First-look at the Crown Jewel set at the Mohammed Abdu Arena

Oct 20, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

A video from the Mohammed Abdu Arena on the Boulevard was uploaded showing the set of Crown Jewel.

There will be no fancy gigantic sets this time around, mostly because the location does not have the space for it. A large video screen similar to Raw and Smackdown and a pretty good-sized ramp will have to do this year as production is considerably scaled down.

There’s also a low ceiling and it seems only one level of tiered seats are available, making this event the smallest one so far in the Saudi series.

Tickets for Crown Jewel started at SR 50, just $13, and go up to SR 2,800, or $750, for a VIP box.

You can check out the short video, uploaded by Instagram user @super__wrestlingbelow.

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