Impact Report, 11/4/21

Nov 4, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Minoru Suzuki will make his in ring debut tonight..

Match 1.  Steve Maclin VS Rohit Raju (with Raj Singh) VS Laredo Kid VS Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve) (Number 1 Contenders match for the X-Division Title)

Everyone hits a few highspots to start the match.  BT hits a spinning plancha to the outside on Maclin and Rohit, then Laredo hits a Moonsault off the top rope onto everyone.

Raju and Kid get back in the ring and Raju slows the match down with a kick, but Kid hits a strong palm strike.  Rohit hits a tornado suplex and Maclin breaks up the count.  Taurus moonsaults Maclin and Raju, then Samoan drops Maclin.  Kid breaks up that count.  Kid hits a ranna on Blake Taurus and then another on the outside, after Taurus spilled to the floor.  Rohit hits a side suplex on Kid for two.  Kid hits a Tiger Driver on Rohit and gets the pin.

Winner and X-Division top contender, Laredo Kid.

Champion, Trey Miguel enters the ring to eye up his next challenger.  They shake hands, but Maclin attacks them both.  Trey recovers and he and Kid work together to take out Maclin.

Madison Rayne is interviewed backstage about her title match tonight with Mickie James.  Madison says this match up is different from the other matches they have had.  She also mentions she always wins the big match.

Gia Miller interviews Ace Austin and Madman Fulton backstage.  Ace gloats about pinning Chris Sabin last week.  He is wearing a shirt that says I beat Chris Sabin.  He then says Sabin is in trouble tonight when he faces Sabin.  Fulton says he will rip him apart tonight in their match.

Eric Young (with Violent By Design) enters the arena and grabs the mic.  He says Rhino made the wrong decision.  He says it is time for him to re-enter the fold and get his hands dirty.  The first brick will be laid tonight.

Match 2.  Eric Young VS  J. Vidal

Eric berates him before the match.  J seems excited just to be here.  He takes a clothesline to start the match, and then a elbow off the ropes.  EY then starts stomping him.  J is a local favorite and even though the announcers didn’t know him, the fans did.  It didn’t matter.  Powerbomb, then a piledriver and it is over.

Winner.  Eric Young. 

The Knockouts Tag Champs, The Inspiration show up for Locker Room Talk.  Nobody is there, but it is dark.  They open one door and see Rosemary.  They close it and run.  They open another door and see Rosemary and Havok.  We then see lipstick writing on a mirror saying, Turning Point.  The segment ends.

The Inspiration are interviewed by Gia backstage.  They are looking for a place to hide from the ghosts.

Match 3.  None Title Tag Match.  Champions, The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) VS Fin Juice (David Finley and Juice Robinson)

Anderson and Finley start it off after a long intro segment.  Finley works the arm to start the match.  Juice tags in and hits the double axe off the top.   He continues on the arm and quickly tags Finley back in.  He stays on the arm, but hits a few kicks to the mid section.  Juice tags back in, and stays on the offensive until Anderson rakes the eyes and tosses Juice outside to Doc.  We go to break.

Back from break, Gallows has the advantage on Juice.  He splashes him in the corner.  He covers him for a two count.  Gallows works the neck with a chin lock and elbows to the back of the neck.  Juice gets vertical, but Gallows pulls the hair and down goes Juice again.  Juice stands and hits a jaw breaker.  Gallows tries for an elbow drop and misses.  Juice and Gallows tag.  The match speed picks up.  Finley planchas Gallows on the outside.  He then hits a backbreaker on Anderson for a two count.  Juice tags back in and sets up the Doomsday Device.  Anderson gets free, but Finley splashes Gallows who came in to help.  Bullet Club enters and attacks everyone.  They beat up everyone.  El Phantasmo, Hikuleo and Chris Bey celebrate in the ring after dismantling the match.

No Contest.

Johnny Swinger is backstage peddling bad art to open his own casino.  Hernandez says he can help him get back at the Demon.  They leave Gia confused.

Match 4.  Knockouts Title Match.  Champion, Mickie James VS Madison Rayne (Kaleb with a K)

Mickie and Madison lock and Mickie gets a quick two count off a twist and roll up. Kaleb and Mickie play tug of war with Madison.

Madison controls Mickie with a front headlock before turning it into a submission and Mickie and hits a neckbreaker. Madison lands a cutter for a two count.  The fight goes to the outside. Back in the ring, Madison goes for a roll up, and Kaleb tries to interfere.  This backfires and Mickie hits a metoria and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Mickie James.

– After the match newly signed Knockout, Mercedes Martinez comes out to the ring and has words with Mickie before making her intentions clear that she’s coming for the Knockouts title.

Josh Alexander, Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards are interviewed about their match tonight.  Josh makes the interview personal about Moose.  Eddie calms him down, and says he wants the same.  Cardona pulls everyone back together and says we need to kick their ass.  Alexander walks off, half disgusted, but on the same page.

Match 5.  Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin) VS Chris Sabin

Sabin will look for a measure of revenge, after the loss last week to Austin.  Fulton is early to much for Sabin and manhandles him, eventually catching Sabin off a dive to the outside and then side slamming him on the apron.  We go to break.

Back from break, Fulton is throwing Sabin all around the ring.  Sabin finally planchas himself on to Fulton on the outside.  He used his speed.  Sabin then gets caught trying to tornado DDT Fulton.  Fulton turns it into a face first plant.  Fulton misses a big boot.  Sabin goes for another Tornado DDT, but Fulton counters, only to get rolled up for the pin.

Winner.  Chris Sabin

Match 6.  Impact World Champion, Moose, W. Morrissey and Minoru Suzuki VS Eddie Edwards, Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander

Impact let Minoru’s music play, for the record.   The fans sang along to his music.  Take note AEW.

The faces have an uneasy alliance.  Suzuki walks right up to intimidate them.

Moose and Eddie will start the match off, but wait, Alexander steps in to get Moose.  Suzuki then tags in off Moose.  Suzuki and Josh start throwing forearms.  Suzuki hits a big knee and tags Morrissey.  Josh ducks a clothesline and goes for a failed leg lock.  He still manages control and tags Eddie.  Moose tags in and he and Edwards start throwing punches.  Eddie tosses Moose to the floor and Moose and Josh hit the ring.  Eddie planchas Moose on the outside, as we go to break.

Back to the action, Cardona hits a missile dropkick on Moose.  W knees Cardona from the ropes and Suzuki locks on a armbar threw the ropes.  Cardona then gets pummeled by Moose.  Suzuki tags in and starts in on the joint manipulation.  He tags W and he stays on the boots to the back of the neck.  Moose tags back in and pounds on Matt’s back.  Moose taunts Eddie and Alexander while in control.  Morrissey tags back in and works on Cardona in the corner.  Suzuki tags back in and Cardona tries a comeback.  Minoru then gets dropped by one forearm.  Moose tags back in and Cardona hits a kick to the head.

He tags in Eddie, but the ref didn’t see it.  Cardona is triple teamed in the corner, while Eddie loses it on the apron.  Minoru is using every second of the 5 count, while choking Matt from the apron.  Moose tags in and Cardona kicks him and tags Josh.

Josh hits multiple Germans on Moose.  Morrissey enters and gets slammed.  Morrissey blocks a C5.  Eddie kicks W back and forth to Josh.  Eddie hits a Blue Thunder for a two count.  Josh is left in the ring with Minoru.  They trade strong style blows.  All men stand up in the ring and they all start going at it.  The match has broken down.

Josh goes for a C5, Minoru grabs Josh and hits the Gotch Piledriver.  Eddie kicks Minoru.  W hits a big boot on Eddie.  He then hits a powerbomb and gets the pin.

Winner.  W. Morrissey, Minoru Suzuki and Moose.

Suzuki, Moose and Morrissey stand tall as the show ends.






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