WWE RAW Report – 11/1/2021

Nov 1, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a video package for the RAW Women’s Title match. We’re live on the USA Network from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Bianca Belair is warming up as Sarah Schreiber approaches her for comments. She goes on about the rivalry with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and says no match is bigger than a match for the strap. Belair heads to the ring as her music starts up.

RAW Women’s Title Match: Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch

We go right to the ring as Bianca Belair makes her way out. Jimmy Smith welcomes us to RAW. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Schreiber is backstage with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch now. Lynch says Belair only rose to the top because she wasn’t around to stop her. Becky goes on about how it wasn’t easy to come back the way she did, in the shape she did, and says people don’t realize how hard it is to be her, to balance the new life she has with being champion. Becky says there’s been a lack of appreciation for her, and even a few boos, but that’s OK because it motivates her, and tonight it will motivate her to beat Belair once again. The music hits as Lynch makes her way to the ring. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

The bell rings and they lock up. Becky takes it to the corner and backs off as the referee warns her, but then jabs Belair. They shove each other and have words. Lynch comes back with a big open-hand slap and some more trash talking as Belair looks up from the mat. Belair charges Becky and stops her from retreating to the floor. Belair rag-dolls Becky and slams her. Back and forth now but Belair lands a big slap and a standing moonsault in the middle of the ring. Becky kicks out at 2.

Lynch rolls to the floor to regroup. Belair follows but Becky catches her with a jawbreaker as the referee counts. Becky tries to use Belair’s hair to pull her into the ring post but it backfires. Belair with a vertical suplex on the floor now as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re trading strikes in the middle of the ring. Becky blocks some offense and drops Belair with an inverted DDT for a close 2 count. We see how Belair taunted Becky from the second turnbuckle during the break, then dropkicked her but got sent into the ring post shoulder-first. Becky drops Belair again for another close 2 count now. Becky has tried to expose the turnbuckle. Fans chant for Becky as she stands tall and jabs Belair around, taunting her. Belair catches a kick but Becky takes her down into a modified Dis-Arm-Her.

Becky turns that into a 2 count. More back and forth, pin attempts between the two. Becky sends Belair into the corner but she counters and drops Becky with a shoulder, then a dropkick, and another dropkick. Belair stands tall for a pop now. Becky with a suplex, then she holds it for another vertical suplex but this time she holds the champ in the air. Becky kicks out at 2. Belair dodges a charge in the corner. They trade counters and Becky rolls her but Belair kicks her face-first into the turnbuckle. Belair catches her with a Gutbuster for a close 2 count.

Belair looks to mount some offense but Belair smacks her with her hair, then goes for the Glam-Slam but Becky rolls her for 2. Belair counters that with a cradle for 2. They trade pin attempts once again. Belair avoids the Dis-Arm-Her but Becky tries again. Belair powers up, lifting Becky by her leg. They both tumble over the top rope to the floor. We go to commercial with both competitors laid out at ringside.

Back from the break and Belair goes for a suplex but it’s countered into a roll-up. Becky goes into the arm bar next but Belair counters and lifts her for a powerbomb but Becky fights back and pins her for 2. Belair powers up again and this time nails the powerbomb for a close 2 count. Belair and Becky are both down once again as the referee checks on them. Belair scoops Becky but it’s countered. Belair fights off an inverted DDT attempt. They fight in the corner now. Becky goes to the top but Belair rocks her.

Belair presses Becky high in the air from the top turnbuckle, then drops her to the mat. Belair with the handspring into a moonsault but Becky gets her knees up for a 2 count. Lynch comes back with the Man-Handle Slam for a close 2 count as Belair gets the bottom rope just in time to save it. Becky can’t believe it and has a few words with the referee as Belair rolls to the floor for a breather.

Fans do dueling chants now. Becky runs the ropes for a baseball slide but Belair catches her and drops her back face-first into the announce table. Belair quickly rolls Becky back in but she kicks out just in time. Belair with another quick attempt. Becky fights in from the apron and kicks Belair in the head. Becky misses a stomp from the top and has to roll through. They tangle and Belair hits the Glam Slam but Becky once again kicks out. Belair is frustrated now as she goes to the top but has to roll through as Becky moves. Belair misses a corner clothesline.

Belair goes for the KOD but Becky hangs on to the top turnbuckle, and rips the cover off, then escapes to her feet. Belair gets sent right back into the exposed turnbuckle and Becky uses a handful of tights to roll her up for the pin to retain.

Winner: Becky Lynch

– After the match, the music hits as Becky heads to the entrance-way with the title. Belair sits up and looks disappointed in the ring as we go to replays. Becky stands tall on the stage to recover.

– Kevin Patrick is backstage with Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio. Rey says Austin Theory is talented but he’s also arrogant and disrespectful. Rey goes on and says he loves how his son stood up to Theory last week. Theory appears and says it’s an honor to step in the ring with Rey tonight. Theory says Rey is a hero to him, but it’s a shame they never got to take their selfie photo before, but he will take it tonight when he beats Rey, like he did his son last week. Dominik steps up and says Theory better show respect to his dad. Rey has a few more threatening words for Theory before his music hits and he walks off while Theory takes a selfie.

Rey Mysterio vs. Austin Theory

We go back to the ring and out comes Rey Mysterio with Dominik Mysterio. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and The Mysterios wait in the ring as Austin Theory makes his way out. We see Theory’s post-match selfie with Jeff Hardy from last week. The bell rings and they lock up. Theory powers Rey back into the corner and backs off, but jabs at him to get a feel. They go at it and Rey gets knocked out of the ring as Theory taunts him.

Rey rushes back in and unloads on Theory in the corner. Theory with a boot to the gut and a headlock to take over. They run the ropes and Rey connects with a hurricanrana takedown for a pop. Rey mounts Theory in the corner with right hands. Theory grabs Rey but gets taken down again. Finn Balor vs. Chad Gable is confirmed for tonight. Theory mounts offense with a stomp to the heart and a Fisherman’s suplex for another close 2 count.

They tangle again and Theory gets a modified Torture Rack applied while staring Dominik down. Theory drops Rey into a backbreaker, still taunting Dominik. Theory invites Dominik to come into the ring. Rey takes advantage and looks to attack but Theory nails a big rolling dropkick from the apron for a 2 count. They tangle and Rey sends Theory through the ropes to the floor.

Rey whips Theory but Theory counters and Rey gets sent into the barrier. Theory scoops Rey onto his shoulder but Dominik comes from behind, uses his dad’s leg to spin him around, which spins Theory into a tornado DDT on the floor. We go to commercial with Theory down at ringside.

Back from the break and Theory has control of Rey in the ring as Dominik rallies from ringside. Theory with a backbreaker in the middle of the ring. Theory takes Rey to the top for a superplex but Rey resists. Rey slides down and yanks Theory’s leg out, sending him crashing down into the turnbuckles and the corner. Rey sends Theory into the ring post now with a hurricanrana. Rey goes to the top and hits the seated senton. Rey runs the ropes and hits a crossbody for a close 2 count. Theory rolls in from the apron with another big dropkick but Rey comes right back with a dropkick of his own, and they’re both down now.

Rey flies but Theory counters in mid-air and then hits a belly-to-back suplex. Theory dropkicks Dominik and knocks him back on the floor. Rey counters a move and sends Theory into position for 619. Dominik slaps Theory as Rey runs for 619, then Rey nails 619. The referee caught Dominik slapping Theory, and he calls the match.

Winner by DQ: Austin Theory

– After the match, Theory grabs his phone and leaves as Rey and Dominik argue with the referee and fans boo. Theory takes a selfie as we go to replays with Rey and Dominik having words in the middle of the ring.

– We see how Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio in the Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match last week, to become the new #1 contender to WWE Champion Big E.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Seth Rollins as a bunch of pyro goes off. Rollins is holding his WWE Title contract that he retrieved last week, and he’s all smiles. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins is fired up in the ring. He brags about last week’s win, and this being his show now. Rollins says he was drafted to RAW to be the face of it, and the only thing missing now is a title around his waist. He says fortunately for all of us, the contract in his hand guarantees that we are looking at the next WWE Champion. Fans boo. Rollins wants to go over the fine print of the contract now. The music interrupts and out comes WWE Champion Big E to a pop.’

Big E knocks Rollins for not shaking his hand like a real man after last week’s main event. Big E says it did bother him a little bit, but he talked to his aunt and she told him not to worry about it because there’s something deeply wrong with Rollins’ mind. Big E is in the ring now. Rollins remembers things differently. He remembers coming to the ring and challenging Big E, who told him he had to earn it and prove himself. The back & forth on the mic continues and Rollins takes shots at Kofi Kingston and King Xavier Woods. Big E isn’t having that. He proposes a title match between the two for tonight. The crowd pops but Rollins tells Big E to slow it down, back it up, think about this for a minute. Fans boo as Rollins says the people do not want to see that. Rollins says everyone knows he’s not 100% after last week’s Ladder Match, and he’s not falling into that trip. Rollins says scrap that idea and let’s do it when he’s 100%. The music interrupts and out comes Kevin Owens to a pop. Rollins starts ranting at Owens and says he has no business being out here. Owens doesn’t care how Rollins feels. Owens heard them arguing over who is the face of RAW. He says Big E has a strong claim and he’s a great champion at that, but Rollins is a delusional dumbass, and the proof is the suit he’s wearing.

Owens has also heard Bianca Belair and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch say they’re the face of RAW, and they also have valid points, but Owens feels like we’re over-looking… this face right here! This handsome face of integrity and charm should be considered, he says. Owens gets fired up about how he gives it his all in the ring, and says he can’t remember the last time it worked out for him, and it might be 3 more months or 3 more years but he will continue to give it his all while he’s in WWE. He goes on and proposes a match with Big E for tonight. Rollins doesn’t like this idea. Big E says there will be just one face of RAW but Owens makes a point – they haven’t faced each other. Big E says it’s on with Owens. Big E and Owens have some friendly words as the music hits and Rollins makes his exit.

– We see footage from earlier today of Queen Zelina Vega and Carmella walking backstage together, complimenting each other. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley walk up, but the two teams end up having words. Ripley defends Nikki and says she won’t let them hurt her feelings. Nikki issues a challenge and Vega accepts. Carmella laughs as they walk off.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley vs. Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega

We go back to the ring and out first for this non-title match are WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and WWE Champion Big E vs. Kevin Owens in a non-title match is confirmed for the main event. We go back to the ring and out comes Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega. The bell rings and Carmella goes to the ringside area to put her protective mask on. Ripley meets Vega in the middle of the ring and they argue to start. Ripley shoves Vega down into the corner.

Carmella tags in now and taunts Ripley, then slaps her in the face. Ripley seethes as Carmella taunts her. Ripley levels Carmella with a stiff headbutt, then unloads on her with strikes. Ripley with a dropkick to the back of the head.

We see Liv Morgan, Doudrop, Natalya and Tamina Snuka backstage watching. Nikki ends up tagging in and getting the upperhand on Carmella. Vega runs in but Nikki sends her into Ripley’s boot in the corner. Carmella and Vega end up on the floor together. Nikki leaps from the apron and takes them both down with a crossbody for a pop. Nikki celebrates at ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Carmella dominates Ripley, grounding her in the middle of the ring. Ripley finally slams Carmella and tags in Nikki. Nikki unloads on both opponents, knocking Carmella to the floor. Nikki mounts Vega in the corner with right hands as the crowd counts along with her. Nikki with the swinging neckbreaker for a close 2 count as Carmella kicks her in the face to break it up. Carmella dumps Ripley to the floor as we see the other female Superstars backstage watching.

Ripley gets Carmella on her shoulders but Carmella sends her face-first into the ring post. Carmella comes back and sends Ripley into the barrier to put her down. Carmella and Vega double team Nikki after coming back in now. Vega turns it into a Code Red for the pin to win.

Winners: Queen Zelina and Carmella

– After the match, Vega and Carmella stand tall together and celebrate as the music hits. Ripley is down at ringside and Nikki is down in the ring.

– The announcers remind fans to vote for The Miz on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

– We see Big E backstage warming up when Alpha Academy approaches. Chad Gable says Seth Rollins was right when he said Big E doesn’t have what it takes to be the face of RAW, but that can change with Gable’s help. Big E says all Gable can help him with is becoming a walking thumb like Otis. Gable brags about graduating from Full Sail University and what he’s done with Otis in recent months, and says he can do the same with Big E. Gable tells Big E not to come crying when he becomes another footnote in history as RAW becomes Monday Night Rollins once again. Gable tells Big E to watch what he does when he goes out and turns The Prince into a peasant. Gable walks off as Otis stares at Big E. Big E dismisses him and we go back to the ring.

Finn Balor vs. Chad Gable

We go back to the ring and out first comes Finn Balor. Balor hits the ring and poses in the corner as fans cheer him on. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a “coming soon” vignette for Veer Mahaan. We go back to the ring and out comes Chad Gable with Otis. Gable and Balor lock up to start the bout. They trade holds and counters. Gable grounds Balor from behind but Balor fights up and out. They trade more counters on their feet until Gable takes Balor down face-first. Balor grounds Gable now. Gable mounts some offense but Balor rolls through on a roll-up, then nails a dropkick.

Gable turns it back around and goes to work on Balor’s knee now as Otis looks on from ringside. Balor kicks Gable away but Gable works on the knee some more. They trade counters again and Gable runs into boots in the corner. Balor keeps fighting and nails a takedown, then a double stomp to the chest. Balor with a Slingblade as fans cheer him on. Balor calls for the corner dropkick but Gable blocks it and nails a jackknife cover for 2. Gable goes right into the ankle lock now. Balor goes for the bottom rope but Gable pulls him back and tightens it. Balor breaks it and drops down into the arm bar. Gable gets out of that and goes back to the ankle lock.

Balor breaks the hold and delivers another double stomp. Balor gets up and he’s limping now. Balor with a big chop, and another into the corner. They trade counters and Gable nails a Northern Lights suplex for 2, then rolls through and ends up nailing a German suplex for another close pin attempt. Gable goes to the top for a moonsault but Balor gets his knees up.

Balor nails the running dropkick into the corner. Balor rolls Gable over and limps back to the top. Balor goes for the Coup de Grace but Gable runs and meets him up top. Gable with a huge superplex but Balor holds them down on the mat and turns it into a cradle for the pin to win.

Winner: Finn Balor

– After the match, Balor stands tall and limps to the stage as his music hits. We go to replays. Gable and Otis seethe in the ring as Balor heads up the ramp, smiling back at the ring.

– We see how Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler became #1 contenders last week, but lost to RAW Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle in the same night. Riddle is riding his scooter backstage now when Ziggler and Roode stop him. Riddle rants to the Dirty Dawgs about being a big fan of dogs, and wondering if they have dogs as their spirit animals. Ziggler and Roode are annoyed like everyone is with Riddle. Ziggler says they have a match with The Street Profits tonight, with Orton and Riddle on commentary. Ziggler tells Riddle to pay attention because last week’s loss was a fluke as they had already wrestled earlier in the night. Ziggler says Riddle and Orton got lucky last week. Roode says they’ve had a week to rest so tonight they’re going to beat The Street Profits again, and then they’re coming to take the titles. Roode and Ziggler tell Riddle they want the smoke, then they walk off.

The Street Profits vs. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

We go back to the ring and out first are The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. The red Solo cups fall from the rafters as Ford and Dawkins head to the ring. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see footage from last week as Titus O’Neil officially unveiled his Thaddeus M. Bullard Academy at Sligh Middle Magnet School in Hillsborough County, Florida. We go back to the ring and out come The Dirty Dawgs – Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Out next are RAW Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle to join the announcers for commentary.

Ford and Roode lock up to start the match and Roode controls with a headlock. They run the ropes and Ford nails a big arm drag as fans chant “Randy!” now. Dawkins comes in for a double team on Roode for a 2 count. Ziggler tags in and takes over on Dawkins, planting him face-first. The crowd continues chanting for Orton.

Roode tags back in and they briefly double team Dawkins. Dawkins launches Roode with a big overhead throw. Dawkins with a leaping corkscrew elbow on Roode in the corner. Roode fights Dawkins off and drapes him over the middle rope. Roode looks out at Orton and goes for his signature draping DDT, which causes Orton and Riddle to stand up from their chairs and stare Roode down, but Dawkins counters and back-drops Roode to the floor. Ziggler comes over in front of the announce table but Ford runs and leaps off the steel steps, taking Ziggler down while Dawkins stares down Orton and Riddle. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Roode is in control of Dawkins, covering for a close 2 count and talking some more trash. Ziggler tags back in and they keep Dawkins near their corner. Ziggler puts boots to Dawkins in the corner to keep him down. Ziggler distracts the referee while Roode man-handles Dawkins in the corner as fans boo. Roode tags back in and whips Ziggler into Dawkins in the corner. Roode then catches Dawkins out of the corner with a neckbreaker for 2. Roode with another quick cover for 2.

Ziggler tags back in and keeps Dawkins in their corner. Dawkins catches a superkick and ends up hitting the Silencer in the middle of the ring. Dawkins and Ziggler are both down now. Roode tags in and stops Dawkins from making the tag. Dawkins catches him with a big overhead suplex. Ford tags in and flies off the top with a crossbody to Roode. Ford knocks Ziggler off the apron to the floor. Ford and Roode go at it with Ford getting the upperhand and showing off with push-ups. Ford mounts offense on Roode and drops him with an enziguri. Ford with a Blockbuster to Roode for a close 2 count as Ziggler makes the save. Ziggler and Ford tangle but Ford tosses him to the floor. Roode rolls Ford for a 2 count. Ford drops him into a Crucifix pin for a closer 2 count.

Ziggler tags in as Roode blocks an enziguri. Ziggler follows up with a big tornado DDT to Ford but somehow Ford kicks out and Ziggler can’t believe it. Dawkins runs in and knocks his opponents, sending Ziggler to the floor. Roode and Ziggler have Dawkins on the floor now, sending him face-first into the ring post. Ford follows up with a double bulldog to Roode and Ziggler on the floor. Riddle and Orton pop at the move. Ford brings Ziggler back into the ring but he’s distracted by Omos making his way out.

Omos marches to the ring as WWE officials try to get him to head back to the back. Ziggler takes advantage of Ford being distracted, and drops him with a Zig Zag or a superkick for the pin to win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

– After the match, Omos is all smiles as he looks on at Ford from ringside. Dawkins attacks but Omos takes him out with ease. Ford then flies from the ring but Omos catches him and launches him into the barrier. Omos barks at ringside now but Riddle comes over and tries to attack him. Omos also man-handles Riddle. Fans chant for Orton and he looks on from the announce table. Omos and Orton yell at each other from different sides of the ring on the floor. Orton readies for a fight as officials try to calm things.

– We see what happened last week with T-BAR and Damian Priest. Priest is backstage now with Kevin Patrick, who asks what brought out “that side” of Priest last week. Priest says that side has always been there but he keeps it up unless needed because someone will get hurt. He goes on about how he gives respect and commands it, but T-BAR disrespected him last week. Priest goes on and says last week was an introduction for T-BAR, but this week in the No DQ match he has the chance to get very acquainted with the Damian in him. Priest walks off.

No DQ Match: WWE United States Champion Damian Priest vs. T-BAR

We go back to the ring for this non-title Do DQ match as WWE United States Champion Damian Priest makes his way out to a pop. Priest marches to the ring and stands tall as fans cheer him on. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes T-BAR as Priest waits in the ring. We see pre-recorded comments from T-BAR, who says Priest is a fraud and tonight he will be prey for T-BAR to feast on. The bell rings and they begin brawling in the middle of the ring. Priest unloads with kicks and a jab to the face. Priest clotheslines T-BAR over the top rope to the floor. They trade offense and T-BAR knees Priest in the gut.

More back and forth at ringside. Priest counters and launches T-BAR into the barrier. Priest brings a table from under the ring as fans cheer him on. T-BAR comes over and rocks Priest with a big boot to the chest. T-BAR launches Priest back into the barrier to put him down. T-BAR stands a table up on its legs at ringside. Priest fights back but T-BAR jabs him and unloads with forearms. T-BAR goes for a powerbomb through the table but Priest fights off his shoulders. T-BAR dodges a big boot and sends Priest face-first into the ring post.

The referee checks on Priest. T-BAR slowly brings Priest back into the ring. More back and forth now. Priest with a big kick from the apron. Priest goes to the top but T-BAR boots him and he goes down. They end up in the corner now and T-BAR nails a super Samoan Drop to the mat. They both hit hard and we go to commercial with Priest down on the mat.

Back from the break and T-BAR drops Priest for a 1 count. They get up and trade big strikes in the middle of the ring. Priest levels T-BAR with a jumping kick to the head. Priest with a flying knee into the corner. Priest ducks a shot and drops T-BAR with a spinning heel kick. Priest keeps control and hits the Broken Arrow for 2. T-BAR shoves Priest into the corner but runs into an elbow. Priest goes up top but T-BAR grabs him and chokeslams him over his knee into a big backbreaker. Priest kicks out at 2 and T-BAR can’t believe it.

T-BAR traps Priest in the ring ropes by his arms now. T-BAR kicks away and nails a running boot to the head while Priest is trapped. T-BAR goes under the ring and tosses a steel chair into the ring as fans pop, then another chair. T-BAR brings a kendo stick into the ring now. T-BAR with kendo stick shots to the chest while Priest is trapped in the ropes. T-BAR unloads with kendo stick shots now, breaking the stick. Priest kicks at T-BAR, then gets free and turns him inside out with a big lariat. T-BAR and Priest are both down in the middle of the ring now.

Priest picks up a steel chair as fans cheer him on. Priest with a big chair shot over the back. Priest unloads with many more chair shots now, then tosses the chair at T-BAR’s head while he’s down. Priest picks T-BAR up after he rolls to the apron, then chokeslams him from the ring through the table set up at ringside. Priest stands tall and yells out as fans cheer him on.

Priest struggles in rolling T-BAR back into the ring but he gets him and then follows. Priest drags T-BAR to the middle of the ring and lifts him for The Reckoning, dropping him on his head for the pin to win.

Winner: Damian Priest

– After the match, Priest stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Priest yells out but Apollo Crews interrupts and comes to the stage with Commander Azeez. Crews introduces himself, then Azeez, as fans boo. Crews says they have come to breathe new life into RAW, but Priest does not need to worry because they will become acquainted soon enough, and Priest will have the privilege and honor to meet Crews in battle. Crews says Priest will lose his title.

– John Morrison is backstage meditating when WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie walks up and asks how it’s going looking for his inner chi. Morrison says he’s close to a breakthrough. Reggie doesn’t know what that means, but good luck. R-Truth, Drake Maverick and Akira Tozawa appear and try to get Reggie for his title, but Reggie leaps and flips away to escape as usual. Morrison gives them some advice but they just argue. Drake appears in between them and they say his plan isn’t working. Truth and Tozawa consider a plan of their own as they walk off.

– Still to come, The Man will speak. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a SmackDown Breakdown looking at recent blue brand episodes.

– The announcers show us what happened earlier in the opener as Becky Lynch retained the RAW Women’s Title over Bianca Belair. Lynch is backstage with Sarah Schreiber now. Lynch dismisses Schreiber bringing up how she used tricks to win the match. Lynch wants to talk about how she received some boos tonight. She talks about others not knowing what success is like, and says the fans booed her because they are fickle, and they can’t take her being at the top. She also says there’s nothing wrong with doing what it takes to stay champion. Lynch goes on about how she proved Belair is not on her level tonight, and it’s time for her to get to the back of the line so someone new can step up. Liv Morgan appears behind Becky now. Becky turns around and they have a brief staredown before Becky walks off.

– Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens are backsatage tonight. Rollins says they don’t have to be friends but since Big E is trying to make a fool out of him, he wants to help Owens get the win tonight, and then when he wins the WWE Title, he will give Owens the first shot. Owens says if Rollins wants to come see why Owens should be the face of RAW, that’s no problem, but if he even thinks about getting involved in the match, especially wearing the suit, he won’t like how Owens handles it. Rollins says that’s fine, Owens can do his thing and Rollins will do his, but Owens’ “just keep fighting” thing isn’t working for him at all. Rollins says Owens can just keep fighting, while he just keeps winning. Rollins laughs and walks off.

WWE Champion Big E vs. Kevin Owens

We go back to the ring for tonight’s non-title main event as WWE Champion Big E makes his way out. Big E runs the ropes as fans cheer him on and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and announced for RAW Talk are Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Finn Balor and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. We go back to the ring and Kevin Owens makes his way out while Big E waits. The bell hits and they lock up for the first time. Big E shoves Owens away. Owens rolls Big E out of nowhere for a quick 1 count.

Big E and Owens go for a test of strength but Owens takes him down into a headlock. Big E fights up and turns it around. Big E runs the ropes but Owens levels him with a big shoulder. Owens yells out for a pop from the crowd. Owens then taunts Big E while he’s down. Big E comes back and drops Owens with a big elbow, then talks some trash back at him. Big E scoops Owens for the Big Ending but Owens counters it with an inverted DDT. Big E kicks out at 2.

Owens keeps control and unloads on Big E with elbows to keep him down. Owens with a leg drop for a 2 count. Owens with big chops into the corner now. Big E fights back with right hands. Owens knees him in the gut. Big E runs into a boot in the corner. Owens with a missile dropkick from the middle rope. Big E rolls to the floor for a breather. Owens runs but Big E runs back in and catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex, then another. Owens blocks a third suplex with a headbutt. Big E blocks a Stunner but Owens sends him over the top rope to the floor.

Big E pulls Owens’ legs to trip him, putting him on his back on the apron. Big E works Owens over and goes for the big running apron splash but Owens moves out of the way. Big E lands hard and falls to the floor. Owens then runs the apron and delivers the cannonball from the apron to the floor for a pop. Owens with a big senton on the floor at ringside now. The music interrupts and out comes Seth Rollins to boos. Owens looks on from ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Owens has Big E up top as they trade big shots. Rollins watches from a chair at ringside. Owens delivers a big superplex and Rollins laughs with his contract in-hand. Owens rocks Big E with right hands now but Big E fights back as he gets to his feet. They trade big strikes in the middle of the ring. Owens charges and rocks Big E but he takes it and gets hyped up. They butt heads now and trade huge strikes and slaps. They collide with clotheslines but are still up. Big E blocks the Stunner and comes back with a big shoulder to take Owens off his feet. Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex but he misses the running splash to the mat in the middle of the ring.

Owens superkicks Big E while he’s on his knees. Owens delivers a big corner cannonball now. Owens goes to the top for the senton and he nails it. Big E kicks out just in time. Owens finally picks Big E back up but can’t hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb. Big E runs into a knee while Owens is on the apron. Big E comes back and slams Owens out of the corner with the Uranage for another close 2 count. Big E takes Owens back to the top now as fans rally for the champ.

Big E climbs up but Owens fights back with right hands. Owens headbutts Big E to the mat. Owens stands up for the big senton but this time Big E gets his knees up and Owens lands hard. Big E runs the ropes while Owens is on the apron now. Big E delivers the big Spear, sending Owens from the apron to the floor. Big E brings it back into the ring and readies for the Big Ending. Owens slides out of it and shoves Big E into the turnbuckles, but they collide as the back of Big E’s head knocks the front of Owens’ head, and they both go down.

The referee checks on Owens as Rollins runs over and decks Big E with a cheap shot to boos from the crowd. Owens also sees this and he’s not happy. Rollins goes up the ramp as Owens shakes his head in anger, but still covers Big E anyway. Big E counters the pin and rolls Owens over for the pin to win.

Winner: Big E

– After the match, Big E stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Big E and Owens have some words in the ring now. Owens grabs a mic and says he knows how that looked, but he had nothing to do with it. Big E says he saw what happened, apparently not believing Owens. Owens apologizes and says this is all Rollins’ fault, calling him a stupid son of a bitch. Rollins pleads on the stage. Owens challenges Rollins to a match on next week’s show and calls him a bitch again. Owens apologizes to Big E again but Big E says he doesn’t care. Big E insists Owens saw Rollins hit him. Owens continues to apologize. Big E scoops Owens and drops him with the Big Ending to a pop. Rollins is all smiles as he watches from the stage. Big E clutches the WWE Title and drops down to one knee while barking at Owens, who is down on the mat. Big E makes his exit and raises the WWE Title in the air, telling Rollins to come and get it. RAW goes off the air.

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