More details on the Flair/Lynch backstage argument

Oct 23, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Alex McCarthy from talkSPORT shed some extra light on the bust up between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch yesterday after Smackdown.

Both Flair and Lynch were not happy with the way the title situation evolved and was going to play out on television and while there was already a precedent set when the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team titles were swapped before, the Women’s titles are viewed as more important. Flair is said to have “fought all day” against the switch but none of those complaints amounted to anything as the company stuck with the script.

McCarthy wrote that Flair wanted to drop the Raw Women’s title this past Monday to Bianca Belair and then she could move to Smackdown without the title. Flair is a fan of Belair and thought losing clean to Bianca would have made the finish much better. That scenario was also shot down.

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  1. TrollBuster says:

    As if Ric Flair’s daughter would think dropping the title would be good. No, wait. It IS good for her. So she can win another title soon and can catch up to her father, so WWE can hype that untalented female copy of the Nature Boy more!

    Let’s say she would have dropped the title to Bianca. Where’s the sense? Bianca had a title match at Crown Jewel. So what should they have done with this? Winner takes all match? Or a match just for the Smackdown title? Geez… If it was just for the Smackdown title, it would have Bianca make look a weak Raw champion…

    Nobody cried, when the Street Profits and The New Day swapped the Raw and Smackdown Tag titles…
    Oh wait, nobody of the four has the surname Fliehr…

  2. dooman says:

    one is a great wrestler other one is an overratted bitch lynch is a terrible in the ring

  3. MarkSapien says:

    Imagine if you will such a response that is made solely from a complete Sports Entertainment Mark (just read the comments above)


    Breathing rarified Geek air. Just a straight Sports Entertainment Geek that is breathing Sports Entertainment Geek air.

    Not Pro Wrestling…juat straight Sports Entertainment Geekdom. You have all just entered the Twilight Zone.

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