Impact Wrestling Report, 10/28/21

Oct 28, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from this week’s episode of Impact!  Coverage begins at 8pm.

The show opens to the entrance of the  new Impact World Champion, Moose.  He cashed in after Josh Alexander captured the championship against Christian, using his option after winning the battle royal at Bound For Glory.   The champion is dressed in a suit.  The fans are mixed at best in a reaction to the new champ.  Before Moose can address the crowd, Eddie Edwards tries unsuccessfully to attack the champion with a kendo stick.  Eddie exits and Moose goes back to the mic saying he is the best champion in the World.  He mentions Josh Alexander and that he has put in way more time than him.  Josh then enters and attacks Moose.  Moose runs off with the belt to the crowd.  Minoru Suzuki enters and he attacks Josh Alexander.  They trade strong style blows until security shows up to break up the skirmish.

Chris Sabin will take out Ace Austin and The Inspiration will be in the Impact Zone tonight.

Gia Miller interviews Moose backstage.  She asks if he is ready to be the target.  He says he knows he is a bad guy with a target, but he is the one guy who can handle it.  Matt Cardona walks up and says the way he won the title wasn’t respectful.  Moose dismisses him and Cardona hits him.  They battle and are separated.

Match 1.  Rocky Romero VS X Division Champion, Trey Miguel

Romero is a NJPW star.  He will be a great first test for the new champion.  They lock up collar and elbow.  Trey and Rocky counter each other off the hold and they fans love it.  Romero finally bails after Trey hits a stinging arm drag.  Romero counters Trey climbing the ropes and hits a arm ringer.  Trey hits a basement dropkick to the outside and then hits a moonsault to the floor.

Back from break, Romero has gained control and slowed down the match.  Romero locks in the Triangle, but Trey picks him up out of it into a powerslam.  The two stand up and start trading blows.  Trey hits a standing high knee, then a mediora.. Romero rolls threw into a single leg crab.  Trey rolls threw.  Great sequence.

Trey hits a brainbuster, then to the top.  He hits another meteora and gets the pin.

Winner and still X Division Champion, Trey Miguel.

Steve Maclin jumps Trey post match and hits a big spear.  He stand tall.

Gia backstage, asks Jordynne Grace what it is like to be the Digital Media Champion.  Rachel Ellering is with her.  Tasha Steelz and Savanah Evans enter and start talking trash.  Ellering says lets not chit chat, lets fight.  The segment ends.

Maclin cuts a promo challenging Trey backstage.  Scott D’Amore says you are owed nothing.  He will make him qualify for a shot next week.  Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards both approach Scott and both want to challenge for the World Title.  Scott says he wants to set up a 6 man tag with Josh Alexander next week.  Moose will have to find teammates.  We see Josh beating up a ref down the isle.  Scott runs to him and calls him down.  Josh says Moose screwed him over in front of his family.  Scott explains the match next week and that Josh needs to beat Moose for his family and Impact Wrestling.

Match 2.  Tasha Steelz (Savanah Evans) VS Rachel Ellering (with Jordynne Grace)

Rachel gets the early upper hand with power moves, but the crafty Steelz trips her up as she re-enters the ring after bailing.  Steelz lays in some boots and some stiff kicks that lead to a DDT off the ropes for a two count.

Steelz stays on the offensive and pulls Ellering down to the floor by her hair.  Ellering gets up in anger and starts throwing forearms, but Steelz sidesteps the last one and hits a pump kick that spills Ellering to the floor.  Grace helps her partner back in the ring.  Ellering hits a discuss punch and suplex, for a two count.

Rachel gets a backslide off a lockup and gets the pin.

Winner.  Rachel Ellering

W Morrissey is backstage and has a vignette.  He says he now stands alone.  The alliance with Moose is over.  Out of nowhere, Moose walks in and he says he just screwed him, before he screwed him.  He says they new that going in.  Moose then asks him to be one of his partners next week.  W agrees.

The Inspiration are with Gia backstage.  They are all exchanging beauty tips.  Gia asks what they will give to Impact.  They say they are here to give back and be an inspiration.  They cut Gia off and say it was nice speaking with her.  They then dismiss her.

Match 3.  Joe Doering (with VBD) VS Heath (with Rhino)

Doering is a beast.  This is a lot for Heath, but Heath connects with a quick flurry, but Doering hits a crossbody.  Joe slows the match choking Heath.  Heath punches out, but Doering shoulders him off the ropes to the floor.

Deaner jumps the ring and attacks Heath.  Rhino enters and attacks  Deaner.  EY pleads to Rhino.. don’t hit me, I’m injured.  Rhino hesitates and Deaner hits him from behind.  EY then attacks Rhino.  He is healed.  He heads to the top and elbows Rhino.  EY then piledrives Heath to end the segment.

No Contest.

The Good Brothers start talking smack backstage about how they beat everyone at BFG.  Fin Juice enter and say they didn’t lose the match.  The two teams banter back and forth verbally.  The Good Brothers tell them they need to earn another shot at the belts.  Then they walk off calling them nerds.

Gia is with the Demon backstage, Johnny Swinger cuts everything off and says a hilarious promo about the Demon screwing him.  Decay enters and Swinger exits.  It looks like the Demon is in Decay.

Mickie James enter the Impact Zone and ring.  A Mickie chant breaks out for the new Knockouts Champion.  She says the belt wasn’t on her mind when she came back, but she wouldn’t turn down the chance to be champion.  The fans chant, she deserves it.  She thanks Deonna Purrazzo for giving her the best match of her life.  She knows she will be back, along with the rest of the roster.  Just then, Kaleb with a K enters with Madison Rayne.  Rayne says she is always left out as a cornerstone of the Impact Women’s division.  Rayne says while you jump from promotion to promotion, she has always been there.  Rayne tells her not to get used to being champion.  She challenges Mickie for a match next week.  She mentions Mickie is a 4 time champ, but she is a 5 time champ.  Mickie agrees and tells Rayne to bring her photographer (Kaleb) to take a picture of her losing.  Kaleb mouths off to Mickie and she slaps him.  Kaleb and Madison leave, but have their match.

Moose and W Morrissey tell Gia they are working on a 3rd partner.  They approach Minoru Suzuki.  Suzuki smiles.. Fist pumps.. and Smiles.  The six man is set.  Wow.  That is awesome.

Match 4.  Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) VS Chris Sabin

The story is that Fulton cost Sabin the Cash In, Battle Royal at BFG.

Sabin and Ace jockey for position.  This is going to be fast.  Sabin gets a quick roll up for a two count that pisses Ace off.   Fans are chanting for both competitors.  Sabin hits a monkey flip off the top, then a ranna.  He follows it up with a dragon screw leg whip.  Sabin then locks on a surf board.  Ace breaks the hold, but is hurt right away.

Somehow Ace sidesteps a splash and hits a knee strike.  He is selling the injury hard.  Ace stomps Sabin a few times.  Sabin seems to be neutralized.  Ace slows the match down with suplexes and stomps.  He gets a two count.  Ace then locks on a armbar, while sitting on Sabin’s back.  He then paper cuts him with a playing card.  Vintage Ace Austin….

Ace’s knee looks recovered and is now in control.  He hits a leg drop as we go to break.

Back from break, Ace is still in control.  He is working the legs of Sabin.  Sabin retreats to the floor for a rest.  He gets back in, but Ace locks on a front face lock.  He then suplexes him.  Ace misses a Alabama Jam from the top.  Sabin tries to shake it off.  The two trade blows.  Sabin hits a forearm off the ropes and then a backdrop.  He then hits his running boot, into a suplex.  Sabin gets a 2 count.

Ace kicks Sabin, then Sabin hits a back elbow.  Sabin trips Ace into the ropes.  Dangerous spot, Ace hit the ropes hard.  If you saw the Rey Mysterio a few years ago, you know what this looks like.  Ace suplexes Sabin.  Sabin hits a huge kick to the face.  Ace is selling the face plant on the ropes.  He may have a broken nose.  Fulton pushes his nose in place.  Gross.  Ace goes for the Fold.., Sabin counters with a kick.  Sabin hits a DDT, but Ace kicks out at two.  What a match.

Sabin goes to the top, but Ace meets him with a forearm.  The two grapple until Ace falls.  Fulton interferes.  Sabin fights him off..  Fulton then chokes him on the ropes and Ace hits the Fold.

Winner by pinfall.   Ace Austin.

Ace and Fulton celebrate to end the show.





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