Jay White denies online reports on being approached by AEW

Nov 14, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Fightful and Sean Ross Sapp recently interviewed NJPW star and NEVER Openweight champion Jay White. During the interview, White denied ever being approached by AEW to sign with them. Below are some highlights.

White on never being approached by AEW:

“No. I shouldn’t even answer this because I shouldn’t humor it. I was never or have never been approached in regards to AEW. Especially when they were starting up. I don’t know where that rumor came from. It’s just like everything else to do with wrestling in regards to wrestling, people just like to push shit out there as if it’s true and everyone just eats it up. No, I was never approached in regards to AEW. I don’t know where that came from.”

“It just hurts my brain. The only part of that where there was any truth is the very first part of it, talking about the start of this year and about a certain company. Anything after that, none of that is true. It’s completely false. People, I’m sure, they’re probably going to respond and say, ‘Oh, he’s just saying that because he’s not into telling the truth.’ But I’m doing you a favor and telling you the truth here—them approaching me and some contract I was on, both things 100% false.”

White on wanting to clear up the BS:

“I could come on here and I could have said something ridiculous and everybody’s just gonna believe it because it was on the internet. Somebody said it on the internet! People are always just gonna believe it. They don’t actually think, ‘Oh, maybe this is bulls***.’ Most of the time it is and if they realize it’s bullshit, well then they can’t live in their little fantasy world then, can they? You know what? I don’t like to do interviews too much, but I don’t mind getting this out there. Every now and then I just like to clear up some of the bullshit. Bring all of these fans’ worlds crashing down. They think all this stuff is happening when it’s not.”

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