Bound For Glory

Oct 23, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight starting at 10 PM for live results from Bound For Glory.  The Main Event has Impact World Champion, Christian Cage being challenged by Josh Alexander.  Deonna Purrazzo defends her Knockouts Championship against Mickie James.  Check back for up to the minute results.

Matt Stryker and D’Lo Brown are on the call.

A vignette airs for Josh Alexander.  The story of what it was like to become the X-Division Champion and what it meant to his sons.  The backstory of Christian defeating Kenny Omega airs next.  They then show the confrontations they have had over the last few weeks.

The Inspiration make their way out to the arena.  They say they are here to inspire.  They pose their Iconic Pose.. Lights go out.

Match 1.  The Inspiration (Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay) VS Decay, The Knockouts Tag Team Champions (Havok and Rosemary)

The champs enter the ring and The Inspiration clearly look confused at the their look.  Rosemary and Jessica start off.  Jessica pulls Rosemary to the corner and Cassie tags in.  Rosemary quickly hits a falling slam on Cassie.  Havok tags in and Decay hits a double clothesline.  Jessica tags in and Havok drags her to their corner.  Rosemary tags in and they double team her.

Finally Cassie pushes Rosemary off the ropes and Jessica tags and they start to double team her.  Jessica pulls Rosemary’s hair and spins her around.  Havok and Cassie tag in and Havok takes Cassie apart with backbreakers and clotheslines.  Jessica tries to help, but that made things worse.  Cassie low bridges Havok and she spills to the outside.  Jessica enters and hits a clothesline, back elbow, suplex sequence.  Cassie gets a two count after making a tag and hitting a unique version of a reverse Pele kick.  Havok recovers and hits another backbreaker on Cassie.  Rosemary then spears her.  Jessica kicks Rosemary.  Havok hits a Sky High on Jessica.  Cassie takes a slam from Havok.  Cassie slips another slam and roundhouses Havok after knocking Rosemary from the ring.  They then ram Havok into the steal post.  Rosemary rolls up Jessica, but she wasn’t the legal women in the ring.  The Inspiration hits a tandem powerbomb and get the win.

Winners and new Knockouts tag Team Champions, The Inspiration.

Gia Miller interviews Deonna Purrazzo backstage.  She runs down her match with challenger, Mickie JamesThe Drama King is by her side.  Deonna says she will break her arms.

Match 2.  X-Division Championship, Triple Threat for the vacant Championship.  El Phantasmo VS Steve Maclin VS Trey Miquel

This match will be very fast.  Maclin hits a side suplex on Trey.  EP attacks from behind.  Trey re-enters and hits a dropkick and a side kick to Maclin from the apron.  Maclin gets back in the ring.  EP and Maclin start taking turns chopping Trey in the corner.  EP eventually turns on Maclin, but Steve punches him to the floor.  Trey hits a suplex on Maclin, while having a leg lock on EP.  Maclin recovers and breaks up the hold.  EP hits a cross body and moonsault on Maclin.  He then walks the top and hits a step up ranna.  He then runs to the floor and rakes Trey’s back.  EP throws Trey back in the ring, Maclin sneaks behind and takes him out.  Miguel then floors Maclin with a kick.  Maclin hits a low blow on Trey.  Trey kicks out at two.  Maclin ties both guys up in the Tree of Woe and destoys them both.  Maclin then launches himself from the ring 3 times to the floor.  Amazing moves.  EP hits a moonsault to the floor.  Trey then hits a backflip kick of his own.  Trey hits a code red.  Maclin hits a F5 on Trey.  EP makes the save.  EP gets tossed by Maclin.  All three end up on the top.  EP suplex Maclin off and then climbs up and hits a super ranna on Trey.  He then hits a splash on Maclin, but Maclin kicks out at two.

Maclin recovers and hits a sit out powerbomb on EP.  Trey hits a kick on Maclin, and rolls up EP for a two count.  Trey hits a Brainbuster on EP.  Trey then hits the double knee off the top rope on EP and gets the pin.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion, Trey Miguel

Mickie James is interviewed backstage.  Gia asks if this is her toughest challenge to date.  Mickie says yes it is.  She says Deonna made this personal when she showed up at her house.  Mickie becomes emotional thinking about her last 8 years.  She says tonight will be the sweetest night of her career.

Match 3.  Violent By Design (Eric Young accompanies Deaner and Joe Doering) VS Heath and Rhino

Rhino is nowhere to be seen as the match starts.  Heath is own his owner and doing well for himself, but the numbers prove eventually to be too much.  Doering tags in starts laying in the big boots.  Deaner and Doering make several tags just pounding on Heath.  Doering does make a pin attempt, but Heath kicks out at two.  Heath hits Doering a few times, but Joe hits a crossbody that floors Heath.  Heath keeps looking to his empty corner.  Heath hits a leg lariat on Deaner and tosses Doering from the ring.  He and Deaner hit a double clothesline.  Rhino enters the arena and takes out Deaner.  He then hits a belly to belly on Doering.  The crowd calls for the Gore.  They get it on Deaner.  It is over that quick.

Winners.  Rhino and Heath by pinfall. 

The two embrace post match.  EY and VBD stand on the ramp furious.

A clip from Awesome Kong’s Impact Hall of Fame induction airs next.

Jordynne Grace is backstage as the first Digital Media Champion.  Rachel Ellering is with her.  Ellering is in the call your shot gauntlet match.  W. Morrissey and Moose walk up and they say she won’t win it, because they are in it.

Match 4.  Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match

This is very much like the Royal Rumble rules until the final two (except women are in the match.)  Chris Sabin enters first.  Rocky Romero enters next.  Nether of the two can get at advantage to begin as they feel each other out.  Sabin wins a test of strength.  Rocky then pokes the eyes of Sabin.  Rocky hits a clothesline.  Madman Fulton enters.  He chokeslams both as he enters.  Romero jumps on his back and Sabin kicks his midsection.  They work together to try and dump Fulton from the top rope.  Rohit Raju enters.  Rohit jumps on Sabin and Rocky.  Fulton agrees to form a alliance.   Tasha Steelz enters.  Raju eliminates Rocky Romero.  Rachel Ellering enters with Jordynne Grace cheering her on.  Ellering goes right after Steelz.  Rohit pulls the hair of Fulton and pulls him over the top rope.  Savannah Evans enters next.  Evans goes right after Ellering.  She and Steelz are partners.  Ellering connects with a forearm to Evans.  She then hits a pump kick and Evans has been eliminated by Ellering.  Ellering falls out of the ring as well.  Johnny Swinger enters.  He starts dancing for Steelz.  Melina Perez enters.  Swinger starts dancing for her.  He then starts working over Raju in the corner.  The (Kiss) Demon enters.  Swinger loves this and is playing the air guitar.  Swinger pulls out a notepad and asks for a autograph.  He has a fanny pack on of course.  The Demon then disposes of Swinger.  The fans hate Swinger is gone.  Brian Myers enters. (with Ziggy Dice and VSK)  Myers goes right to work on the Demon.  Steelz has Melina on the top rope, but can’t put her over.  Matt Cardona enters.  He goes right after Myers of course.  Sabin is still in.  Laredo Kid enters.   Kid hits a DDT on Rohit.  Melina and Steelz were eliminated after a confrontation with Brian Myers.  Sam Beale enters.  Beale is doing Myers bidding.  They work together on Cardona.  Beale hasn’t been getting along with Myers lately.  Interesting.

Rich Swann enters.  Willie Mack walks him out.   Beale turns on Myers and throws him over the top rope.  Myers is losing it on the outside.  Ace Austin enters.  Ace goes after Rohit, but the Demon starts choking him.  Ace hits a spin kick and dumps the Demon over the top rope.  Cardona hits a big kick to Swann.  Moose enters.  Moose powerbombs Beale onto Ziggy Dice and VSK.   He is eliminated.  Eddie Edwards enters.   Moose eliminates Laredo Kid.  Eddie and Moose start brawling outside the ring.  They are not eliminated.  Alisha enters.  Moose bullies her.  She and Eddie start canning him with Kendo sticks.  W. Morrissey enters.  He is the final entrant.  Alisha uses the cane on W.  Morrissey throws her from the ring.  Moose hits Morrisey by accident.  Morrissey boots Eddie from the ring.  Raju tries to join their team, but he is eliminated.  Sabin and Ace continue to go at it.  Sabin eventually tosses Ace.  Fulton sneaks back in the ring and sidewalk slams Sabin.  Morrissey and Moose dispose of Sabin.  Swann and Cardona are left with them.  Swann kicks W to his knees.  Morrissey recovers and tries to dump Swann.  Moose sneaks behind and dumps them both.  Morrissey is livid.  The match now becomes a winner by pinfall match between Cardona VS Moose.

Matt sets up Moose for the Radio Silence, misses and Moose hits a spear and gets the pin.

Winner and Call Your Shot Trophy winner, Moose.

Rhino and Heath get ready to go celebrate their big win backstage.

Match 5.  Triple Threat World Tag Team Title Match.  Champions, The Good Brothers, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson VS The Bullet Club, Hikuleo and Chris Bey VS Fin Juice, David Finley and Juice Robinson

The entrances for this match took almost 10 minutes.  All these teams are milking this exposure.

Bey and Finley start it off.  Finley hits a hard tackle.  Bey hits a arm drag, and Finley hits one back in return.  This is a chess game.  Finley hits a dropkick after some sweet exchanges.  Juice tags in.   He is doing a Randy Savage thing with his gear and actions.  He tags back to his partner quickly, then tag back in.  Bey tags to Leo and Gallows tags in.  Leo and Doc start exchanging fists, then shoulder blocks.  This goes on for a few crosses of the ropes.  Leo connects with a forearm and tags Bey.  Bey goes right to Finley and tags him in.  Anderson tags in next.  Finley gets the best of him and Leo tags in with Finley.  Leo hits a big splash in the empty corner.  He then hits a vertical delayed suplex.  Leo then hits a high side suplex and locks on a side chin lock.  Finley gets to his feet and tags Juice.  He hits a huge backdrop on Bey.  Anderson enters and takes the Dusty punch routine.  Bey hits a DDT on Juice.  The match breaks down and everyone enters taking each other out.

Juice gets up and hits a Superplex splash combo.  Anderson jumps Juice and rolls up Bey for the pin.

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows.

Minoru Suzuki is coming to impact.  He has a vignette hype package.

Christian Cage is interviewed backstage and he says he is not ready to pass the torch. He says tonight is not Josh’s night.

Match 6.  Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo VS Mickie James

Deonna enters holding the Knockouts and AAA Women’s World Championships.

Mickie jumps Deonna before the bell and they take it to the outside.  Mickie is vicious in her attack and whips Deonna into the steps.  The two brawl all over the arena.  The match is still yet to officially start.  Deonna gains an advantage by ramming Mickie into the stage from the arena floor.  She drags Mickie by the hair to the ring and then kicks her in the face.  Now finally in the ring, Deonna hits clubbing blows to the back of the head of James.  Purrazzo stomps the back and neck repeatedly.  Purrazzo hits suplex and gets a two count.

Mickie spills to the outside.  Deonna stomps her as she gets back in the ring.  Mickie gets to her knees and starts a slow comeback.  She then hits a back elbow, but Deonna reverses a ranna and hits a powerbomb.  Deonna starts toying with Mickie, but Mickie fires back and the two cross the ropes and hits a double cross body block.  Both are down.  The two start punching each other from their knees.  They get to their feet and Mickie hits the chic kick after a regal takeover.  Mickie then hits a ranna and a flapjack.   Mickie gets a two count off a leap from the top.  Deonna recovers and hits a jumping pump kick.  Deonna takes a pump kick of her own.  Mickie hits a DDT and gets a two count.  Mickie is shocked.  Purrazzo fights off the bewildered James.  Mickie blocks the piledriver.  Purrazzo locks on the arm lock.  Deonna got both arms locked, but Mickie got her feet under the ropes.  Mickie hits a roundhouse kick.  Deonna recovers and hits a Piledriver.  Mickie kicks out at two.  The Queens Gambit didn’t end the match.  Purrazzo is furious and gets a chair.  The ref takes the chair.  Purrazzo props Mickie on the top rope.  Mickie bites Deonna.  Mickie leaps from the top and hits the ref.  Purrazzo gets the chair and James kicks the chair into Purrazzo’s head.  The ref recovers and counts to two.  James goes to the top.  Purrazzo follows.  They tumble and then Deonna whips James by the arm.  Mickie hits a spin kick Bulldog.  Mickie gets the pin.

Winner and New Knockouts Champion, Mickie James.

Main Event.  Impact World Champion, Christian Cage VS Josh Alexander

Stryker mentions this is a 16 year journey for Alexander.  Is he ready to cash in on the biggest stage Impact ha and Josh.  D’Lo says they have very similar backgrounds coming from tag teams and having to overcoming a larger than life partner.

The Walking Weapon has a large vocal amount of fan support.  Christian has a nice amount of fans as well.  Fans are chanting at each other.

The two lock up collar and elbow.  The two are both talking smack to each other.  Christian does a go behind and locks on a side headlock.  Josh drops backwards and rolls out of the hold.  Josh locks on a armlock.  Christian pushes him away.  Christian goes to the top and Josh pushes him off to the floor of the arena.  Josh follows him and throws the champion back in the ring after a chop.  Josh hits a backbreaker.  Cage then takes a suplex.  Christian backdrops Josh to the floor.  He misses a dropkick to the floor and Josh goes for a ankle lock.  Christian kicks him off and Josh lands hard against the barricade.

As Josh re-enters and takes a flurry of boots to the face.  Cage gets a two count off a neck breaker.  Cage locks on a rear chin lock.  Christian lays in some chops and Josh fights back with his own.  They go back and forth for a nice series.  Josh hits a release German into the corner.  Christian’s head bounced off the turnbuckle.  Josh starts laying in heavy forarms and connects with a backdrop.  He follows it up with a big boot to the face after bouncing the ropes.  Christian blocks a powerbomp.  Then takes a monster one after the second attempt.

Christian recovers somehow.  They are both exhausted.  Christian locks on a sleeper, Josh escapes.  Christian hits the rolling F5 into a knee drop off the top rope for a two count.  Christian blocks the torture rack and hits a spinning DDT for a two count of his own.

Josh hits a huge German for another two count.  Josh then locks on the armbar crossface.  He slipped into the Sharpshooter.  Christian gets to the ropes to force the break.  Josh removes his elbow pad.  He places Christian on the ropes and follows.  He backdrops Christian, but misses a moonsault and takes a spear.  Cage with a two count.

Cage goes to the top, Josh follows.  He tosses Josh and splashes him for another two count.  The fans are now unified cheering this is awesome.

Christian gets rammed into the post.  Ankle lock is locked in.  Christian can’t get free.  He taps.  New Champion.

Winner and New Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander.

Christian hands him the belt and hugs the new Champion.  The show seems to end with Josh celebrating with his family.  Stryker can barely speak with his emotion.

Out of nowhere, Moose calls his shot.  One spear later…  Winner and NEW World Champion, Moose!

Moose stands over Alexander’s family holding the belt high as the show ends.





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