Jim Ross to start a cannabis farm

Oct 29, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

AEW announcer Jim Ross is planning to get into the cannabis business.

Ross recently revealed on his “Grilling JR” podcast how he is opening a medical marijuana farm in Oklahoma with his youngest daughter and her husband.

“My youngest daughter and her husband and I and another guy, a lawyer, are getting ready to start a cannabis farm,” JR revealed. “We’re looking at the working title of ‘Black Hat Farms.’ I bought some land in Oklahoma recently for the grow houses and all the things. That’s gonna be their life, that’s a big deal. She’s got a great job in marketing. She’s not gonna quit that, I wouldn’t even let her consider that. So, I’m excited about that for my kids.”

He continued, “I figured out it was probably smarter to leave them things while I was alive and sort through all the heartbreak and the minutiae and the legal stuff, the probate courts and all these things after I was gone. It’s gonna be hard enough after I’m gone simply because I’ve got so much memorabilia. I need a clever, creative way to have somebody that knows what the hell they’re doing come into my home, inventory my memorabilia, then figure out the best way to pair it down.”

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