Jim Ross to undergo 22 radiation treatments for skin cancer

Nov 2, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW commentator Jim Ross announced on his Grilling JR podcast that he will soon start 22 radiation treatments to deal with his skin cancer.

Ross said that doctors want to knock them out in consecutive days so he has to figure out how he cannot miss a day of work while under three weeks of straight radiation.

“It’s just a matter of dealing with these issues, gritting your teeth, and moving on,” Ross said. “That’s kind of what I’m doing.”

The WWE Hall of Famer said added that he didn’t get the worst kind of skin cancer but he still has to deal with it and it’s just a “pain in the ass” – as he put it – to get radiation.

“The good thing is there is no chemotherapy. So that helps with all the after effects and things of that nature. I’m handling it, I’m dealing with it, I’ve dealt with more and will continue to persevere,” Ross continued.

JR also thanked all the fans who have reached out to offer him support during these times. “I do appreciate everybody’s support. It means a lot quite frankly that people care enough to send me a message whether it is Twitter, Facebook, or wherever it may be. I appreciate that. Again, I’m feeling good.”

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