Seth Rollins addresses criticism from fan

Nov 10, 2021 - by Staff

Seth Rollins took to Twitter this week and responded to a fan who said the former WWE Champion looks down on the indies.

In a now-deleted tweet, a fan named Brian Moore called Rollins out and accused him of looking down on the indies, despite that being where he came from. The fan responded to an old indie match with Rollins, Bryan Danielson and current AEW World Champion Kenny Omega.

“Might be an unpopular opinion but I feel like Seth looks down upon indy wrestling these days although that’s where he’s come from and what gave him his first shot,” the fan wrote.

Rollins was quick to shut the comments down.

“I train up and coming independent wrestlers at my school…that I’ve owned and operated for nearly a decade. Not only do I NOT look down on the indies, but I actively support them with my time and effort. I’ll stand for a lot of malarkey on this app, but don’t cross that line,” Rollins wrote.

The fan deleted the tweet and apologized, writing, “I apologize Seth, I know about your school and how you train the next generation and how much you give to indy wrestling. I should’ve worded the tweet better. I didn’t mean to disrespect you I just look at that match and thought back to what you said about @WillOspreay because I’m pretty people spoke the same way about Tyler Black then as they do about Will Ospereay now and I made that seem like your overall opinion of wrestling outside WWE but I was wrong, I’m sorry”

After making a name for himself on the indies and with companies like ROH, Rollins signed with WWE in 2010. He gives back to the business with his Black & Brave Wrestling Academy in Davenport, Iowa, which he co-owns with Marek Brave.

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