Masha Slamovich on signing with IMPACT: “I’m happy”

Nov 11, 2021 - by James Walsh

Masha Slamovich is looking forward to her run in Impact Wrestling, and discussed signing with them in a new interview. Slamovich was a guest on Taylor Wilde’s podcast, and you can check out some highlights below (h/t to Fightful):

On signing with IMPACT: “I’m happy. Having this little bit of history with IMPACT, it’s always been a possibility and I guess the way things worked out, it became a possibility sooner rather than later and I’m happy for it and very excited to compete against all the women and men in the division.”

On spending the pandemic in Japan: “I lived there all of 2020. Originally, before I went over, they figured out all the paperwork and just sent it over to the embassy. I just showed up and received paperwork. I was originally going to be there for three months but then we had to keep redoing it so I could stay for the whole year. It was sort of strict but pretty normal. We pretty much couldn’t go to bars or party in large groups, but life was relatively normal and then after three months, we were back to doing live shows.

“Around the second month, they asked me my plans for April because they wanted to send me to do SENDAI Girls at the end of the month and then put me on the Nygoa return show that was supposed to happen later that month or June. They wanted to keep me there to train because they said they saw potential in me and I was doing really well. Of course, I said yes, and I canceled the plans I had for WrestleMania week, which that didn’t matter because they all went to sh-t anyway. Once I found out that the shows weren’t going to happen and there was a shutdown, I still thought to myself, ‘I’m not going to sit at home with no gym and do nothing, I’ll train at the dojo and devote myself to wrestling.’ I’m a totally new person and new wrestler. It changed everything being over there. The amount of knowledge that I gathered was incomprehensible.”

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