Tony Khan on the latest round of WWE releases, Karrion Kross releases a video

Nov 8, 2021 - by James Walsh

– AEW President Tony Khan spoke to Wade Keller of PWTorch earlier this weekend, and he discussed the latest round of WWE releases that took place on Thursday, Nov. 4. WWE released 18 wrestlers in total last week.

During the chat, Tony Khan discussed WWE’s latest round with cuts and if he has any interest in picking some of them up for the AEW roster. He stated the following (via Fightful):

“Every time they cut 20 people, let’s just say, it’s terrible because every time someone loses a job, it’s affecting them and the people around them. Some of these people might have wanted to leave, but in general, most probably did not. It’s terrible when anyone loses their work and I feel for them. Each and everyone counts. I’m going to take a ballpark number, and I’m not trying to make light of everything, but everyone counts and this probably not the exact amount, but every time they let, lets say in the ballpark of 20 people go, I think there have been in general one, two or three people in there that I am interested in and snatch up. They keep doing these mass layoffs and each time, I find a few people and the company gets a little stronger and stronger. I do see a few in this wave. I don’t want to say who or when I would be interested in them, but there are a few interesting people they let go and same goes with the last wave and the wave before that and before that. Each wave, there are a few interesting ones and this was no exception.”

Some of the wrestlers released last week will be on either 30-day or 90-day non-compete periods, so it will be while before they become free agents and are able to work elsewhere. Last month, AEW signed former WWE NXT Superstar Bobby Fish, who was released by WWE in early August.

Karrion Kross is preparing fans for his post-WWE debut, releasing a new vignette hinting at a new direction. Kross, who was released from his contract as well as Scarlett and 16 others late last week, posted the video online on Sunday which you can see below.

It is unclear when Kross’ non-compete clause is set to expire.

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