Kingston opens up about depression, anxiety, and drug/alcohol abuse

Nov 9, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Eddie Kingston is the latest AEW star to pen a piece for The Players’ Tribune, where he discussed his previous mental health problems as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

Kingston, who admits that he still suffers with anxiety and depression, wrote that he almost quit the wrestling business but his brother made him change his mind. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, things got tough and had to sell some personal items to even make a mortgage payment.

The AEW star then talked about how a promo he taped in New Jersey caught the eye of Cody Rhodes, who was the TNT champion at the time, and was invited for the open challenge.

“I have been everything in this life. I have been an angry kid. I’ve been a depressed teenager. I’ve been an addict. I’ve seen so many holding cells it would make your head spin. I’ve messed up and self-destructed and burned bridges,” Kingston wrote. “I’ve been down to my last dollar. The only reason I’m still doing this, and really the only reason I’m still on this earth is because of all the friends who never stop having my back.”

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