Ruby Riot on Rousey: “she was so much fun to work with”

Nov 11, 2021 - by James Walsh

Speaking on Women’s Wrestling Talk, AEW wrestler Ruby Soho (aka Ruby Riott) discussed her feud with Ronda Rousey in WWE. The two fought for the Raw Women’s Championship at Elimination Chamber 2019. Below are some highlights (via

Ruby Soho on Rousey’s new baby: “She sent me pictures of the baby the other day and she’s absolutely beautiful. Already tougher than me. The child is already tougher than me. Just based off of who her parents are. Yeah, Ronda, and I keep in contact every once in a while, we just check in with each other. She’s an amazing person.”

On working int he ring with Ronda Rousey: “And she was so much fun to work with. Just her excitement, her passion was super infectious. And, she brought me to a new level of thinking about wrestling, especially against somebody of her stature. She had me thinking about it in a different way, which I always love to be able to be challenged like that, especially when you’ve been doing it for a while, sometimes you kind of get into the same mindset. But it was very cool to be challenged against somebody you know, of her talent and her stature and her reputation. So it was great to be able to work with her but it’s so great to see her and the role I know she was meant for, which is motherhood. She is guaranteed to be the coolest mom.”

On a possible Riott Squad reunion with Sarah Logan in AEW: “I mean, we’ve always talked about hypotheticals, you know. Sarah and I have shared every major moment in our careers together. I’ve known her for over 10 years now. I am the best job I could possibly ask for his godmother to her son. And, she is my best friend, and she has been there for me through everything she came to All Out to surprise me. I was already an emotional mess that day as it was. But when I saw her and Cash there, I just bawled like a baby. So, she is one of those people that I think is incredibly talented and the most driven woman I have ever met. When she gets something in her head, she’s going to do it. And so I think whenever you know, the time is right for her to reemerge back into the wrestling industry, and wherever she decides to go, I will 100% have her back. And, obviously, we’ve talked about the hypotheticals but you know as much as selfishly I would always love for her to be my tag partner forever. Wherever is honestly best for her and for her family is the place that I want her to go. So, I think that kind of just leaves it up to how everything fits with her family, which is her number one priority for sure.”

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