not until it’s announced one way or the other everyone should keep their comments to themselves imo and wait to see what happens.

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