Bischoff Has Advice for the Recently Released WWE Talent

Nov 11, 2021 - by James Walsh

In a recent edition of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed his advice to released WWE talent, the importance of wrestlers improving their mic skills, and much more. You can read Eric Bischoff’s comments below.

Eric Bischoff on Karrion Kross being released by WWE and his advice to released talent: “Karrion Kross, what the hell? To get that close and have the rug get pulled out from underneath you is emotionally really, really devastating because of the time and the commitment that goes into trying to make it to the big leagues. But again going back to what I’m thinking when I saw this is once they get out of the funk, the disappointment of being let go, it’s just nothing but opportunity, man. It’s hard to look at it that way when you’ve just been kicked in the teeth and your dreams have all been kind of shattered and taken away from you, but that’s just a moment in time. They’ve got the talent or they wouldn’t have been there in the first place. I think what’s gonna happen – between Ring of Honor shutting down and the talent that’s been released from WWE – while a lot of talent have found a spot in AEW, there’s still a lot of great talent out there. I think, I hope, I pray the independent scene is gonna abe filled up with a lot of really good talent. These are people who are gonna be able take their talent to the next level by getting out there on the independent scene.”

On the importance of wrestlers improving their mic skills: “Figure out what you’re best at it. If you’ve been cut and you’re disappointed, give yourself a couple of days and just do a personal inventory and be honest with yourself and look at what your strengths are and identify those strengths and put them off to the side and determine how can I become even better at the things I’m already good at. What nuance and what can I do to challenge myself to be better at the things I’m already good at? Be honest with yourself and make a list of things you’re not good at and need a lot of work. Focus on those things…..I’ll say this until I can no longer do a podcast, if you have powerful mic skills, promo skills – call them whatever you want. But if you’re really, really good at that, you’ll come out of this and will ascend to heights higher than you probably even hoped for. So, get that. If you don’t have an improv or acting coach where you live, then go f***ing find one. Sell some shit, dig some ditches, work somewhere part-time to save some money, and go somewhere and find a really good coach that can teach you how to become the best character you can be on the mic because you’ll be shocked at how fast you can leapfrog over people that may even have better technical skills than you do, or maybe have a better “look” than you do. If you can own that mic and rock that mic, you’ll rock the business and make a lot of money. So, go do that instead of being pissed off.”

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