CM Punk channels his inner John Cena and Eddie Guerrero at Full Gear

Nov 14, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

CM Punk hit the moves of a couple of former WWE Superstars last night in his match against Eddie Kingston, one of which was very popular, while the other not so much!

Punk, who shared a big rivalry with John Cena back in the day, decided to hit Cena’s “five moves of doom” on Kingston, with two shoulder blocks and then the side slam. Fans obviously picked it up, and when Punk put his hand up, usually Cena’s cue to do the “You can’t see me” sign, fans booed, flipped the finger, and made the thumbs down signals. Instead of following with the rest of the Cena routine though, Punk leaned over and gave Kingston a middle finger and several blows to the head.

The other move was the Three Amigos, made famous by Eddie Guerrero. Yesterday was the anniversary of Guerrero’s death and there were some “Eddie” chants in the building. Punk doing the three suplexes in quick succession was appreciated by the fans as expected.

“To me, it’s fun just to fuck with people,” Punk said in his post-match press conference. “That’s the whole juice for me. It’s getting different reactions and kind of getting to play with that.”

Punk mentioned Guerrero passing away 16 years ago and he thought when he hears the fans chanting for Eddie, he’s going to give them the Three Amigos.

“Is that not what you want? I never expect to get booed or get cheered. I have a pretty good idea and what I think what I’m really excellent at is reading the room,” Punk continued.

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