10/23/21 AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Recap

Oct 23, 2021 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Orlando, Florida.

Match #1 – AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament – First Round Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Dustin Rhodes
Neither man gains the advantage early on. Bryan runs the ropes and delivers a dropkick, and follows with an arm-drag, but Rhodes comes back with an arm-drag of his own. Bryan takes Rhodes to the mat, and drives his knee into Rhodes’ ribcage. Danielson grapevines Rhodes’ legs and drops to the mat a few times. Danielson locks in a bow-and-arrow stretch, but Rhodes makes it to the ropes. They lock up and Danielson delivers a few shots against the ropes. Danielson sends Rhodes off the ropes, but Rhodes counters with an uppercut. Danielson comes back and sends Rhodes to the floor, and follows with a dive through the ropes. Rhodes comes back with a senton from the apron and tosses Danielson back into the ring. Rhodes goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. Rhodes applies a wrist-lock, but Danielson comes back and takes Rhodes to the mat. Danielson delivers a few kicks to Rhodes as he gets to his feet, and attempts a back suplex. Rhodes blocks it and drops Danielson with a German suplex. Rhodes kicks Danielson in the back and slams him into the corner. Rhodes delivers a chop, and follows with more chops in another corner.
Danielson fires back with chops of his own, and follows with a few kicks. Danielson suplexes Rhodes to the mat and goes for the cover, but Rhodes kicks out. Danielson goes for a cross arm-breaker, but can’t get it locked in. Danielson stomps on Rhodes’ arm and goes up top. Rhodes cuts him off and delivers a few chops in the corner. Rhodes climbs as well and drops Danielson with a superplex. Rhodes goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. They exchange shots as they get to their feet, but Rhodes drops Danielson with a power slam. Rhodes picks Danielson up and slams him again and goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. Rhodes delivers shots in the corner, but Danielson gets free and dropkicks Rhodes into the corner. Danielson delivers chops and kicks and goes tot he ropes, but Rhodes crotches him on the top rope. Rhodes slams Danielson and goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. Danielson comes back and locks in the cross-face submission, but Rhodes makes it to the ropes. Danielson delivers kicks to Rhodes, but Rhodes fires up and comes back with right hands.
They exchange shots and Danielson gets a back-slide for two. Danielson delivers an enzuigiri and goes for a running knee strike, but Rhodes drops him with a clothesline. Rhodes delivers a pile-driver and goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. Rhodes picks Danielson up, but Danielson counters with a knee strike. Danielson delivers a few kicks and locks in a guillotine and Rhodes passes out.
Winner: Bryan Danielson

The Super Elite cut a promo. Kenny Omega says next week’s it’s Dark Order versus The Elite. Omega insults Adam Page and says he is always trying to fool people into believing he is something that he is not. Says says he is going to prove that Page doesn’t have Cowboy Shit, but is full of Coward Shit.

FTR cut a promo. Dax Harwood says there is one more tag title that they need to cement their legacy as the greatest tag team of all time, the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Cash Wheeler says they are now the greatest Luchadores of all time with the AAA World Tag Team Championship. Penta El Zero Miedo and Alex Abrahantes cut a promo, as well. They say they will show FTR what it means to play dirty. Harwood says if Abrahantes thinks his black eye is bad, wait until Full Gear.

Tony Schiavone interviews Sting. Before Sting can give an update on Darby Allin, he is interrupted by MJF. MJF says he is here to have a gentleman’s chat and says Sting really doesn’t want to answer Schiavone’s question because the truth is that Allin is not coming back. MJF says Sting can fool the crowd very easily, but he can’t fool him. MJF calls Sting a bad person because he is not around when his friends need him the most. MJF says it is Sting’s fault that Allin is in the same place as Sting’s old friend Lex Luger…in a wheelchair. Sting drops MJF with a right hand and a clothesline. Shawn Spears and Wardlow come to the ring, but Sting delivers shots. Spears hits Sting with the chair, but Sting backs him away. Wardlow drops Sting from behind and Spears beats him with the chair. Spears sets up another chair and MJF sits in it. MJF says he knows Allin is in pain and is watching, and asks if he now broke Allin mentally. He tells Allin to look at Sting and tells him is he comes back, this is his future. MJF says Allin will also be second and behind him, because he is the present and the future of professional wrestling. Sting gets to his feet, but MJF comes back and drops him with a shot with the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

Tony Schiavone interviews Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. It is announced that she will defend the AEW Women’s World Championship against Tay Conti at Full Gear. She says Conti should have worked her way to the top instead of grabbing her title on Rampage. Baker says she will beat Conti’s ass at Full Gear.

Match #2 – AEW TBS Championship Tournament – First Round Match: Penelope Ford vs. Ruby Soho
Ford attacks Soho right as the bell rings and stomps her on the mat. Soho comes back with a few shots and applies a standing arm-bar. Ford slams Soho into the corner and stomps her to the mat. Ford spears Soho in the corner and goes for a kick, but Soho dodges her. Ford applies a side-headlock, but Soho comes back with a forearm to Ford’s head. Soho kicks Ford in the midsection and drops her to the mat. Soho goes for the cover, but Ford kicks out. Soho sends Ford to the corner and charges, but Ford sends her to the apron. Ford goes for a shot, but Soho counters with a kick and brings Ford to the apron. The Bunny comes to ringside and distracts Soho, and Ford kicks Soho into the ring post. Ford delivers a shot to Soho on the apron as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Soho drops Ford with a back suplex. Soho fires off with chops and drops Ford with a sliding forearm to the head. Soho goes for the cover, but Ford kicks out. Soho sends Ford to the corner and charges, but Ford counters with a kick to the face. Soho comes back for a clothesline, but Ford dodges it. Ford shoves Soho away and drops her with a cutter after Soho comes off the ropes. Ford goes for the cover, but Soho kicks out. Ford goes for a half-Boston Crab, but Soho rolls her up for two. Soho slams Ford to the mat and goes up top, but Ford rolls out of the way. Ford kicks Soho in the face and drops her with a gut-buster. Ford goes for the cover, but Soho kicks out. Ford goes for the brass knuckles that Bunny threw in the ring, but referee Rick Knox kicks them out of the ring. Soho rolls Ford up from behind for the pin fall.
Winner: Ruby Soho
-After the match, Bunny and Ford surround Soho, but Red Velvet rushes the ring to make the save. Soho will take on Kris Statlander, who received a first round bye, in the second round.

MJF, Shawn Spears, and Wardlow are backstage. MJF goes to talk, but Wardlow asks him what was up with MJF shoving him into Sting last week. MJF says he was nervous and didn’t mean anything by it. MJF says he puts a lot of pressure on Wardlow and assign Spears to be his “accountability buddy.”

Match #3 – Singles Match: Bobby Fish vs. Anthony Greene
Fish delivers a series of right hands and elbow strikes. Greene comes back with a shot of his own and goes up top. Greene takes Fish down with a cross-body and goes for the cover, but Fish kicks out. Fish delivers a knee strike and more right hands. Fish kicks Greene in the knee and comes over the ropes with a senton. Fish goes for the cover, but Greene kicks out. Fish backs Greene into the corner and drops him with a dragon screw leg-whip. Fish connects with a sliding clothesline and suplexes him into the ropes. Fish kicks Greene in the head with the Last Rites and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Bobby Fish
-After the match, Fish attacks Greene and takes out his knee again. Fish delivers more shots to Greene and gouges his eyes. Fish delivers more forearm shots and locks in a submission. CM Punk rushes the ring for the save as Fish escapes the ring.

Tony Schiavone interviews Dante Martin and Lio Rush. Rush says in order to take Martin to the heights, he has to mentor him. Rush insults Matt Sydal, but Martin calls Sydal one of the best. Rush says Sydal failed at proving that, but he knows Martin can prove he is. Rush says they will team up against The Sydal Brothers next week on Rampage.

Match #4 – AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament – First Round Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer
Kingston attacks Archer on the ramp and they brawl down to ringside. Archer brings a guy over the barricade and slams him onto Kingston. Archer takes the guy to the apron and choke slams him onto Kingston. Archer rolls Kingston into the ring and the bell rings. Archer connects with back elbows in the corner, and follows with chops and a forearm shot. Archer sets Kingston up top and goes for Blackout, but Kingston fights out. Kingston locks in a dragon sleeper, but Archer fights out. Kingston delivers strikes and runs the ropes, but Archer drops him with a clothesline from behind as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Archer plants Kingston to the mat and comes off the ropes with a splash. Archer goes for the cover, but Kingston kicks out. Archer delivers a kick and chokes Kingston with his knee on his throat. Archer gouges Kingston’s eyes, but Kingston comes back and sends Archer to the corner. Kingston charges, but Archer drops Kingston to the mat. Archer goes up top for a moonsault, but Archer misses it and lands on his head. The doctor checks on Archer and allows him to continue. Kingston simply rolls Archer up and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Eddie Kingston
-Kingston will face Bryan Danielson in the semifinals next Friday on Rampage.

Dan Lambert and Men of the Year are in the ring. Ethan Page says The Inner Circle sucks, and he insults all of them. He says he has seen Scorpio Sky pin Jake Hager, and says Santana and Ortiz are from the streets, but the Men of the Year run the streets. Page insults Chris Jericho and says the Men of the Year are the future. He calls Sammy Guevara a PR nightmare, and Guevara comes to the stage. Guevara tells Page to shut up and says Page is not further in AEW because the only person who gives a shit about him is himself. Guevara calls Lambert a dipshit and tells him to name his stipulations. Lambert says he is actually kind of proud of Guevara for talking pretty well since the rumors says he sucks on the stick. Lambert says Guevara and The Inner Circle can have their Ten-Man Tag Team Match at Full Gear only if Guevara defend the AEW TNT Championship against Page next week and wins the match. Lambert says when Guevara loses, he not only loses the title, but he has to leave The Inner Circle forever. Guevara accepts, but says when he wins, he will get to pick the three members of American Top Team who will team with Page and Sky at Full Gear. Page and Sky go to the stage and attack Guevara, but Santana, Ortiz, and Hager rush out and make the save.

Jon Moxley cuts a promo. He says he is supposed to be yelling and screaming about how he is going to wreck everyone and win the tournament, but right now he is thinking about his daughter and her eyes. He says his daughter squeezed his pinky the other day, and he realized he doesn’t care about the tournament, the title, the ratings, who said what on Twitter, or the demo. Moxley says what he cares about is getting home to his daughter in-tact, and in order to do that other people have to get hurt. He says this tournament is like when everyone fights in a dark alley and only one guy comes out. He says he will get everyone else in the tournament before they get him, and he will win the whole thing.

Dark Order is backstage. They says they had a tough loss last week, but one loss isn’t going to stop them. Adam Page walks up and says he is sorry for not catching up with them sooner and with what happened after he left. He says Dark Order was right and did what they thought was best. He tells the Dark Order that The Elite will have costumes next week, and he knows Dark Order won’t be outdone. He walks away as they talk about costumes.

Match #5 – Singles Match: Brandon Cutler vs. Jungle Boy
Jungle Boy takes Cutler to the outside with a clothesline. Jungle Boy drops him with a dive to the outside and tosses him back into the ring. Jungle Boy charges, but Cutler kicks him in the face. Cutler goes for Panama Sunrise, but Jungle Boy counters with a back drop. Cutler comes back with a shot, but Jungle Boy slaps him across the face a few times. Jungle Boy delivers a power bomb and locks in the Snare Trap, and Cutler taps out.
Winner: Jungle Boy
-After the match, Jungle Boy gets a mic. He says that was a nice, little warm-up and says he is ready to go again. He calls The Elite pieces of shit and tells one of them to come to the ring. No one comes out and Cutler locks in the Snare Trap again. Cutler calls for help and Adam Cole finally comes out. Cole calls Jungle Boy an embarrassment and says he is right here. Cole says they can fight right here, right now. Cole comes to the ring and Jungle Boy drops him with a right hand. The Young Bucks come from behind and lay Jungle Boy out with a double superkick. They take him to the stage and beat him down with Cole. The Bucks deliver a BTE Trigger and Cole follows with the knee strike to the back of the head. The Bucks and Cole walk away, but come back. The Bucks kiss Jungle Boy as Cole calls him a nobody. Cole says they run AEW and they throw Jungle Boy off the stage and through a few tables on the floor.

Announced for Wednesday’s Dynamite:
-AEW TNT Championship Match: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Ethan Page
-AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament – First Round Match: 10 vs. Jon Moxley
-Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Dark Order vs. The Super Elite
-AEW TBS Championship Tournament – First Round Match: Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb
-Bobby Fish vs. CM Punk

Announced for Friday’s Rampage:
-Dante Martin and Lio Rush vs. The Sydal Brothers
-AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament – Semifinal Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

Miro cuts a promo. He tells his God that they are out of time and that his wife needs her champion back. Miro asks how dare his God ignores and forsakes him. He says he will fight 100 times and snap 100 necks. He says God’s Forsaken Champion will become champion again, but not because his God wants it. Miro says he will have blood on his hands, and that’s on his God.

Match #6 – Singles Match: Cody Rhodes (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Malakai Black
They lock up and Black takes Rhodes down. Rhodes comes back with a heel trip, but Black delivers a shot to Rhodes’ face. They exchange elbow strikes, and Black delivers a few quick kicks to take Rhodes down. Rhodes kicks Black in the face, but Black comes back and takes Rhodes down again. Rhodes gets up and stomps on Black’s head. Rhodes comes off the ropes, but Black drops him with a back elbow. Black goes for the cover, but Rhodes kicks out. Rhodes comes back with a power slam and goes for the cover, but Black kicks out. Rhodes goes for the Figure Four, but Black gouges his eyes. Black grabs a chair from under the ring, but Brock Anderson and Lee Johnson come to ringside. Rhodes grabs the chair, but Black ducks back to the outside. The referee takes the chair from Rhodes and Black drops him with a shot as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, we see that Rhodes slammed Black through a table with Cross Rhodes during the commercial. Black has been busted open, but he slams Rhodes into the ring post. Arn is in the ring as the crowd chants “get the glock” at him. Rhodes has been busted open, as well. Andrade El Idolo comes to ringside and Jose gets in the ring. Arn drops Jose with a spine-buster, but Black spits the mist in Arn’s face. PAC comes out and attacks Idolo on the stage. They brawl to the back as Black and Rhodes go at it in the corner. Black delivers a ripcord elbow and goes for the moonsault, but Rhodes moves. Rhodes delivers Cross Rhodes and goes for the cover, but Black kicks out. Rhodes stomps on Black and puts him on the apron. Black kicks Rhodes in the chest and goes up top. Black delivers a double stomp and follows with a knee strike. Black delivers a German suplex and goes for the cover, but Rhodes kicks out. Black hits the spin kick, but Rhodes falls into the ropes. Black tries to drag him back in, but Rhodes kicks him away. Black sends Rhodes to the floor and goes for the moonsault, but Rhodes moves and takes him out with a dive.
Rhodes gets Black back into the ring and drops him with the Cody Cutter. Rhodes delivers Cross Rhodes and follows with a Tiger Driver 98 for the pin fall.
Winner: Cody Rhodes

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