10/27/21 AEW Dynamite Coverage

Oct 27, 2021 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Boston, Massachusetts.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Bobby Fish vs. CM Punk
Punk drops Fish with a side-headlock take down, and keeps the hold applied on the mat. Fish gets to his feet and sends Punk off the ropes, but Punk drops him with a shoulder tackle. Punk goes for the cover, but Fish kicks out and backs Punk into the corner. Fish delivers a few shots and drops Punk with a snap-mare. Fish applies a rear choke, but Punk fights out. Fish delivers knee strikes, but Punk comes back with some of his own. Punk drops an elbow and locks in a rear chin-lock. Fish gets to his feet, but Punk drops him with a shoulder tackle. Fish comes back, but Punk drops him with a trio of scoop slams. Punk goes for another cover, but Fish kicks out. Punk delivers a knee in the corner and goes for the GTS, but Fish holds onto the ropes. Fish delivers a knee strike, and follows with body strikes. Fish drops Punk to the mat and connects with a senton. Fish goes for the cover, but Punk kicks out. Fish keeps Punk grounded and locks in a rear choke, but Punk gets to his feet and clotheslines Fish to the floor. Punk drops Fish with a dive into the barricade and tosses Fish back into the ring.
Punk goes up top, but Fish rolls back to the floor. Fish clips Punk’s knee on the apron and gets him back into the ring. Fish goes for the cover, but Punk kicks out. Fish drops Punk with a back suplex and delivers an inverted dragon-screw leg-whip. Fish grapevine’s Punk’s leg and works over his knee. Fish sends Punk to the floor and slams him into the barricade. Fish delivers shots and kicks, but Punk fires back with some of his own. Fish takes control back and gets Punk back into the ring. Fish delivers a knee strike in the corner, and follows with right hands and kicks. Fish wraps Punk’s knee around the ropes and delivers a forearm shot. Fish sets Punk up top and delivers another forearm. Fish clubs Punk across the back and climbs up. They exchange shots and Punk knocks Fish back to the mat. Punk connects with an elbow drop and they exchange shots on the mat. They fight to their feet, but Fish kicks Punk’s knee again. Fish connects with more kicks and comes off the ropes, but Punk delivers a leg lariat. Punk delivers a neck-breaker, and follows with a knee strike in the corner.
Punk drops Fish with a clothesline and goes for the cover, but Fish kicks out. Punk goes for the GTS, but Fish counters and drops him with a dragon-screw leg-whip. Fish delivers a sliding clothesline, but Punk comes back with a jack-knife cover for two. Fish bridges out, but Punk comes back and hits the GTS for the pin fall.
Winner: CM Punk

Malakai Black cuts a promo. He says he made Cody Rhodes’ family lose faith in him, and divided the Nightmare Family. Black says he forced Rhodes to take measures that he has never taken before, and made the entire crowd hate him. He says if Rhodes thinks this was about pin falls, he needs to think again, and the House of Black is not finished with the Nightmare Family.

Match #2 – Singles Match: MJF (w/Shawn Spears and Wardlow) vs. Bryce Donovan
MJF extends his hand for a handshake, but kicks Donovan in the midsection instead. MJF slams Donovan into the corner and drops him with the Heatseeker and pins him with one finger on his chest.
Winner: MJF
-After the match, calls Boston an absolute shit-hole. He says the crowd is lucky that they got to see him perform and says he would rather stick his junk in a blender than go anywhere near a woman from Boston. He insults their accents and brings up Darby Allin. He says Boston loves to cheer for losers, so it’s no wonder they cheer for Allin. MJF says Allin is too scared to show up for work, and he can’t blame him since he also knocked Sting out last week. MJF says there is nothing stopping him from his destiny, and says we are looking at the future AEW World Champion. He says he is the past, present, and future, and then Sting’s music hits. MJF starts laughing and rolling around in the ring and calls the crowd idiots and says they fell for it. He goes to talk, but then the lights go out. He blames Spears and Spears says it isn’t him. Footage plays of Allin attacking a guy in an MJF mask, and then Sting appears in the ring and attacks Spears and Wardlow with the baseball bat as MJF leaves the ring. MJF backs into the barricade, but Allin shows up behind him. Spears shoves MJF away as Allin goes after Spears. Allin gets a thumbtack skateboard as Sting drops Spears with the bat. Allin hits Wardlow in the back with the skateboard and gets a microphone. Allin challenges MJF to a match with Full Gear.

Tony Schiavone interviews Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D, who is with Jaime Hayter and Rebel. He says since Baker walked out on a match with Abadon on the Jericho Cruise, Abadon gets a rematch this Friday on Rampage, and if Abadon wins, she will get a title match. Schiavone says it will be a Trick or Treat No Disqualification Match, and Baker smiles and says she will see Abadon on Friday.

Match #3 – AEW TNT Championship Match; if Guevara loses, he must leave The Inner Circle: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Ethan Page
Gueveara attacks Page before the bell and delivers a knee strike that sends Page to the floor. Guevara takes Page out with a dive over the ropes and throws him over the timekeeper’s table. Guevara delivers right hands Guevara slams Page into the barricade and rolls him into the ring. The bell rings and they exchange right hands. Page delivers a series of forearm shots, but Guevara comes back with a dropkick. Guevara chops Page into the corner and takes him down with a snap suplex. Guevara goes for the cover, but Page kicks out. Guevara kicks Page in the back as Tony Nese watches from the crowd. Page comes back with a few shots, and then chops Guevara in the corner. Guevara comes back with a kick to the back, and follows with a thrust kick to the face. Guevara grinds his boot in Page’s face and goes up top, but Page comes back and knocks him down. Page delivers a back-breaker across the turnbuckle and drops Guevara to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Page is still in control. Page delivers a few shots, but Guevara fires back with a series of forearms. Page delivers a knee strike and goes for Ego’s Edge, but Guevara gets free and drops Page with a few strikes. Guevara spears Page in the corner and delivers an enzuigiri. Guevara drops Page with a springboard cutter, but Page comes back with a boot to the face. Guevara comes back with a Spanish Fly and goes for the cover, but Page kicks out. Page goes to the outside, but Guevara goes up top. Guevara takes Page down on the floor with a Shooting Star Press, and then rolls him back into the ring. Guevara goes for the GTH, but Page blocks it and sends him to the corner. Page charges, but Guevara meets him with an elbow. Page comes back and slams Guevara to the mat twice. Page goes for the cover, but Guevara kicks out. Page goes up top, but Guevara cuts him off. Guevara goes for an avalanche Spanish Fly, but Page counters and slams him to the mat. Page delivers a shot and goes for the cover, but Guevara kicks out. Page puts Guevara up top for an avalanche Ego’s Edge.
Guevara counters with a hurricanrana and goes for a Shooting Star Press, but Page dodges it. Page goes after Guevara, but Guevara rolls through and gets the jack-knife pin fall.
Winner and still AEW TNT Champion: Sammy Guevara
-After the match, Page attacks Guevara and Scorpio Sky comes to ringside to join the attack. The rest of the Inner Circle rush the ring as Page and Sky escape. Chris Jericho grabs a microphone and says of course the Jackasses of the Year tried to attack Guevara after the match. Jericho says he can respect Sky because he hasn’t beaten him twice, but the only thing Page has beaten lately is himself in his hotel room. Jericho says since Guevara won, there will be a Ten-Man Tag Team Match at Full Gear with Page, Sky, and America’s Top Team against The Inner Circle. Jericho says, thanks to Tony Khan, it will be a Minneapolis Street Fight, and says they will decide on which members of ATT will be in the match next week. He tells Sky and Page to tell Dan Lambert to be there, and calls Lambert a pumpkin-headed dip-shit.

Tony Schiavone interviews Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston. Kingston says he takes Zoloft every day so he doesn’t hurt everyone every day, because he is trying to live a dream. Kingston says before Danielson talks about hard work, walk a mile in his shoes. Kingston walks away, and Danielson says that’s the Kingston he wants to fight. Danielson says he has been there and has walked through it. He says he didn’t say Kingston isn’t a hard worker, because he always works his ass off. Danielson says Kingston and Jon Moxley are the two toughest professional wrestlers he has ever met, but he is going to prove that he is the best this Friday on Rampage.

Tony Schiavone interviews The Lucha Brothers backstage. They say FTR doesn’t knot the sacrifices they have had to make, and they will defend the AEW World Tag Team Championship against FTR at Full Gear.

Match #4 – AEW TBS Championship Tournament – First Round Match: Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb
They exchange front face-locks, and then Shida delivers a series of right hands. Shida kicks Deeb into the corner and stomps her to the mat. Deeb ducks to the floor and pulls Shida to the corner. Deeb wraps Shida’s knee around the ring post, but Shida comes back and pulls Deeb into the ring post. Shida tosses Deeb back onto the apron and suplexes her back into the ring. Shida goes for the cover, but Deeb kicks out. Shida slams Deeb’s face into the turnbuckle a couple of times as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Shida delivers forearm shots to Deeb and backs her into the corner. Shida sends Deeb across and delivers a running knee strike. Shida drops Deeb to the mat with another shot and goes up top. Shida delivers a missile dropkick and drops her with a delayed vertical suplex. Shida goes for the cover, but Deeb kicks out. Shida picks Deeb up, but Deeb counters with a few uppercuts. Deeb delivers an elbow, but Shida comes back with an ax kick. Shida drops Deeb with a German suplex, and follows with an inverted slam. Shida goes for the cover, but Deeb kicks out. Deeb blocks a knee strike and takes Shida down. Deeb works over Shida’s knee, but Shida sends her to the floor. Shida grabs a chair and sets it up. Deeb shoves the chair away, but Shida uses the steps for a missile dropkick. Shida rolls Deeb back into the ring, but Deeb rolls back out and pulls Shida out. Deeb slams Shida’s knee across the apron and applies a Figure Four around the ring post. Deeb goes for the Figure Four in the ring, but Shida counters with a roll-up for two. Shida delivers a Question Mark kick and follows with a knee to the jaw.
Deeb comes back and locks in a half-Boston Crab, and then turns it into an inverted Figure Four. Shida makes it to the ropes and grabs the broken trophy that she will get for her 50th win. Deeb counters her with a roll-up for two, but Shida comes back and gets a roll-up of her own for the pin fall.
Winner: Hikaru Shida
-Shida will face Nyla Rose in the second round of the tournament. Deeb attacks Shida after the match and chop blocks her knee. Deeb attacks Shida’s knee with a chair and slams Shida’s knee into the mat a few times. Deeb locks in the Serenity Lock as referees and Jerry Lynn rush the ring. They get her to break the hold and check on Shida as Deeb stands over her.

Tony Schiavone interviews Dante Martin and Lio Rush. An injury to Mike Sydal has made a change in the tag team match scheduled for Friday’s Rampage. It will now be Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal for the third time. Lio Rush says his in-ring debut will happen in time, and he will be in Martin’s corner. Rush says a lesson will be learned this Friday, and the failed student will be Sydal.

Match #5 – AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament – First Round Match: 10 vs. Jon Moxley
Moxley sends 10 into the corner and stomps him to the mat. Moxley goes for a suplex, but 10 counters with a back elbow. 10 charges, but Moxley sends him to the floor. Moxley slams 10 into the steps and rips his mask. Moxley bites 10’s face. 10 has been busted open, but 10 fires back with a few shots. 10 kicks Moxley in the face, but Moxley fires back with a clothesline. Moxley delivers right hands and drops him with the Paradigm Shift for the pin fall.
Winner: Jon Moxley
-Moxley will face Orange Cassidy in the semifinals.

Tony Schiavone interviews FTR backstage. Cash Wheeler says they accept Lucha Brothers’ challenge and they are coming to claim the AEW World Tag Team titles. Tully Blanchard says they have hit the reset button and Lucha Brothers don’t know what’s coming down the pipe. Dax Harwood says Lucha Brothers will fight for their life and the titles at Full Gear, but at the end of the night FTR will go down as the greatest tag team of all time.

Cody Rhodes’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Back from the break, Arn Anderson is with Rhodes in the ring. The crowd boos him as he tries to talk. He says he hears the crowd and he says when he hit a Tiger Driver 98 on Malakai Black on last Saturday’s Dynamite, but he thought about hitting a very different move. He says he could have done that, but he can also go back on his word and challenge for the AEW World Championship. He says that’s too easy, and says the crowd can cheer and boo who they want. He says they can forget who cuts the checks, but they can’t forget to built the bank. He tells the crowd to put themselves in his shoes and throws his shoes into the crowd. He says he grew up in front of the crowd and says he has a wife that is too hot for him and a brother who is better than he is. He says he has a daughter that he doesn’t deserve and father he can’t live up to. He says he is not taking the easy way out and he will not turn. He says the reason is because he loves the fans and have loved them for his entire life. He apologizes to the fans and to the entire Nightmare Family. He says it is an honor to stand in the ring with Anderson and says he was right. They shake hands, but Andrade El Idolo comes to the stage. Idolo says the people don’t like Rhodes, and they don’t like him either, but he doesn’t care about the people. Idolo says Rhodes makes stupid choices, like his neck tattoo and for getting in Idolo’s business. Idolo gets in the ring and says he can make Rhodes his little bitch. The lights go out and they come back on to reveal Black standing next to Idolo. Black spits the mist in Rhodes’ face, and he and Idolo attack Anderson and Rhodes. PAC comes to the ring and makes the save. He kicks Idolo and Black to the outside, and then sits down in the ring and flips them off.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament – Semifinal Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston
-Trick or Treat No Disqualification Match: Abadon vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.
-Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite:
-AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament – Semifinal Match: Jon Moxley vs. Orange Cassidy
-AEW TBS Championship Tournament – First Round Match: Anna Jay vs. Jamie Hayter
-Andrade El Idolo vs. Cody Rhodes

Match #6 – Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Dark Order (Colt “Brandon Cutler” Cabana, Evil “Adam Page” Uno, John “Bambi” Silver, and Stu “Kratos” Grayson) vs. The Ghost Busting Super Elite (Adam Cole, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson) (w/Michael “Big Baby” Nakazawa and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man)
Cole and Silver start the match, and Silver delivers a few shots and applies a wrist-lock. Silver backs Cole into the corner and tags in Uno, but Cole takes advantage. Cole tags in Omega, who takes Uno to the corner. Uno counters, but injures himself on Omega’s pack on his back. Nakazawa splashes Uno on the outside, but Uno comes back in and delivers a few shots. All of the Dark Order guys get in the ring and overtake Omega, and then Cole and the Bucks get slammed, as well, as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Grayson tries to fight off all of The Elite. He drops Omega with a hurricanrana from The Bucks’ shoulders, and then drops The Bucks with knee strikes. Cabana tags in and drops The Bucks with a double moonsault press. He delivers the Flying Apple to Omega and delivers right hands to The Bucks. Cabana trips The Bucks up and goes for the cover, but Cole breaks it up. Cabana hits the Flying Apple on Matt, but Nick delivers a superkick. Silver tags in and kicks Nick in the face. Silver drops Matt, Cole, and Nakazawa on the outside, and kicks Nick in the back of the head. Silver drops Nick with a German suplex, but The Bucks come back with a double superkick. Omega drops Silver with a snap dragon, and then Omega and The Bucks deliver a triple superkick and Cole plants Silver with a brain buster. Everyone gets in the ring now and exchanges knee strikes and kicks. Matt lays out referee Knox with a shot by accident and delivers a low blow to Grayson. Cabana, Silver, and Uno receive low blows from the rest of The Elite as well. The Elite bring their proton packs in the ring and splash Dark Order with them on their backs.
The packs are piled up and The Elite drop Cabana with a four-man power bomb onto the packs. Alex Reynolds and Alan Angels run down to the ring with someone in a horse costume. The Elite knock Reynolds and Angels to the floor and delivers a Super Elite BTE Trigger to the horse costume. They take the hood off and it’s revealed to be Brandon Cutler. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man gets in the ring and revealed himself to be Adam Page. Page attacks Matt and drops Omega with Dead Eye as Grayson takes out everyone else with a dive. Silver drops Matt with the Spin Doctor and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Dark Order
-After the match, Page and the Dark Order share some beers as The Super Elite back up the ramp.

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