Impact Report, 11/11/21

Nov 11, 2021 - by Scott Porter

D’Lo Brown and Matt Stryker are once again on the call from the Impact Zone.

Match 1.  World Tag Championship #1 Contenders Match… Bullet Club, Chris Bey and El Phantasmo (with Hiku Leo) VS Fin Juice, Juice Robinson and David Finley

Bey and Finley start the match.  Finley shoots the whip and Bey drops him with a shoulder block.  Finley regroups and connects with a hip toss and knee drop.  Juice tags in and hits a squatting senton.  Finley back in, lands a suplex.  Juice right back in, Bey reverses another suplex.  Juice gets confused and Hiku Leo goes to work on him on the outside with a Snake Eyes.  Back in the ring, Bey gets a quick 1 count.  EP tags in and he and Bey hit a combination of kicks and spinning leg drops.  Awesome move set.   EP then hits a double Axe off the top rope.  Juice stands up and he and EP both hit a simultaneous punch.  Both make a tag.  The speed picks up as Finley fights off Bey and EP.  He hits a spinning sidewalk slam on Bey.  Bey kicks out at two.  Juice hits an atomic drop.  Finley hits an elbow off a prone Bey after a backbreaker by Juice. Bey is set up for the Doomsday.  EP breaks it up.  Bey rolls out of the electric chair and gets a two count.  Juice sits up and takes a superkick.  Bey gets the pin.

Winners and #1 contenders.. Bullet Club

After the match, The Good Brothers attack the Bullet Club and clear the ring.  Hiku Leo sneaks behind Doc Gallows and takes him out.  Gallows and Karl Anderson back up the ramp looking at the new top contenders.  They will meet at Turning Point.

Josh Alexander and Scott D’Amore have a brief conversation about Josh getting his focus back.  Scott sets up a match next with Minoru Suzuki.  Scott says if he wins, he will be ready to challenge Moose for the World Championship.

A clip is shown of Sam Beale pinning Brian Myers in a tag match last week.  Then Myers is shown smacking Ziggy Dice for betting against him last week.  VSK says there is no way Myers should of lost to him.  Myers smacks Dice again and then challenges Sam Beale.

Match 2.  Kaleb with a K VS Minoru Suzuki

This should essentially be a squash match.  Josh is watching on a monitor backstage.  Suzuki locks an armbar and then a leg lock.  One minute into the match and Kaleb is begging.  K hits a forearm smash and hurts his arm.  Whip, spin around waste lock, Piledriver.  Over by pinfall.

Winner.  Minoru Suzuki

Moose is asked about the Triple Threat Match tonight, with the winner being his opponent at Turning PointW. Morrisey, Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona are in the match.  Moose says they need to be afraid, not him.

Match 3.  Decay, Rosemary and Havok VS The Undead Bridesmaides,  Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren

Decay clears the ring to start the match.  The Inspiration then hits the stage with the Tag Belts.  A stagehand brings the champions some chairs to watch the match in comfort.  We go to break.

Back from break, Kimber hip tosses Rosemary and gouges the eyes.  After a spin kick, Lauren tags in.  She splashes Rosemary.  Rosemary rises up and pushes Lauren to her partner.  She tags in Havok.  Havok hits a backbreaker, Kimber tries to interfere, Rosemary takes her out and spears Lauren.  Havok gets the pin.

Winners.  Decay.

The Inspiration head to the ring.  They look disgusted by Decay.  The segment ends with a stare down.

Rhino and Heath have a promo about Violent By Design.  Rhino says he has his life back, but he still has a poison in his soul.  At Turning Point Rhino says he will purge the poison from his body.  Rhino says he is coming for Eric Young.

Scott D’Amore sets up a match between Madison Rayne and Mercedes Martinez to determine the #1 contender.  

Match 4.  Madison Rayne VS Mercedes Martinez (Winner will face Mickie James for the Knockouts Championship at Turning Point)

The fans are firmly behind Mercedes.  She hits a stalled vertical on Madison right from the onset.  She gets a two count.  Madison blocks a Snake Eyes and dropkicks Mercedes legs.  Madison slows the match choking Martinez on the ropes.  Madison continues on the offensive and uses her mat wrestling along with ground and pound.  The two trade roll ups.  Mercedes hits a DDT.  Madison hits a kick to the head and tries a rollup.  She then hits a neckbreaker and blockbuster for a two count.

Out of nowhere, Martinez rolls up Madison after failing on her finisher and gets the pin.  Madison tried to hit her cutter, but failed.

Winner and #1 Contender, Mercedes Martinez.

Madison attacks Martinez after the match.  She gets a chair to do further damage.  Mickie James enters to make the save.  She tosses Madison from the ring and helps Martinez to her feet.  Martinez thanks her, then gives the Knockouts Champion a Flapjack and leaves her confused in the ring.

If Steve Maclin can beat Laredo Kid next week, he will be in the X Division match at Turning Point.

Match 5.  Rohit Raju VS Rocky Romero

Rohit and Romero trade kicks and armbars to start the match.  Rohit slows the match down and locks on arm bar.  He is really doing damage wrenching the arm.  Romero breaks free and hits corner clotheslines.  He then whips Rohit off the ropes and hits a super speed body block.  Rocky then hits a double stomp off the second rope.  Rocky then hits a backslide and then a DDT for a two count.  Rohit was hurt, but kicked out.  Rohit hits sliced bread for a two count.  Both men are down, Rohit gets up first.  He goes to the top, but misses.  Rocky hits a one leg ranna and a arm bar.  Rohit breaks free.  Rocky hits a slice bread of his own.  Rohit misses a jumping knee.  Rohit then hits one of his own with a Drive Bye and gets the pin.

Rohit Raju Winner

Hernandez is shown with Johnny Swinger.  They set up a match Fallah Bahh against The Demon and Decay.

Chelsea Green cuts a promo backstage.  She wants to challenge for the Digital Media Championship.  She tells Jordynne Grace she gets what she wants.

Match 6.  W. Morrissey VS Eddie Edwards VS Matt Cardona (Winner gets a shot at Moose at Turning Point)

W hits big boots to both foes to start the match.  Eddie hits a few chops on him, but he tosses Eddie from the ring.  Morrissey hits a shoulder block on Cardona.  He then works him over in the corner.  Cordona hits knee, but misses a missile dropkick.  Eddie re-enters and they both take a double choke slam from Morrissey as we go to break.

Back from break, Moose is shown watching in a skybox.  Morrissey is still in control.  He is pounding on Matt.  Morrissey locks on a rear chin lock.  Eddie is still on the floor.  Cardona stands up and builds a comeback.  Morrissey catches him off the ropes and hits a SOS slam.  Eddie runs in and rolls up W for a two count.  Eddie hits a few chops.  Eddie then takes a Fall Away slam after being throw into Cardona.   Matt is back on the floor.  Morrissey then slows the match back down and drives his boot into the throat of Eddie in the corner.

Eddie gets up and starts to mount a comeback, but W is just too strong and he starts choking Eddie, using the refs count to perfection.  The fans start chanting for Morrissey.  Eddie slips out of a suplex, but Morrissey hits a big boot off the ropes.  Cardona gets to the apron.  Eddie and Matt team up to take down W.  Everyone takes a few seconds to regroup.

Matt and Eddie start pounding on W.  They eventually try a double suplex, but Morrissey reverses it and the crowd breaks out in another chant of his name.  Eddie goes to the top and Morrissey sets up a suplex.  Cardona finishes the move and the do the tower, supex, powerbomb spot.  W hits a blackhole slam on Cardona, but only gets a 1 count.  Eddie and Cardona are still working together and finally get a double suplex.  W spills to the floor.  Cardona and Eddie then start trading blows.  W gets up and they both go to the outside to take W again.  Cardona and Eddie are back in the ring and Matt hits a double knee, Eddie shakes it off and hits a leg lariat and gets the pin on Matt.

Winner.  Eddie Edwards

Moose glares at Eddie from the box.  W looks on in disgust as the show ends with Eddie standing tall.


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