Austin Aries talks Vince McMahon, Drew McIntyre on the UK wrestling scene

Nov 13, 2021 - by James Walsh

– Speaking to Chris Featherstone for Sportskeeda’s UnSKripted show, Austin Aries discussed his WWE released and why he thinks he was let go from the company. Below are some highlights from Sportskeeda:

Austin Aries on his WWE release: “I was a little surprised at the time. That being said, I kind of felt the shift. I know Vince was really high on me. He was the one who put me on WrestleMania after hearing me on commentary but then these things can be fickle. They can sour on you as fast as they like you and you kind of feel the wind shift. There could be a number of factors that played into it. I don’t know if there was one. They didn’t give me any reason. If I had any heat backstage it wasn’t anything I was aware of.”

On if WWE reached out to him again after his second stint with Impact Wrestling: “No, they did not [reach back after my second stint with IMPACT]. I think there was a wonderful experience there. I think we both got to see what the other had to offer and I just don’t think that’s a bridge that is going to be crossed again. I don’t personally really have any interest in going back there and I’m sure they probably don’t have a lot of interest in bringing in a 43 year old, under 6 foot, white guy.”

– Drew McIntyre talks about the UK wrestling scene (via Telegragh & Argus:

“The UK wrestling scene is on fire right now. NXT UK is at the top of the pile. All of our roster couldn’t wait to get back to the UK. The crowds are like the ones at a football match. They have their own chants and signs. It feels great to be back in the UK. I make sure I have some downtime during the UK tour to see my family. I have been to Leeds a few times with the WWE. The UK crowds are some of the loudest fans. Becoming the first British-born WWE champion was one of the proudest moments of my life, not just my career. It was always a goal of mine when I first came to America.”

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3 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Austin Aries subtly throwing shade at the WWE, guess the WWE diversity of culture is not toeard his liking. Why does he have to bring up he is white??? If you can bring a big gate is all Vince cares. Greenn isthe only color Vinnie mac cares about

  2. mth says:

    I get the older/shorter thing but is Aries dipping his toes into the “poor white people” narrative here? Black folks have been at the top of WWE as of late because they’re talented and have earned it, not because of their skin color. Sorry you feel threatened by POCs, Austin.

  3. Joseph says:

    I don’t think he really meant anything by it and he was simply describing himself. He is a 43 year old, under 6 foot, white guy. If he was black he’d no doubt say he was a 43 year old, under 6 foot, black guy.

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