Big E on Making $500 a Week After Signing with WWE

Oct 31, 2021 - by Bill Fenbers

On a recent edition of the syndicated Breakfast Club radio show, Big E spoke about how he went from making $500 a week when he began with WWE in 2009, to where he’s now financially comfortable.

“I got signed in 2009, I was under WWE contract, but I wasn’t on TV. I was assigned to the developmental system. At that time, I’m making $500 a week. We’re talking $26,000 a year. Not much money. The money definitely went for me when I got to the main roster. We have certain people who might be making $300,000, we also have certain people who are making millions of dollars. I’ve been fortunate enough to be…I’m taken care of.”

You can watch the interview with Big E on YouTube by clicking here.

SOURCE: Fightful


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