FTR eyeing the IWGP tag titles to prove they’re the greatest tag team of all time

Nov 12, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with, FTR expressed their interest in completing the collection by winning the gold in New Japan Pro-Wrestling — the prestigious IWGP Tag Team Championship.

“The pandemic, obviously, slowed things down and shut things down for a year and this is the first time where we’ve kinda had the chance to go to Mexico, to go to Japan, if there’s ever a chance there sometime down the line,” said Wheeler. “Now that these Forbidden Doors are open, we want the forbidden borders to open up a little more, too. Mexico is going to be great for us and, hopefully, it’s the first step on a long world trip for us.”

“That’s just a life-long dream for both of us to do those things like so many of our idols before us and legends before us that have done these things and conquered the world on their own and kind of went from promotion to promotion and built their legacy, match by match and night by night,” Wheeler said. “We say that so much because it means so much to us and it’s something that we’re really passionate about. Mexico, hopefully, that’s the first stop of a very long tour for us.

“Saturday, we’re going to walk out of Full Gear with the AEW world tag team titles, walk out of TripleMania still the AAA World Tag Team Champions and then, hopefully, we’re going to go to Japan and complete what really is us becoming the greatest tag team of all-time.”

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